Thrifting Finds

Last week I did lots of thrifting stops.  There are a few places between here and Lacrosse that I could thrift at along my ways…so of course I did.  We even hit up a couple garage sales in Lacrosse.

You might remember that I started collecting vintage cross stitch….I found two.

This one was from a garage sale and I paid $3.50 for it.  It was in a BRIGHT pink modern frame.  I ditched that frame and will be looking for something wooden.

This one was only 50 cents and needs some work…I still like it though.

At Goodwill in Lacrosse I found these handmade pillowcases.  I had just decided that I wanted to make some for my and Hubby.  The fabric on these is crisp and nice.  I don’t think they have been used. Had I made them myself I might have chosen a different accent color rather than white as I don’t keep white clean but for $2, I can’t buy the fabric or commit the time so, these are going to be loved and used by us.

I bought a scrap bag of pieces.  These will get sewn together.  With a litttle creativity I think there would be enough for a baby quilt and I’d happily be willing to finish and donate on to charity.

I started something up that I had vowed to stay away from….any guesses?…..Look at see if you guessed right.

I got a bag of them for $5…there were 13 in the bag.  I went with the intention of only getting blue and yellow as I have an idea to make something…but then, ugh.  It was a bag sale and there were more that I simply couldn’t say no to.  Then I stopped at another store…and another.  by the time I was done I had three yellow, lots of blues and more of other colors….20 shirts in all.  Oh my.

I admit to being terrible at self discipline.  I have NONE when it comes to shirts.

I also found this little frame.  I’ll be putting one of my Lizzie Kate cross stitch designs in this.  Isn’t the frame wonderful??

We stopped at a garage sale and I found these wooden pegs.  I’m always looking for things with colors and things to promote fine motor practice for the childcare kids…also something that isn’t choking hazard.  These could fit the ticket.

Then I saw these in a seperate container….hmm.  Interesting.  Blocks that could be velcro-ed together.

That got me thinking.  Why not put velcro on the pegs?  The little ones could use them for sizing and building and colors recognition…AND fine motor all at once.  So when we stopped at Hobby Lobby, I bought a pack of velcro dots and put them on the pegs on the way home.

They are kind of fun.  I can hook them together and hold them off the ground and they stay fastened.  I think the kids are going to really like them.

Best yet, there are enough for a couple of kids to play at once.

We stopped at another garage sale.  There was this big welding work bench there.  Hubby and I have been doing a really big debate on if we’re doing the antique show this year.  It’s SO much work.  He loves it…I don’t mind it.  He needs a hobby.  I don’t.  I’m willing to support his though and we do enjoy going rummaging together.  So what do we do?

This debate has been going on for awhile.

Then we were at a garage sale and I saw the bench…the debate started all over again.  I think this bench would sell.  I can see a woman having it in a kitchen as an island….the color on it is amazing.  I can see building a wooden counter/cutting board for the top.  I think it would look cool for the farmhouse/industrial look.  I can also see it as a piece for a guy in a man cave.  The two big compartments at the front open for great storage.

Do we buy it?  Do we leave it?  Price tag…  $50.

We ended up taking it….and the rest of the way home the debate on doing antiques continued….(more on that story in an upcoming post)

Stopping and thrifting along the way sure made the week more bearable.  It’s fun getting something for only a few dollars.

7 thoughts on “Thrifting Finds”

  1. You have plenty of self discipline, Jo. You have your own business and you make, and finish, lots of quilts! My hobby seems to be starting quilts, not finishing them.

  2. I collect the cross stitch samplers too—I love them….a friend told me years ago that they were called ” sappy sayings”.. but–.I can’t find anything on line called that….I would more than love to find one with a dog on it….

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