Thrifting Day

You all know I love thrift store shopping.  Last week I was out of one of my meds and decided to go get the prescription filled and of course, stop at the thrift store.  I’m to the point now of isolation that I can be around adults just fine…put it this way, as of last week, I was cleared to sleep in the same bed as someone.  So I was free to go to town…

Here is what I found at the thrift store…

Two 100% cotton sheets…

A Cook’s cast iron pot.  This is for Buck. He asked that I look for one for him.

Fabric for Carolyn to make baby gowns.  Can you believe there were over 9 yards of the gray fabric??

Here are some things for childcare.  Rolling pins for play dough, play money… the same play money I already have the kids fight over.  Sorting trays and the green foam for crafting.

I also bought paint. Most of these are 3/4 of the way full.  YAHOO.  Paint is typically about $4.50 a bottle from where I order it.

Here are…Two chunks of flannel.  These will go for baby care kits.  My friend will make them into baby blankets.

There was an African Violet.

This was an unusual find.

LINENS for Kayla.  One is a dish towel, (lower bottom right) that’s for me.

I bought quite a bit of fabric.  I think all of this is backing worthy.  The green that ladies apologized about a half dozen times.  There are 6 pieces of fabric.  They had to charge me 50 cents for each piece.  There’s a total of 7 yards of fabric.  They were convinced it should have been bundled and the price would have been cheaper.  No worry to me.  $3 for 7 yards of fabric is a steal in my book.

The striped on the bottom of the pile was 4 yards worth and they were 60″ wide.

I ended up buying these too.  I keep what I like as pass on what I don’t.

Here is what was in the bags…

I also bought this set of stretcher bars.  Teresa Kogut uses these for punchneedle.  I thought for $1 for the set, I could give them a try.

There was also this quilt top…$1.    I love the vintage fabrics.  I might machine quilt this one and use it for childcare…or I might send it to Jazz.  We’ll see.

So that was my thrifting day.  It’s so funny.  I never know what I’ll find.  I do love that if something “gets put out in the universe”, I often later find it thrifting…like Buck’s cast iron pot.  He told me he wanted one at Christmas time…Soon after, I found it.  So fun!!

Oh, I love thrifting…

26 thoughts on “Thrifting Day”

  1. Wow! I’m impressed with your finds. Evidently the Thrift Store missed you while you were laid up! Glad you can get out a little.

  2. Jo, glad you are feeling well enough to travel a bit in the Thrift store. I love them too. I keep you in my prayers.
    BTW I have caught the stitchin’ bug from you after seeing the Virtue Lambs. I found all twelve of them on Etsy and and so grateful to the seller – she had ordered the last two and let me know when they came in and told me to click on them and she’d send them all. So nice. I also bought “the quilt shop” to cross stitch. The problem is … I’ve not stitched for years. I make clothes and quilt with a longarm. So it will be a learning curve. I’m unsure whether to stitch on aida or to go with linen. I’ll have to visit Hobby Lobby and hopefully they will have both. Thanks again for another hobby. LOL. Love your blog and your family

  3. I love thrifting too. Today I bought a large dog bed for $2.99 – 20% = $2.39. Plus a really nice quilt top that was red fabrics sewed in long chunks for $1.99 – 20%, I will take it apart and use the fabrics. Went to a used furniture store looking for a specific item and found minkee, got 4.5 yards for $6.50. Went back today and got 4 more pieces, these have the dots on the top, just fabulous and so wide. I got several yards of fabrics for scrap quilts that were name brands. Saw a nice looking Brother sewing machine but unfortunately it was missing parts. Thrifting is fun and I love it. Glad you are feeling better and can go thrift shopping again.

  4. Oh what fun it is to find so many good bargains! I really like hearing and seeing all that and can imagine the fun you had. The pot looks great and the African violet needs your personal touch and will be beautiful.

  5. And just like that I want to go thrifting, haha! I won’t though. I’m a spending freeze since I’ve been indulging in crosstitch supplies. It is great to find what you’re looking for. Great haul!

  6. Thanks for the virtual shopping trip and rescuing the fabric, quilt top, and lovely linens. Then to top it off you found craft supplies, the Cooks dutch oven, and a new violet to look forward to. A good day out I’d say!

  7. Nice finds. I was in the group of followers that sent you African violet leaves and you sent some to me. They are doing great and look similar in size to the one you found thrifting. How are your leaves doing from all of your participants? It is a fun story to tell everyone.

  8. Cynthia from Nebraska

    You always find fabric at the thrift store!! It’s extremely rare to find fabric on thrift stores where I live! Nice haul.

  9. I am glad you are feeling better enough to take an outing. You really find good bargains at your thrift store.
    You found some things the child care kids will enjoy; and those cast iron pots are normally so expensive. Are you sewing the Ruby Jubilee mystery quilt in Quiltmaker magazine? I t’s your favorite color.

  10. I set vintage and old tops and quilts on the lawn in the rain and the. Let the sun dry them. The stains come out with the soft water rain and the sun makes the brown spots disappear. And they smell sweet.

  11. Beryl in Owatonna

    I love to Thrift Store shop too! So glad you are feeling well enough to go. I go with my cousin’s wife…we usually go to Trinkets and Togs in Grundy Center. It is always clean and well displayed and nearly always find a bargain or too. I haven’t seen much fabric there, will have to look next time. I have gotten a couple of brass lamps, some odds and ends in dishes, a wig when was losing my hair because of Covid, a leather bag for $4.00, many other items!!! That cast iron pot is a find!
    Keep feeling better! It will soon be time for hugs from those grandkids!! You are in my prayers, we have a great God!!

  12. Oh how I wish we had thrift stores especially as you seem to manage great items. It must cheer you up no end and I am pleased to see you will keep some of them.

  13. You have the best luck thrifting! I never find fabric. I got two packages this week from you. Thank you so much. I’ve been asked to give a talk in March about how I got interested in LWR layettes. I am no public speaker!! It almost makes me sick to think about it. It will give me a chance to tell how I have been blessed by sewing the gowns.

    So glad you are out and about.

    1. When you love what you do it makes it easier to talk about it to a large crowd. I know from experience. Remember you are expanding the LWR mission.

  14. How wonderful that you can be and about and what wonderful treasures you got to bring home. Those fabric pieces are really a great find for the price. Hope you are feeling more like yourself.

  15. Jo, Would you please do a blog post on how you store your fabrics, projects you are working on, and such….PLEASE. You have such great ideas for so many things and I would love to see your storage solutions.

  16. Holly in Two Harbors

    I’m so glad you were feeling well enough to get out and do something you really enjoy! I would so love to have a good thrift shop anywhere near me, but the few there are have such high prices, they are no bargain. The linens you found are wonderful! I also love linens, but find discouragingly few and at high prices when I scrounge for them. You did a great job finding great stuff!

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