Thrifty Finds

Last week I had to drive in and pick up my daughter from work.  I told  her that I wanted to stop at the thrift store and she thought that was a good idea.  She is starting to collect things for moving to her own apartment so she actually wanted to go.

She struck gold.

She got a Fender guitar and amp.  It’s in great condition.  She found some vintage cowboy boots.

She got a whole box of cookware along with a few pieces of clothing.


She got a great looking leather recliner too.  Those aren’t holes…just price tags.  The lady who donated it was working in the store.  She was just getting rid of it because there was a tear in the fabric covering the handle that makes it recline.  We looked at it and figured out that under the fabric is stained wood so we are just going to remove the fabric and it will look like a wood handle.  No problem.


She was a happy girl.  Total:  $138.  Smile…priceless.

Today I am hooking up Colorado Lady’s Vintage Thingy Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds”

  1. Wow, she did strike gold! Around here, they’d be asking more than that for the recliner alone. I struck a little bit of gold yesterday and found four vintage Nancy Drew boos for a buck a piece and two great solid sheets (one lime green and one solid red) that’ll make fun backgrounds for the scrap quilts.

  2. O’ Indeed she found some very nice things. However, what caught my eye was the little dogie. I had one exactly like it and someone stole it. My sister had given it to me for a gift a long time ago. However, someone decided they liked it too..

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