Thrifty Finds

On my most recent trips to the thrift stores, I’ve found some goodies..well at least I think they are goodies.

I know I’ve told you that I love my thrift stores…oh I do.

Here’s my new to me cutting board.  I think it will hang in the kitchen were we’ll already have a retro look going on….  75 cents was all it cost.


The nicely stitched table topper…$2.50.  It’s big.  I am hoping it will go in one of the bedrooms…mine I think.


I got these two bell pulls.  I grabbed them up quick.  The floral on was just pretty and only 75 cents.  It is missing the hanger.  I’m keeping my eye open for one.  Likely it will cost much more that the actual stitched piece.

The green one with the people…it was $1.  It has the hanger with it.  I loved it.  Want to know why??


I already have one that is similar.  The stitchers must have stitched them from the same pattern.  The red and green one I bought at an auction for $6 about a year ago.  It’s been hanging in my kitchen here at the farm.  I’ve had many people ask about it.  I am happy to give the green one a home too.


This all came in a set for $1.50.  It just so happens that I had been lamenting to Hubby about bathroom fixtures.  Here I got a soap dish that will hang on the wall by the claw foot tub and a toilet paper holder.  The red dish will go in the kitchen for a bar of soap.  I was happy to find this little lot.  I hope I can find a towel bar to match.  If not, we’ll come up with something.


This find came from a garage sale.  These are the glass coasters for under furniture.  $4.00 for the bag.  I was happy to find these.


I was so happy with all of my finds…soon they’ll all find their new home in the new house.  I have them all packed away.  Did I mention that when I’ve been dusting I’ve just started to pack things away instead.  It’s making this house look sparse…but oh well.

I can’t wait to get to the thrift store again…there’s always something there.


11 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds”

  1. I have been making table runners the last couple of years for gifts & need to come up with another idea, now. Congrats on your quilts in Quiltmaker. One of my all time favorite magazines.

  2. Every year I PLAN on making hand made gifts for family and friends. Something always seems to shut my idea down…:( This year I am going to get that spell broken and start on pillows for some of the Grand kids to hug and lay around on the floor with the crittters in their lives. Not sure if I’m sewing for the critters or the Grands…….I love them all.

  3. Glass!?? coasters under furniture? Sounds downright dangerous to me. Glass coasters under cups and glasses on top of furniture is something I have seen.

  4. Thrift shops are wonderful places to wander through and to find bargains. I go all the time.

    I have four of the glass coasters and love them. I wish I could find more!

  5. Last year I made owl ornaments for the grandkids. They all have so many quilts I’ve made them that they don’t need anymore. Not sure what I will do this year. Better get to thinking as we celebrate Christmas at Thanksgiving. I enjoy Thrift Stores as well. Nice quilts in the magazine.

  6. Great thrift shop finds!! After you get all the stuff packed away, it will take you very little time to clean…more time for quilting!!! I am so looking forward to all the cool things you are going to do in the new house…when will it be ready??????? I seem to be more impatient than you!!!

  7. I’m guessing The Depot? It’s the happiest place on earth. How wide is the piece that needs a hanger? I have just about everything somewhere. Might come across some.

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