Thrifty Find: Huck Weaving

Last week I had errands to do.  Of course, with me, that includes a trip to the thrift store.  I was actually on a mission when I went.  I was looking for some old pillows.  I buy them along with pillow shams and put them in the bottom of the dog kennels.  The dogs like them and if something happens to them, I don’t care a bit as typically I only pay $1.50 for the pillow with the sham.  I frequently wash the shams but the pillows..not as much depending on what they’re made of.  Anyway, I found my pillows and was off to scope out some other deals.

Being Kelli and I are both wanting to do rug hooking I was on the hunt for wool.  Sadly no jackets, blazers or skirts could be found.  I went to look where they sell fabric on the off chance that there might be some there.  There was just one piece…but I also found this… Some lady’s forgotten project of Huck Weaving or Swedish Weaving.


I’ve seen this weaving several times and have always wanted to give it a try.  It’s just so beautiful.  I think the second reason why I am so attracted to it is because of my own Swedish heritage.

Here’s a close up picture…beautiful right??

Well the bag was stapled shut so I wasn’t sure what I getting but I did know that I was going to buy it and hope for the best.  After all there looked like there was at least $3 worth of the thread and the whole bag only cost $3.

I got it home and took everything out.  There is one towel done except for hemming it.  One is started.  There is enough fabric for 4 yellow ones and 4 more green ones.  There is also quite a bit of thread, needles and the instructions.  That was a great deal!!

Here’s a backside of the work.  It’s counted much like cross stitch but the needle doesn’t go to the back side of the cloth.

I don’t think I am going to be the huck weaver of the family but I am guessing once Kelli sees this she’ll want to give it a try.  I have to say that the green and yellow wouldn’t be my very first choice of fabric colors but I can say that they’ll be great to learn on.

I did take a couple minutes to check out some more examples of huck weaving.  Here’s a great pinterest page about it and here is a google image search.  I could just look and look and look.  Hopefully Kelli will like it and give it a try.  If not I might have to get out my magnifiers and see if I can.

Do any of you practice this craft??

8 thoughts on “Thrifty Find: Huck Weaving”

  1. Wow, what a beautiful find! I have tried Hardanger and used to do a lot of cross stitch, but have not tried huck weaving. It looks like it would be difficult to not have the thread show on the back.

  2. I’ve done it, but it was years and years ago. I have a vintage instruction book from the 1930s (somewhere in the house!).
    Lorraine, huck fabric is a special weave, with an even pattern of longer threads that “float” on one side. You just slip the needle under those floats, and never pierce the fabric.

  3. Another “small worlds” instance! I had never seen a piece of this type of embroidery until just a couple of days ago, when I found one in a charity shop (English thrift store). I didn’t buy it as it was quite tatty. Now, thanks to you Jo, I know what it is and I think I may give it a try.
    Regards from Autumnal England.

  4. Earlier this year at a small quilt show in Texas there was a young man demonstrating how to do huck weaving. I recognized it as something I used to do when I was a kid for Christmas presents. I went straight to the store and bought the fabric so I could play around with it again. It is very easy and moves quickly. It is also easy to take out if you mess up!

  5. Great find. I love huck weaving! Haven’t done it in a long time and wish they still made the fabric in colors, but all I can find is white.

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