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I thought I would share some thrifty find that have come my way.  I didn’t find all of these on one trip.  They’ve happened over the last few trips.

I have this set of salt and pepper shakers.  People comment about them all of the time when I post a picture of my sampler wall.  People comment and say, “My grandma had those” and other similar things.

I bought these new in vintage packaging some time ago at the thrift store for 50 cents.  I was happy to have found them as I love vintage and love wood.  I thought they would be cute for decorating with my antique things.

Imagine my surprise when I hit the thrift store and found the set you see below.  I have never seen them….oh, so cute on their little shelf plus there are friends now too.  Cinnamon, paprika, cloves, and nutmeg were there!!

Oh, my word…So cute.  Of course, it had to go home with me.  I spent $3 for the set.  It was my find of the day.  I don’t have it hung up yet.  I’m waiting for one of my girls to me home so they can help me find a good spot for it.

On another day I picked up this… puzzle for 25 cents.  There are actually two puzzles in the box.

They are both horse puzzles.

It’s always a crap shoot buying a puzzle at the thrift store.  They don’t put them together to see if all of the pieces of there.   Happily, I brought this home.  One of the afterschool childcare kiddos put the two puzzles together and all of the pieces are here.

I have had pretty good luck with getting puzzles and all of the pieces being there.

I found this African Violet planter.  It was $1.  This was an awesome find.  These pots are so expensive if they are bought new.

I really think these pots are key to growing good-looking African Violets.

I spent 25 cents and picked up this little box.  It’s fabric covered.  I loved the color of this blue.

It had been sitting next to a vase.  When I got the piece to the counter the clerk said, “This is supposed to hold that vase.”  I had no idea as the vase was near it but not in the box.  I didn’t want the vase and told the clerk so.  He said, “Okay.  Are you okay if I charge you 25 cents for the box?”  Ha!!  Yes.  I’m okay with spending 25 cents.  I don’t have a spot for it right now.  I put it in with the patriotic decor and it will likely come out when that decor does.

The thing I was happiest about was SHEETS and wool.

Sheets are $2 typically so that’s what I paid for the polka dot sheet.  My other sheet find was the blue one.  It’s king-sized and also 100% cotton.

Won’t that king-sized sheet be the PERFECT backing for my True Blue quilt???  I’m just thrilled to have it.

If you look at the picture you can also see a wool shirt that is black and red.  That is brand new but I only $1 for it.  It’s 100% wool.  I would love to make a winter ornament or craft with the fabric from the shirt.

There was also a wool sweater in the wool box.  It also was $1.  When Kalissa and I went to the craft fair a couple of weeks ago she ended up buying several pumpkins that were made from sweaters.  She got several different colors of pumpkins.  This sweater was a great find because it has both white and gray coloring so I can make pumpkins of both colors.  WHOOT!  WHOOT!

Watch for an upcoming post on how I am going to do that!!  Now if I could find an orange sweater I’d be thrilled…

I guess I’ll have to do more thrift store shopping to see if I can find an orange sweater.  Oh shucks…I guess I’ll have to keep shopping at the thrift store.  Just what I love!!

15 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds”

  1. That black & red wool shirt would make a great back for a Christmas/winter cushion, using the button strip for the opening. Great finds!

  2. Thrift store shopping is so much fun because you never know what you’re going to find. When you come to The Stitchery Nook in Osage, you need to come on a Tuesday or Thursday and visit Shop On State (one of our local thrift stores) to see if you can find anything “fun” there. It’s also opened the first Saturday of the month if it’s not a holiday weekend. Just another reason to come to Osage

  3. I have an African Violet planter that looks to be like yours. Is yours in two pieces? I am not sure how to use it. I am thinking you put water in the bottom of the main dish. The African violet is planted in the smaller pot. The smaller pot is inserted into the main dish. It absorbs water through its bottom, giving the plant just enough moisture.
    I am not sure I am doing it right because my African violet isn’t very pretty….(i found this among my mothers things. She had gorgeous African violets but I don’t ever remember her using this pot. ) LOL….(we have killed all but one of her remaining African violets since she died in 2019….oh mercy)

  4. That wool sweater will take dye well. Just make sure it’s the right dye. Check DharmaTradingCo for the right “ingredients”. Thrift finds is my favorite of your columns, partially because of the prices! That s&p in the orig. Pkg. is worth really good money and would be at least $25 at any of my thrift shops. I’ve never seen the spice ones and I deal in vintage and used to collect s&p’s! I’d check on pricing if I were you…it may be something you’d want to sell. MCM is on the uptick again so seriously, they could be quite valuable. One of our local thrifts just had a vintage sale. The prices were so high they should have been ashamed. There was a hand pieced star only for a lone star quilt, smallish, maybe for a twin. It was stained, brittle, and not done well and priced @$75!!! Every person who picked it up had an omg moment followed by a you’ve got to be kidding mumble. I won’t even mention what the finished quilts (none of them were nice or well made) were priced at.

  5. I love your thrifty finds! Such a cute set of spice containers, and the box for a quarter! Can’t go wrong there. Such fun finds. I hope to see the ornament or whatever you decide to make from the wool cause I know you will think of something cute.

  6. The sheets are great. I never thought of using a sheet for quilt backing until I started to read your posts. Even a new one would be cheaper than buying backing fabric, so what a great find. I must start going to the op shops here( that’s what we call them in Australia – short for opportunity shop). The little salt & pepper shakers are cute, and the other little spice jars. I’m intrigued by the pumpkin made from the wool sweater idea, will be looking at your post for that.

  7. Your thrift store spice set just makes me smile! So stinking cute!
    Today the grocery store had violets and I bought a pink one and thought of you, Jo. I hope it will be happy in my sewing room. Fingers crossed!

  8. I love seeing your thrift finds, Jo! Thanks for sharing with us, it’s great to see what ideas you have for different things :-)

  9. Those cute spice shakers are a sweet find and will go great with your other shakers. To find a sheets for that price is a great find. I like the older sheets that were percale, they are really nice for quilt backs. Good treasures for sure.

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