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Last week as I traveled to Lacrosse, I stopped at the thrift store every single day I could.  Some people might think that’s crazy but it isn’t.  There is a HUGE turn around at my favorite thrift store and I see different things for sale everytime I go.  That’s why I love it.

On Monday I went and bought NOTHING.  That is strange…but it happens from time to time.  Here’s my thoughts on that.  In was Columbus Day here in the USA and lots of kids had no school.  So, more people were in the store than normal.  In fact, the store was packed.  No workers were available to restock as they were all so busy working the counters.

Tuesday I bought a few things and Wednesday I was super lucky and found some fabric…and other things.  Here is my $7.50 worth of fun!

A shirt that will be recycled into a quilt.  I’m gearing up for a blue and yellow quilt from shirts.  I keep looking for yellow but they are hard to find.  I could resist a blue check.  I have to try not to buy blues though.  I’m certain I have enough…but I couldn’t resist…$2.

…a toy for the childcare.  I don’t have one of these anymore.  The last one broke.  75 cents for it.

Now for the fabric…They had three totes of fabric that was all bagged up like this….

They had denim as well as bags of cotton fabrics.  They were all cut and ready, packaged in sizes from 3 1/2″ to 6″ squares.  I looked and was tempted, but thought no.  I’ll let someone else enjoy the fun as the packages were only priced at 50 cents each.  That’s when I thought nope.  I am going to buy two packages as I decided the squares might make close to a baby quilt top.  I’d use it as a leader and ender and then donate it on to the ladies who are making the baby quilts for Tanzania.  It will take me awhile to tackle but I like the idea.

I ended up picking two packs that had darker colors.

There was a pack that was 75 cents that wasn’t cut into particular sizes.  I bought that…My thought was that I’ll set this aside with the 3 1/2″ squares and should I need to cut more, I’ll cut from here.

Then I opened it up…I’ll do that with the top pieces but the bottom pieces are going to have to find a different home.  They are too light for what I’m going for.

The next pack was $3.  Can you believe I thought about leaving it there…UGH.  Seriously, my thrift store is so cheap that if makes me feel like $3 is expensive.  Bahahhahaha.

I opened it up and what a variety.  This is the kind of bag I really love.  If this had come sooner those blues and greens would have made it into the the Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt.

What fun fabrics.  I LOVE getting scraps like this and scraps sent to me because I would NEVER buy most of these fabrics if I went to the store…but they make my scrappy quilts SING!!!  They also make them MUCH more interesting (and busy).

I’m wondering if these were salesman fabric samples.  They aren’t 10″ but they have the same fabrics together.  Hmm.
Whatever they are I am so excited I spent the $3.

So for $7.50, I had a little fun that will last on for much more fun as I sew this scrap fabric into quilts.

I am so thankful for our thrift stores.  Seriously…I’d be so bored without them as I hate any other shopping.  I’m off to sort this and get it put away because if I don’t, I can’t use it and it’s only clutter!!

9 thoughts on “Thrifty Fabric”

  1. I just love finding good deals! The thrift shops around here are ridiculously priced! Dirty used things that are priced 95% of new. Or finding current $Tree items for $3 or more. Takes all the joy out of the hunt.

    I do, however, have one fantastic resource. It’s kinda like a REstore for textiles. Called Ragfinery ( ) . They have some clothing items such as lace, linen, leather. They have fabric you buy by the pound – cut as much as you need. They have upholstery bolts, too. Bed linens, table linens, and bedding are priced lower per pound. I bought a 100% cotton king size sheet set new in their package that’s will make beautiful quilt backs for $3! They have notions. And I often find vintage linens and once I found a handmade batiste infant boys bubble with gorgeous embroidery. Obviously from the 50’s-early 60’s. It had brown stains but a short soak in oxy-clean and it looks like new. I got it for pennies and I see similar ones on etsy for over $100!

    But my favorite spot is the scrap bin. It’s a large table 4’x 8’ with 6” sides and you never know what you will find. $1 buys you all the scraps you can stuff into a large produce bag! I’ve found everything from quilting cotton, wedding lace, cotton velvet, leather, in sizes from 4” squares up to a yard! Lots of upholstery fabric samples (perfect for making bags) Most recently, I’ve been hunting for flannel scraps that I can cut into baby washcloth size, and serge the edges. Our youngest granddaughter has such sensitive skin that she cannot use packaged baby wipes. I’ve also found a bit larger size, doubled, makes soft face cloths for after meals.

    Thanks for sharing your finds! It feels good to take something unwanted into something beautiful and useful!!

  2. I love that the thrift store brings you such joy!! It’s cheap entertainment & like opening up a present when you get home!! Such fun & a much needed mental distraction!!

    Those Scotty Dog Prints are fabulous! My mother-law is obsessed with that breed!! I agree with you that perhaps they are samples from a sales rep!!

    I also love that you are designing your next quilt with yellows & blues. It gives you something to look for when you are in your scavenger hunt!!

    Thanks for sharing!! By the way after you posted about the Quilted Twins website, I went there & found more food fabric for more I SPY Quilts!

  3. You have the best thrift stores! I would have bought all those precut squares! I did score big at the thrift store last week; two twin sheet sets; new in package for 4.99 each from Bed, Bath and Beyond but the used men’s cotton shirts were 8.00-12.00! Outrageous!

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    I’d say perfect finds – thanks for sharing them with us. To think of the work put into the cutting of all those squares – wow. It is good that they are being put to such good use.

  5. I would have bought the packages of precut squares. Any time I see those for sale at craft shows, thrift stores or quilt shows, I pick them up. It saves so much time for me. I bought a gallon bag of precut rectangles at a quilt show for $8 and have made 3 quilts so far. I’m sure there is enough left for another quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What cute fabrics you found! I like to look at all you get. And your prices are so reasonable. Here in the city, they tend to be pickier about what they put out and then charge accordingly.

    Like men’s shirts – if there is a tear, they throw them away. I wish they’d put them with the fabric and charge $1 instead of the $4-8 for a pristine shirt. We quilters wouldn’t care about a tear or stain, we’d just work around it.

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