Thrifty Day!

Oh, my word…I had the best thrift store day.  Seriously, the best!  Let me tell you all about it.

Saturday I had to go to town to pick up a prescription and for me, that means a thrift store run.  Here are the goodies I bought.  I spent much more than I typically do but in the end, it’s all good.  I can’t wait to show you the goodies I got.

Here they are…collectively, it doesn’t look like much but wait until I tell you about it all.

Sorry, the picture is fuzzy, but I found this vintage embroidery hoop.  I have another vintage hoop that I keep in my dough bowl.  I use it as a filler piece.  This will go with it and it was only 25 cents.

I bought these two pieces.  I knew exactly where I was going to put them.

The spools went on my cross-stitch wall.  There was a narrow spot it could fit perfectly and it’s prim looking so I thought it was perfect.

I put the “Raised on Country Sunshine” piece here…
This is the shelf I just finished fixing.  I need some more things to go in it.  I’m not a gal that just goes and fills things up with Hobby Lobby finds.  I typically find goodies at thrift stores so this will be bare for a bit until I can get goodies made or found for it.  It makes thrifting a challenge.  I just love a good thrifty challenge.

I bought the small frame.  It’s okay as is but I think I will likely put a small cross stitch piece in it.  It was only 50 cents.  The other things I’ll use for framing.

Remember I had that black frame on the wall waiting for me to stitch something that I hadn’t even started yet.  That was bothering me so when I saw the piece with the buttons below, I bought it and put it in place of the one I had there before.  It’s not my favorite piece but it’s much better than the blank frame.  I’m very happy with it for now.

I found a sheet I’ll pass on for a charity quilt backing.  For $2, they are hard to pass up.  I picked up a doily too.  I have a plan for it.  We’ll see if I actually get it done though.  HA!

Check this out.  Can you believe it was only $2??  I will happily add this to my summer decor.  I am almost embarrassed that it was only $2.

There was a lot of fabric there.  I had the worst time trying to decide what to do.  Do I buy it?  Do I not?  I’ve not sewn as much as I previously have and goodness knows I have plenty of fabric.  It’s so hard to know what to do as the prices, although they’ve gone up, are really quite good.

So I went through and picked a couple.  I bought a purple and teal bag as I know my cut strips are about of both of those colors and I like to maintain a good variety in my strip bins.  I bought them with intention of immediately cutting them into strips.  One was 75 cents and the other $1.  Then I got kind of stuck.  The other bags were quite a lot more.  I picked up one bag and couldn’t decided if it was $5 or $15.  The dollar sign was written messily.  There were two lines and I couldn’t tell if the second line went with the $ sign or with the 5 making it $15.  That would be REALLY high priced for my thrift store so I asked the clerk.  She took it in the back and asked one of the people pricing in the back.

The lady who was pricing things peaked her head out and told me it was $5.  Whew.  I was hoping they weren’t raising their prices that high.  She then told me she was pricing more fabric as they got a lot in.  Well, that had my interest.

I went around and shopped a bit more.  Then before I left I decided that I’d look at the fabric one more time to make sure there wasn’t something else I wanted.  Just as I was getting to the area, the gal came out and put another basket of fabric out.  YAHOO!!  I grabbed a couple more packages.

Then I checked out and went to pick up my meds and groceries.  After I was done with that, I was driving past the thrift store again as it was on the road I was taking and I ended up going back.  Something in my head told me that she had likely put out more fabric.  Plus I had decided that I would get an orange pack of fabric they had there that I previously didn’t get.

It turns out the orange pack was gone but she did put out more fabric and I again picked out a couple of more pieces.

Then I “shot the loop”, meaning I just quickly made a giant loop around the store one more time.  I saw a small ladder I could hang quilts on.  I had no idea where I was going to put it but I grabbed it too and headed to the register.  I had spent more than I intended but it was all good as the beauty of thrifting is that I can afford anything in the store.

As I was driving home I was thinking about where I was going to put the ladder.  I pulled into the garage and still didn’t have a spot figured out yet.  Hmm.  As I was carrying it into the house.  WHAM.  Just inside my door, right here is where it’s going.  I’ve wanted to decorate this little area and have always felt it was a little bare.  I finished the cross stitch piece and hung it below one of my favorite pieces ever, my spice cabinet, from blog reader Ila.  Still, the area seemed bare.  I popped the ladder there and it’s perfect!!

I ended up running upstairs and found a couple of small quilts that are wall-sized.  Mary from Country Threads always teases me that I don’t know to make anything small.  HA!!  I have two, Mary.  I have two.  I think I might need to make another to fill that other rung on the ladder.

Can you believe it was only $4?  I was doing a MAJOR happy dance.  Now I need some quilts on it.  I might paint it yet but so far, as is, I’m happy with it.

