Thrifty Adventure

I had to run to the courthouse this week.  There was a problem with the pickup registration.  I’ll tell you all about that in another blog post.  It’s a strange story…Anyway.  I ended up stopping at the thrift store.

It wasn’t an epic trip but I did find some things that made me smile.  First off we’ve been asking Carver is he wanted to be something for Halloween.  We’ve tried several times and all he says is, “Me no wanna be Halloween”.  He wouldn’t dress up last year and I have a feeling he won’t this year either.  That’s all okay and we don’t care one way or the other.  We just want to be prepared in case he decides he “does wanna be Halloween”.

In light of that the idea was to see if he wanted to be Dan at the bar uptown.  The bar is owned by Dan and Carver loves Dan….really loves Dan.  So we thought maybe he could be Dan for Halloween.  All he would have to do is wear his Iowa State t-shirt that he already has a blue apron.

I was thinking I’d made a blue apron but I was at the thrift store and look!  A pack of kids aprons, brand new, 12 aprons in rainbow colors including a blue one.  Of course I had to buy them…for $2.  For sure I had to buy them.

So now we are prepared in case Carver “wants to be Halloween”.  I kind of wish he would do it as Dan would love it!!  But as always, I’m not forcing anything onto him but..I might not be above getting the aprons out with the play food and seeing if the kids all want to wear aprons for that….you know…ease him into it a bit.

I also picked up a puzzle.  It’s an awesome one as the outside pieces are interchangable.  I hadn’t seen one like it before…25 cents.  The bug jar was 75 cents and the squirrel beanie baby was 25 cents.

I came home and made a set of construction paper acorn ABCs.  I’m going to hid the acorn ABCs and have the kids help the squirrel hunt for them then practice the letters.  Easy fun.

I found a black fall shirt for myself….and fabric.  Just one piece…$2.   This one has 3.5 yards worth.  I think it will be the backing to a baby quilt I have in mind to make.  The rainbow of it will compliment what I have in mind.

I am on the search for more white 100% cotton mens shirts.  Kayla has requested a crumb quilt for her baby.  Do you think I have another one in me??  I hope I do.  She’s due mid January so I have time.  I also have to come up with a way to make hers a little bit unique.

I also bought the frog puppet for 25 cents.  I’ll figure out a game for the kids and use it as a prop.

I also bought two bags of embroidery blocks.  I wanted them for one of the nursery rhyme sets that was included.  Kelli already took those and has them at her house.  One of the rhymes was Georgie Porgie and she wanted the set that had that.  The rest of these, we don’t need so they will likely be sent back to the thrift store to resell.  We only wanted the one set.

That happens now and then and I don’t feel bothered by it at all.

That was my thrift store run…by far I most excited about the aprons.  Hmm.  Do you think we’ll be able to talk Carver into being Dan?

10 thoughts on “Thrifty Adventure”

  1. As usual great finds!!! Carver is a character! I have never heard of a child not wanting to dress up for Halloween! Hope he’s Dan this year!!!

  2. I love reading about your thrifty adventures – hope you got the courthouse thing straightened out. Sounds like a real boondoggle of a mess.
    Love and prayers

  3. Could Carver just wear his Iowa State shirt one day before Halloween, and “happen” to put on the apron, and then you say, “You look like Dan!”? If he’s happy with that, doing it on Halloween might be easier.

    I love thrifting, and half the fun is looking at some of the things and thinking, “Why would somebody buy THAT in the first place?” For years, I’ve collected cotton shirts and wool skirts for quiltmaking, but non-thrifting friends seem to think you can just walk in once and fill a cart with suitable items.

  4. I recently looked at your crumb quilts and am totally smitten with them. My curiosity got the best of me after seeing Georgie’s quilt! I noticed that you had hosted a QAL for a crumb quilt at one point and was wondering if you ever plan to do another one. All of your quilts are absolutely delightful, but the crumb quilts really call out to me.

  5. OOH, I love the dinosaur embroidery! Is there more than the one? I”d like to buy it from you (instead of the thrift shop) – and will pay postage.

    :) Linda

    lindaschiffer at me dot com

  6. I didn’t have any Halloween costume for my great grand daughter when I was baby sitting her , and I looked in her closet an found a Home Depot apron that her grandpa gave her on a kids work shop day, I put that on her and we went trick or treating. When her momma came home from work, she had a costume for her so she changed her and went trick or treating again at our Mall and other places. Tiana had a fun Halloween. Tiana and I just went in her neighborhood.

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