Thrifty Day

If you’ve read the blog, you all know I love thrifting. I’m so blessed to have some really awesome thrift stores in my area.

I found the strangest variety of things when I was out and about recently.

I bought this pack of army men. My grandson Gannon is really into army stuff. I thought he might like playing with them. The set was really nice and was only $2.50.

I guessed right. Gannon did love them!! He has played with them every single time he’s came to my since I bought them.

Gannon was also VERY intrigued by the music box I bought for $1.50. I plan to eventually stitch something to go in the top picture frame area. Gannon watches is play and loves watching the turner at the box turn. He has asked for it every single time he’s come too. I let him. Even if it breaks and I can never use it, he is really enjoying it. I am thinking about stitching something with his name or initials or something Gannon-esque and putting it in there. We’ll see.

I bought a back of fabric scraps/blocks for $1.50 too.

I pulled it all out and sorted it. So fun. I’ll put the blocks on the left into my orphan block box. I often use blocks like these to add to backing fabric to make the piece big enough to back a quilt. The blocks on the left might get passed to the Cresco ladies. There might be enough for a scrappy charity quilt…or I might keep them and make one. We’ll see.

More fun blocks…

These were my absolute favorites. I would LOVE to make more of these and make a quilt. In fact, I plan on it. I’ll figure out a pattern for them and share it with you in case anyone wants to join me. Oh, I love these!! Scrappy and fun. These three blocks that gave me an idea for a quilt were totally worth the $1.50 bag. If anyone wants to join me in making a quilt, let me know.

I picked up a couple of linens. I think I’ll be passing these to Deborah Harry the bag maker.

I found a few pieces of fabric… 50 cents each.

I got a couple of patterns. 10 cents each. The one on the left is a Country Threads pattern. The middle is cross stitch. The one of the right is a pattern to make a bunny.

The doily ornament was 50 cents. The others were 25 cents each. I am not sure where these will all go but I’m sure they will go in a dough bowl or be a little added thing to my decorating.

I picked up the Haeger planter for $4. It’s a little more than I typically spend but I have an idea for it. We’ll see if it works.

I bought this set for my friend Carla. You can use it to make applesauce, salsa, and other things. It’s SUPER handy. In the past, she has borrowed mine and I don’t mind a bit but I know how nice it is to have your own too. So the strainer was $2 and the extra box was $1. I had to stalk the lady stocking shelves to get it. I saw it in her cart of things she was putting out. I was actually ready to check out but saw her cart and decided to wait until she put that out so I could see the price and decide if I should buy if for Carla.

I casually shopped in the area while the things from the cart were being set out. It’s so funny because as I was “shopping” (actually stalking her) the lady was putting out stuff I wanted. So I started putting things in the cart for me too. I’m sure many of you can relate that your pans and stuff kitchen things that you’ve had for over 30 years have seen their better days. My mine loaf pans were to the point they were rusty and I quit using them but didn’t go buy new ones. I just made big loaves instead…but I missed the mini loaves. The lady put out three pans. They were 50 cents each. Score! My cupcake tin was teflan and it had seen better days. This one looked hardly used and was $1. The two cookie racks were 75 cents for the pair and the pizza pan which I’ve wanted another was $1.50. Those were exactly the things in the kitchen I’ve been wanting to replace. I was so happy!! It’s fun to have nicer stuff again.

So “stalking” was fun for me and in the end good for Carla too. I couldn’t believe I only paid $3 for the food stainer set for her. I didn’t even look at the inside of the box. Carla ended up sending me pictures and it looked barely used.

There has been a dresser at the thrift store the last three times I’ve been there. It was this one with a mirror. I know most of you are thinking it’s a piece of junk. There is something about it that makes me just love it. I hadn’t even looked at the price because I knew I didn’t need a dresser. I finally looked at the price. $50. Hmm. I still didn’t have a place for it.

I left the store with purchases and was just thrilled at my finds. Boy did I ever have an eclectic group of things I had purchase. I was so excited about everything. I couldn’t wait to get home and check out that scrap bag. I know…I’m a little silly. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy.

I went to Wal-mart and picked up a couple of things. As I was waiting in the pharmacy line, it hit me. Remember I’ve been wanting to get a big cabinet at my house. I’d been to the junk sale looking for the perfect antique piece but hadn’t found it. This was not the big amazing piece I was looking for…but could I temporarily make it work? Hmm.

I thought about it as I was shopping and then I decided I thought I would go back and get it. My reasoning was that at any time, I could likely sell this to the ladies who run the junk sale for $30…so I would really only be wasting $20 if it didn’t work…plus, I could always put it in my basement. Down the road, as the family grows, I want to finish the basement. Nothing fancy…just a finish so the tweenage (once they get that old) grandkids can hang out down there.

My next problem, the thrift store asks that people load things themselves. UGH. I’m not supposed to lift furniture with my back the way it is. So I decided I would go and try to buy it. If they would load it for me, I would buy it. If not, I wouldn’t.

I got to the store. I asked one of the helpers. She told me they would sell it to me if I had someone at my home to unload it for me. I told her my son Karl only lived four houses away and he’d do it. Well, they loaded it and it is currently in the middle of my dining room waiting for me to give it some attention.

Before I worry too much about that I have to totally do through ALL of the toys here and reorganize them. I got rid of some things back in August when I took my new job but there are still LOTS here and LOTS that need to be put in different places.