Now to the fabrics…

I found some sweatshirt fabrics that I will send to Carolyn.  She’s been making AMAZING hoodies for Baby Care Kits for Lutheran World Relief as well as baby gowns.  That has me looking for t-shirt knit fabrics and sweatshirt fabrics.

I found some other pieces too.  The three to the front are for me.  The unicorn is a flannel that will be for Baby Care Kits and the $4 piece will go to the Cresco Ladies for a quilt backing.  There are 4 yards of that fabric.

The little fabric quarter bundle was $3 and the strips were $4.  Those are going in my stash for now.

Here are my grab bags.

This one was really good.  There are for sure fabrics I will use.  Remember how I love to make quilts with busy background prints.  I’ll add many of these to that collection.  All for $3.

The next package I put back then went back and got it again.  It was $10 and for my thrift store, that is expensive.  I couldn’t open the bag and see what was in it and I’m pretty frugal.  $10 is a lot to spend and not know what I’m getting.

I ended up going back and I got the pack after I remembered the Iowa Hawkeye quilt I made last year for an area benefit.  Iowa Hawkeyes are super popular around here.  Their colors and black and gold (yellow).  The pack had the perfect fabrics that I could use if I made another quilt that was Iowa Hawkeye-themed.  Spending $10 on this pack really made sense once I had a plan for it.  So I bought it.

Oh, my word.  I am so glad I did!!  It turns out there were 19 fat quarters in the bunch.  YEP!  19 fat quarters for $10.  It turns out it was a great deal.  I’m so glad I bought it.

Now all I need to do is buy some Iowa Hawkeyes fabric and I am well on my way to having enough fabric to make a quilt.  YAHOO!!  I was so happy.  Last time I made a tumbler quilt and I might make another again.

Now, are you all ready for a laugh??  I saw these two bags and I was pretty sure I knew what this was.  Any guesses??

I should have just left them there…I know I should have but I feel as though I’ve become the shepherd of these pieces.  Did you guess what they are???

If you guessed leftover from Bonnie Hunter’s Frolic quilt, you are correct.  I know, you’re screaming at the computer screen yelling “JO, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???”  I don’t know what I was thinking.

I guess I really do feel like I’ve become the shepherd of these pieces…

If you’re new here, I’ve collected about 5 or six sets for Frolic leftovers.  I had my own and then kind blog readers sent me theirs.  Now…I have more.

In my defense, I have made three large and one baby quilt from the leftovers plus more fabric of my own.

I still have the pieces you see sorted out below that I have done nothing with.  So…I’ll add these to what I have and will likely come up with yet another quilt.

I know you’re likely laughing at me over the Frolic leftovers.  It’s totally okay.  I’m laughing at myself too.

Anyway…I had a great day out and thrifting.  I just have a blast when I am.  Seriously, so fun!

34 thoughts on “Thrifty Day!”

  1. Jo, please reveal your plans for the doily! I am a sucker for them at thrift shops, but I never know how to incorporate them into my projects.

  2. My gosh you do have a GREAT thrift store! Those are wonderful prices. I am like you….I enjoy the “hunt” for fun, usable things. Sometimes I have to think outside of the box to utilize an item but that’s what makes thrifting fun.

  3. Oh How I wish we had thrift stores like you do in the USA, I am so jealous in what you pick up, and I just adore all your pieces. The quilt ladder looks like it has always been there! Gorgeous.
    What a happy day for you Jo, and all the others you have pieces for.

  4. Ana Marie Sweet

    I hope I have a good time at the Western PA Salvation Army Fabric Sale. They do it once a year (missed several due to virus) and it is only fabric, yarn, and notions donated all year. Imagine a whole building full of thrifted fabrics. Woohoo. Going to train my husband.

    And I did not even plan it but found out it is open on the last day of our vacation.

    Love your decorating and even better that it is use, reuse and recycle.

    1. Mary Etherington

      Hey, Jo – regarding the ladder and your only two small quilts – those are both Country Threads quilts! How appropriate! Haha!


    So glad you enjoyed your outing. It is great to see you treat yourself, you give so much to ours. Do not worry about the money. You will get a lot of enjoyment. Think about people that shop at Starbucks (or other coffee joints). They spend that much in a week and the enjoyment is fleeting, yours will last longer and benefit others.

  6. What amazing finds! I have never see a thrift store with so many fabric selections. Lucky you!
    I love good thrift store finds – I usually find frames too for projects.
    Love and prayers

  7. Great haul. I think I like the ladder the most. The button piece is intriguing. My vintage mother of pearl buttons are currently having a restorative soak and I’m looking for something unique to do with them. Some will likely go on crosstitch pieces, but I have a lot! Good start on your shelf. You have said more than once that you don’t know much about decorating, but you most certainly do!

