Thrifty Finds…

On one of my recent doctor visits I found some goodies.

Nothing I “needed” of course.  Some things that would be fun though.  At the thrift store, fabric is 50 cents per piece.  The pieces can be anything from 1/4 yard to three yards.


Most of my pieces were a yard.  They are all vintage fabric pieces.  I love the vintage pieces.  I think they add interest to scrappy quilts.The smaller pieces that are in the flat basket were 75 cents all together.  Those aren’t vintage.  They are all smaller…mostly 5″ by the width of the fabric.

I also bought the two baskets….50 cents each.  Nothing fancy.  I use these to throw my leader and ender projects into.  They are perfect for that.  They sit by my sewing machine and I use them as needed.  In the past I’ve used cottage cheese containers and the like.  I thought it was time for an upgrade…nicer baskets.

This little find was $6.25 total.  I love days like that.

5 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds…”

  1. I love days like that too Jo. It’s the little things (cute, cheap baskets) that make it so fun, right?

  2. Just today I found a thrift store. It’s new to me. I couldn’t go because I live in Texas and I had my beagle with me. Now that I know where it is, I can check it out next time I’m over that way!

  3. Isobel Loftus

    So nice to see what lovely fabrics you found. Only yesterday, I was also mooching around our local charity shops (i’m in the UK), looking for any nice materials for quilting projects. I like to recycle shirts into quilts – I see you do too! But there were no bargains to be had!! Prices really have gone up in charity shops here – But I guess its still a better price than the fabric stores AND it’s recycling materials. I’d love to find a stash like yours! Those vintage prints are lovely.

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