Thrifty Finds and a Question

Recently Kalissa came over an hour before childcare ended and watched the kids for me so I could scoot off and do my errands.  It so hard with a 10 hour a day job to get to places when the stores are open.  Every once in a while I need to get out of here early to get to places that aren’t open after 5:30pm.

Being she came I got a chance to do my errands AND stop at the thrift store!!  (Yes I did put two exclamation points-I was excited I got a chance to go)  Anyway…

Here’s one of my finds…. (sorry about the poor lighting)  It’s a vintage cross stitched piece.

It says, “No matter how small it is, No matter how large it is..a family together means HOME”.  I love it.  Price tag on this was $4.  I love that a cat and dog are part of the family.

I looked on Etsy and found one like mine.  It’s listed at $39.00,,,looks like I got a deal.

As I was driving home I decided that I just went over the edge and am going to start considering myself as a collector.  This one makes number three of vintage cross stitched sayings.

This one was my first one…I love the outside.  It almost looks like rosemaling on the outer details. This is my second one.  I’m not as crazy about the saying on this one but I LOVE the flower garden.  So far I’ve had them hanging in my south bedroom and I think this next one will go there to.

I’m going to stay on the alert looking for these.  I don’t plan on paying any high price for them at an antique shop but garage sales and thrift stores will likely provide more for the newly made “collection”.

The one I bought does need a better frame…so now I’m on the lookout for that too.  Some people consider it annoying to have to hunt down a frame…me, I take that as a thrifty challenge.

Something else I found there…this diaper.  It’s doll size and homemade.  It VERY quality made.  I love it and the kiddos have really liked it too.
Look at the attention to detail with the elastic at the leg area.  
Well the kids have LOVED this one diaper.  I can see I need to get or make some more.  I looked online but don’t see a pattern for a diaper with the elastic around the legs.  Do any of you know where I might be able to find a pattern that has the elastic around the legs?  I really think I want the elastic if possible as I have a couple dolls that are different sized.  This way the diapers would fit more than one doll.

I just bought Lucy, our grand daughter, a Bitty Baby for her baptism along with a baptism dress.  I think down the road, these diapers would fit her baby too.  I figured with getting her a Bitty Baby I’d be able to make and gift her doll clothes down the road.  Am I terrible to admit I’m thinking about getting one for my house so I have a doll to try the clothes on to make sure they fit?

Oh my…the thrift store is always getting me in trouble and looking for more things.  I really love that though….

Can anyone help?

11 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds and a Question”

  1. Janet Melanson

    I loved this post especially about getting a doll for your house so you could see clothes you made would fit…..I did that with a Barbie for my youngest granddaughter …so I have a Barbie to make sure the things I sew, knit and crochet will fit her Barbie..then I make a few extra things so she can play with the Barbie I have here…

  2. My daughter bought her granddaughter an American Doll for $1 at a garage sale. She sent it to the “hospital” where they gave her a new leg for the one that was missing. She also bought one for me so I could have to try on the clothes I made for her granddaughter. Fun!

  3. Yes, you definitely should get a doll for at your house for fitting doll clothes. I found an American Girl knock-off at the thrift store, mint condition but no clothing, for $3. Spent nine months making clothes for it, then gifted it/them to my only great niece. Wish I had another doll here for making more doll clothes!

  4. I found this site which seems to have quite a few links to different diaper patterns. Hopefully one of them will work. If they are too big – maybe you can reduce them on your printer/copier. Have fun.

  5. I have a Bitty Baby!! I was in Ohio visiting my daughter and granddaughter, walking through a thrift store. One of my two younger girls brought it to me and said, “Isn’t this an American Girl doll baby?” Yes, it was, and we took it home and cleaned the ink off its face as best we could. They make such nice babies. Now it is dressed in a real baby outfit, lying in the cradle my Dad made for his granddaughter.

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