  8. Carmen Montmarquet

    You scored big in my book! I love thrift shopping too but never find the goodies you do! Love that new shelf and taking time to fill it is the fun! I am a sucker for ladders, I have two in my house and two on either side of my shed outside, which I am thrifting to find items for! I totally love the prim item with the spools, it’s perfect where you put it! I would say you had a great time and glad you shared your goodies with us!

  9. I love when you post your thrift store finds, and I laughed out loud when you said you got Frolic leftovers. You sure found some bargains. Like you, I have gone back to the thrift store looking for more goodies they were setting out. My daughter laughs and says “Heaven forbid someone else should get those deals”! I can’t help it, I hate to miss a good deal.

  10. You have a great haul from the thrift store! I’m so glad you could treat yourself. You do have plans for all of it so you’re not adding it to your stash! Enjoy!

  11. You have the best good fortune when you are thriffting! I really do like making the hoodies. I have been blessed by an abundance of fabric for gowns by your generous readers.

    I have been making memory bears, as far away as California. Jo if you would like one, add one of Kramers shirts when you send fabric,

    Bless you for being the instrument of God’s provision.

  12. Oh fun! I’m ready to go thrifting. It is always fun to see what bargains you found. I especially like the ladder! I’ve been wanting one, but haven’t found one yet. I also like the items you put on the shelf that you showed us empty yesterday. Good deals!

  13. Jo, I feel excited over my thrifting finds just like you do! These are the treasures of my world. Sewing is my jam but thrifting is my peanut butter. I so enjoy your blog. God bless you!

  14. You did great, no wonder you went back for more. I love everything you bought, they seem to fit a spot in your home. Congratulations!

  15. So happy you found these useful. This thrift store is run by the churches of Winneshiek+ churches. All profit goes into the community. I been cleaning my sewing room up and had to destash. I dropped six large garbage bags off. The black and gold were left overs from a black and gold double heart bargello wedding quilt for my God child. I needed 15 yellow and 15 black. So some I used and some didn’t work and then I tried to group some of them together. Any way, I was excited they got good money for my leftovers and some one found a good use for them. Just so you know. I dropped a whole roll of batting off there yesterday. I switched to a more dense batting. Some of their fabrics go directly to quilter guilds that donate quilts also. Any way, it is not often you see where your donations go. Enjoy.

  16. I love your thrift store finds.
    As for the frolic leftovers… You are the best at using them. Those quilts you have done outshine the originals. Love to see what is up next.

  17. Yeah, I’m laughing and also wondering if I should send some of my leftovers to you so I don’t have to work out what to do with them. I finished my simplified version of it last week and have quite a bit leftover, but I am working on finishing old projects before I start anything new.

  18. Hi Jo! I LOVE your amazing Thrift haul!! Your ladder is a great find!! I think you should leave it as is and not paint it. I love the quilts you displayed on it. I think your little Summer banner would be adorable on the top rung. I also loved your cute button heart that you crafted. Have a great day!
    Carol S.:)

  19. What a fun day you had thrifting! It’s my favorite place to buy used sheets, table cloths & fabrics. I need to look for 2 butter dishes — I have one at the table on our peninsula & next to the stove, but I need a couple of extras for when one or two need washing. Thrift stores are the best for baskets and small items, too. Prices here are MUCH more expensive than there (I’m very envious!), but much better than new!

  20. You inspired me to give my flannel to Lutheran World Relief. I found a lady that kind of lives local to give it to. She will pass it on to the ladies that will make the receiving blankets for the kits with it. It’s 6 bolts of different baby flannels. I am even giving them about 20 flannel baby quilt tops to go with and a big piece of fleece in baby print.

    I love the frolicking you have been doing while collecting frolic parts! LOL! I can’t wait to see what you make next out of all of the leftovers.

  21. Oh joy! I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat. Your shopping trip is the best news I’ve heard this week. I believe I am a bit envious of the treasures you find at your favorite thrift shop and how sweet is it that Shirley not only donated to the shop, but is glad some of her fabric came home with you where it will find a new life in another gift to others. What a world of generous quilters. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  22. You got TONS of great finds, but that spool item looks like it was made for that spot! I have that same red Procraftinating mug; it’s one of two mugs that I use all the time. :-)

  23. It’s always good when a thrift shop trip pans out. Some carry great fabric deals and some you can’t find any. I have to say the Mid west probably has the best for finding fabric and sewing books. I love your spool hanging. That’s so neat. I’m thrilled you’re feeling well enough to go out and enjoy yourself. As your plaque says- Life is Good.
    Blessings for you and your family

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