Thrifty Find

Since starting childcare I don’t get to my favorite thrift stores very often.   I typically work from 7am to 5pm and the stores are open during those hours so I don’t get there unless I go on Saturdays and I hate going then.  I like my Saturdays to sew!  I miss the thrill of the hunt but it’s been really good on my pocket book…and I like not having so much STUFF.

I did get there recently and was happy with my $2.50 find.

It’s an old vintage cross stitch piece.  It’s not fancy at all so in my life…perfect.  I love the color and I like that the cross stitch is kind of big.

I have plans for this to hang in the south bedroom.

In this house I am really going with minimal decorating.  I just don’t want to spend all my time dusting and I prefer that the structure of the house and the wood work be the shining feature not a bunch a STUFF.  This will be perfect for what I’m going for…and I love the saying…nothing cutesy…nothing trendy.  Just something true.

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