Thrifty Find…SHOES??

Tuesday I went to town to go to the doctor.  Six weeks ago or so I bunged up my knee and it just hasn’t been the same.  I was waiting for it to feel better on it’s own but that didn’t happen.  As the calendar days stretch towards April I keep thinking that my knee isn’t going to like gardening much.  So even though the roads were a little snow covered, I went to the doctor.

Good news…my knee is supposedly fixable.  In fact, it feels some better already.  I have to go in for physical therapy but with some anti-inflammatory meds this should clear.

While I was in town, I couldn’t resist a stop to Goodwill and I am glad I went.  Apparently, if school is cancelled the store hosts a $1 per item sale.  I found a pair of sandals AND a pair of slippers.  Both are things that I had been on the lookout for.


The sandals are Clarks…my favorite brand.  I’ve been wearing them around the house to get them broken in a bit.

The slippers are Minnetonka’s.  I have always wanted a pair but have been too cheap to buy myself a pair.  Neither pair shows any wear….YES!!

Little things like knowing my knee will heal and finding a bargain really make my day….sometimes, it truly is the little things.  Today I am hooking up with Good News Thursday over at Patchwork Times.

3 thoughts on “Thrifty Find…SHOES??”

  1. I found out yesterday that they closed our Goodwill store! O M G! We still have a Salvation Army store, so all’s not lost. I too found a brand new pair of those S.A.S type shoes in navy blue – my husband says they are granny shoes, but my feet are smiling!

  2. Glad your knee can heal. I’m working on my own too. I’ve started up my physical therapy exercise. I’ve been to physical therapy so often that I already know what to do. Have you added ice to the mix? Ask the therapist about ice. The stuff is wonderful.

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