For YEARS I have lived with toys visible in my home. My goal is for everything to be behind doors so no toys are visible. That means a total revamp. I haven’t been brave enough yet. I’m waiting for the pitching mood to strike and for me to have a day with a big chunk of time.

I’ll be sure to take pictures and tell you all about it once I get it done. My goal is still to find a big wonderful old antique cabinet but this will do for now. I just REALLY feel the need to not have any toys visible in my house anymore. After 36 years of living with toys…it’s time!

So…that was my thrift store day. It sure was fun!!

28 thoughts on “Thrifty Day”

  1. That is just UNREAL the prices you pay for stuff (actually next to nothing). I’d never find that stuff around here for prices anywhere near what you pay. Maybe someday I’ll be in Iowa and check out some of the thrift shops!

  2. Jo your amazing at the things you find. I usually check with my daughters first. I may have to send pictures your way to see if you want anything.

  3. I love the thrift store you shop at. I visit it every time I visit my parents. I always give my mom a list of items I need from there. I’m hoping to get there this week. I’m making a new list now.

  4. Oh that shopping trip sounded like fun! I always get so excited when I find just what I need at a thrift store. The little ornaments are the kind I really like – very nice. The scrappy quilt blocks look like what I saw in one of the quilts that Ray finished. The name was given in the comments. If not there, I might have seen it somewhere else. It was quite recent too.

  5. You are SO lucky to find so many finds all the time!! I’d love to sign up for the sew a long. I love the little houses! I made a beautiful piece that hangs in our bedroom. Am wanting to make a “winter “ piece to switch out

  6. Your thrift shop has so much and great prices. The two in my town are kind a pathetic and often about as expensive as buying new. You got some great deals. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new dresser.

  7. Brenda in Georgia

    I love that block that has all the squares within the squares. If you figure out how to make it, I would really love if you would share! I too love all the things you find at your thrift store. What bargains. There are no thrift stores anywhere around here that I have found. The only thing is Goodwill and their prices have gone way up, and there is a store that benefits the animal shelter, but I don’t usually find too much that I want there. Not to say there aren’t very nice pieces of furniture and decorative items. I just don’t need any of those. I usually look there for books. They rarely if ever have any quilting fabric, etc.

  8. You always get such good bargains. I wish that there was a thrift store like that near me. The prices at the ones around here are ridiculous. I am hoping that those linens that you found are damaged as I wouldn’t want someone to chop up some perfectly good hand embroidered ones.

    1. I use “Thrift Store” as a general term. I live about 30 minutes from everywhere. I am lucky in that all the little towns around me have thrift stores so whatever direction I go, there is a thrift store in that town. When I say “thrift store” in writing a blog post, it could any one of them. There are about 8 within 45 minutes from my house…sadly they are all if different towns and different directions. HA!

      1. Sounds about like around here. 25-30 minutes to anywhere. Just about every town has a thrift shop though I am hearing that the prices in some are definitely going up. One place calls itself “Antiques and Thrift Shop”—you can probably imagine what that one little word does to the prices. Lol. The funny thing is that most of them don’t carry kids’ clothes. The one here in my town does and customers are so pleased to find that. They sell a lot of those.

  9. Love that chopped off pineapple block, and would definitely be up for a sew along.
    All the kitchenware looks new. I wonder about what people get rid of. Who doesn’t need a pizza pan?

  10. If it’s the string blocks you are going to do a sew-a-long on, I’m in! Like others, I wish we had a decent thrift store. Our mostly have junk that should be in the trash…other than that, it’s just Goodwill, which is outrageously priced! You are lucky!

  11. I’m definitely up for a scrappy tumbler sew along. My thrift stores are getting a little bit pricey, but I realize it’s for a charity, so I don’t judge myself for buying, LOL! Anxious to see your old dresser project.

  12. I’m not the jealous type, but boy, your thrift store options, lest finds …………. might have to make a trip up your way (from DC) to indulge! And, might need a UHaul for the trip back!!! Coupled with an 80# lab and a 60# lab I can already see the adventure! Thx for sharing.

  13. When I read about your thrift store trips, I always get the urge to visit our local one! You have such a good eye for finding things. I love your thrifty posts!

  14. What an incredible thrift store you have. I think we all wish for one like that! I love thrifting too bu rarely find anything we need or can use; though occasionally dh will find work clothes for messy jobs.
    Everything looks like so much fun – glad it was a great day for you.
    Love and prayers

  15. I moved to Alabama last year and started volunteering at a thrift store one day a week, taking in new donations, sorting, pricing and tagging, ironing, etc. Volunteers get first dibs on things coming in! We still pay for them, but the prices we charge are SO good. Plus, we’re given a voucher each month worth so many dollars. I’ve become a thrifter! Love it, and love to see what you find, too.

  16. You have the best luck at thrift stores. Our prices are never as good as yours. So many fun orphan blocks to get inspired with. I will love watching, and maybe joining in, on your QAL.

  17. I’m a thrifter too. People tell me I have the cutest shoes & I just watch for them at garage sales. I found a “special occasion” dress $5 at a garage sale & wore it to our grandson’s wedding. I got complemented on it time & time again, it almost got embarrassing. The other Grandma actually asked where I got it, and before I could answer, my daughter says “my Mom’s always ahead of the game & she got it a long time ago.” I just enjoy seeing what I can find.

  18. You sure found some great deals at the thrift store! I have that same Victorio strainer set and needless to say I had to pay a lot more than $3 for it! Congrats on a successful thrifting day!

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