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I’ve put myself on a budget….I’m fine but I just want to think a little more before I buy.  It’s not so much of a financial thing as a “do I really need more stuff thing”.  Don’t worry though.  In my budget I allotted for over $100 at the thrift store and garage sales.  I also have a budget item for MAD MONEY…and that’s another $50 so I can still, pretty much, buy anything in the store between the two budgets.  That’s how non-restrictive my budget is.  To be honest, I don’t even know why I call it a budget…but it does make me thing just a little more before I buy…so I’m sticking with it.

For the month of August…my grand total on spending for my thrift store budget was $27…most of it I got on my last trip.  I don’t get to town much anymore and when I do, it’s often after thrift store hours.

So here are some of the things I spent my precious $27 for the month on…

I spent 25 cents each for these puzzles.  The kiddos LOVE puzzles.  24 piece puzzles are best for them.  Apparently “Shimmer and Shine” is a new show on television and the kiddos watch it, so the new puzzle was a hit.  The other puzzle is good for matching practice.  It is brand new and unopened.

I bought these…bookends.  $2.50.

Do you recognize them?  I did.

This is the note that was on the bookends….

It’s a replica of the picture I already have.  Oh, I love this picture….

I think it’s the farm girl in me that loves it so much…being thankful even though the harvest looks meager.

I also got this….$6.  It’s 100% cotton quilt.

I bought it with a plan….

It has big stitch for the quilting….  My plan is to cut it into quarters, add a pillow at the top and bind them.  That would make nice napping mats for the kiddos.  
I don’t have enough couches for napping space so the kiddos sleep on the floor.  I currently give them one blanket for the floor and one for covering up plus a pillow.  If I did this, I’d have a more like napping mats for them.

I also bought these…ah,  it was my goofy purchase.  I just liked them but have no idea where I am keeping them in the house.  Please tell me I’m not the one that does that.  I’ve gotten a lot better with my “budget” but these, I couldn’t leave behind.

I’m a sucker for anything floral.  Anything.  I especially like containers.  Ones with lids are my special favorite.  I really don’t know why…maybe the coziness?

Isn’t the floral design so pretty??

I don’t know if they are worth anything…or if they have a name for them.  There were more similar things at the thrift store….spoons, bowls without lids, etc.  I think someone must have collected it. So, that makes me think it’s collectable.

Do any of you know??  I’d love to know more about it.

Those are my thrifty finds…a few fun things…a few practical things…but most important, nothing that will break my budget.

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  1. I think that is called tole painting or rosemaling. I believe they are Norwegian or Scandinavian in origin. I remember my mother taking rosemaling classes when we lived in North Dakota! It’s so pretty.

  2. Thrift store shopping is my favourite type of shopping too! I’m going to visit my sister and our outings center on what thrift stores we can visit. Love the dishes with the lids. The writing on the bottom looks Russian or Ukaranian, just my uneducated guess.

  3. Your bowls’s painting looks like the painting on Russian dolls and the writing looks Russian too. I’ve been to both the Ukraine and Russia and they sell the dolls and many things with motifs like the ones on your bowls. They are very pretty and I understand why you couldn’t resist. I have many small bowls/containers too.

  4. I love your thrifting finds! I put myself on a fabric diet this year and have been keeping track of fabric purchases or gifts or donations and fabric used or given away. It is so cleansing. So far, I have purchased or been gifted 86 yds and used up or gave away 150 yds. Good to start at the beginning of the year to keep track. When I go to the shops, I peruse the shelves and only purchase what I know I will use and need rather than just because. The real trouble comes when I get it for free and I bring it home. Love the florals! And great idea on the quilt!

  5. I do enjoy thrift stores. Especially when something falls into your lap.
    A great idea for that colorful quilt. You know they’ll all want it for a nap!☺
    Love and prayers

  6. The little dish is quite cute and I love to put my jewelry in such items when I wash dishes, garden work etc so I have many small containers in the house. I think using the quilt to make some small beds is a great idea and attaching a slot to stuff a pillow in would be easy to do, the kids will love it. Some great finds and still on budget a win!

  7. “ the Angelus” is a prayer the farmers said at noon time. When they heard the church bells at 12 o ‘ clock they stopped working and said a little prayer “ the Angelus” .
    Therese from Belgium

  8. The Angelus, at least at the time Millet painted it, was a cCatholic mid day prayer. The local church would toll their bells to remind the faithful to pause for prayer. That church in the background must be tolling that it mid day or noon.

  9. Lilac Joan Guthridge

    Like you I love containers of all kinds. Plain cardboard boxes to fancy antique tins. All my life! I counted quickly the other day and I had 60+ tins (and I didn’t look in the cabinets). Just because I like them.

  10. The black bowls are definitely Russian. We lived in Moscow in the early-mid 1990s and those flowers are bring back memories. I have several different pieces that have the same style flowers. I don’t know what the correct name is though. I also recognize the writing on the label as Russian. Great finds.

  11. These look like a Russian painting style called Zhostovo, which is centered in a town about 40 km from Moscow. I studied Zhostovo painting with two Russian masters, and this style of painting just sets my heart on fire!

  12. OK, we’re really pushing the envelope here, all the way back to high school, but I can translate SOME of the label. YCCP translates to USSR, which stands for United Socialist Soviet Republics, which is what Russia used to be called, from 1922 to 1921. The next line translates to knevciaya, but I cannot remember what that means. The 3rd line is beyond my scope. The 4th line translates to fabrica, which I can only imagine means fabric, meaning, what the items are made of, not material, in the sense we use it today. There are a couple other lines I can say, but I don’t know what they mean, sorry. But, definitely of Russian origin.

  13. My daughter speaks Russian. I’ll ask her to translate later today.

    It’s always a good idea to think before buying! I try to do that, too. :)

  14. My daughter’s translation:

    USSR Ministry of Local Industry

    Kiev Factory “Gormestprom”
    Souvenir and gift wares

    City of Kiev-660
    Borispol’skaya, 30 [These two lines represent an address]

    Round casket with tinted painting

    Catalogue №
    [illegible] S-KG-279d
    Roses. price 2.87 rubles

    Date of Issue [illegible]
    TU205USSR 498 82
    Stamp. OTK –
    T. 1. 3. 41076-15 g.

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