Thrifting Finds

When I’ve been back and forth to the doctor for my foot I’ve managed to still be able to hit up favorite thrift stores.  Once a die hard thrifter…always a die hard thrifter.

On one particular day I hit the jack pot.

I’ve been picking up “My Little Ponies” for the childcare kiddos.  With the childcare kids I need several of each item, no matter what it is, to keep the kids from fighting.  I I have mostly girls in childcare and I was certain I they’d love playing with the ponies.  While garage saling and thrifting I managed to collect about five.  That sounds like plenty but I know my girls.  There were some ponies that were small and some that were large.  Someone would have a fit if they didn’t have a “baby” pony.  I ended up keeping the ponies in the cupboard waiting for the day when I managed to be at the right place at the right time and find more ponies.

Well that day happened.  I found a treasure trove of ponies…some were 10 cents a pieces, some a quarter and some 50 cents.  I was so excited.  I think I found 12!!  Yep, I took every one that was in the store.  One of my plans to do while I am recouping is to get their hair all brushed out and cleaned.  It would be a good sitting job.


I bought a back pack at WalMArt to keep them in.  The bag new was only $2.50.  The wasn’t much money for a new set of toys the girls are going to have such fun with.


The thing I am on the hunt for now is some mini hair brushes…that and some hair barrettes.  I’m sure they are going to love playing with these.  I am so happy that some family out grew them and donated them.

The other thing I found…more Bratz dolls.  I still want to redo them and fix them up.  Remember I told you about them before??  (check out this post if you missed it)  I have enough and likely shouldn’t have bought these..but oh well.  $4 for the lot. I’ve wasted more money on more foolish things.


I also got a little bag of scrap fabric…50 cents worth.  See what 50 cents brought me…

It’s not a lot but definitely worth 50 cents.

Most is going to be cut up and put in scrap buckets but not these two.  I love the owls and I the star wars fabric is going in with my collection of Star Wars fabrics.


I can’t tell you how much I love thrifting.  I spent very little but got so much.

I am so very thankful that people donate their unwanted items to thrift stores.  It’s great entertainment for me and a good thrifting day for me is golden.

4 thoughts on “Thrifting Finds”

  1. My daughter was thrilled to find the box of My Little Ponies in the attic on her last foray in there. She likes the older ones, as they are more kid-like than the new ones today (kind of like comparing the difference between Barbies and Bratz dolls – classy and trashy!) Love your plans for the Bratz – I’ll have to find some on my garage sale hunts. Hope you rest up, so you can get back on your feet soon.

  2. Oh Jo!! You are going to have lots of things to do while you are sitting down and recuperating!! The ponies are fun to brush up and play with. The owl fabric is so cute! And I’ll bet one of your daughters will come over and help you start on the new Bratz doll faces. Enjoy it all!

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