Thrifting Adventures

I have two thrifting adventures to share with you in one post.

On my first thrifting adventure, this little girl, my granddaughter Georgia came with me.  She was a terror in the store and had to come out to the car, get a little talking to, and then went back into the store.

I keep telling her that her Grandma Joey is a meaner and she has to toe the line when she is with me.  She’s learning that.  When we went back into the store, she was an angel.

Check out the amazing antique mirror I found…It was $15.  It’s going to go in my guest bedroom.  Craig said he’d hang it for me next time he comes.

Check out the pretty details.

I found some other goodies too including lots of fabric.

I picked up these things for possible cross-stitch finishes.

I got a Magna Doodle and a fishing set.  Sadly, the fishing set doesn’t have a magnet in the end.  I’m trying to figure out if I can fix it.

I got a pile of fabric that I will send to Carolyn.  She knows to get surprise packages from me now.  Carolyn makes all the great goodies for Lutheran World Relief Baby Care Kits.

I got all of these fabrics too.  I had counted at one point but now I don’t remember but I think there were about 45 yards of fabric altogether.

Some items were priced.  Here are the tags below.  The rest of the pieces were 50 cents each.  I am keeping some of these and passing on a bunch to the Cresco Ladies.

I also bought this wooden trunk.  I am going to use it as my coffee table in my living room.  I paid too much for this, $100.  It was actually overpriced but I wanted it…Plus, all the profits from the store go back into the community.

I’m keeping all of the blankets and pillows for the kiddos in it.

I really do love it.  You all know I like all things WOOD.
My new rug will go under here.  I can’t wait until it comes!!

I’m considering the trunk a purchase plus a donation and I’m totally okay with it.

On my next trip…FABRIC WAS HALF PRICE!!  Here’s everything I bought.

I bought this suitcase for Georgia.

I bought this stack of Aida.  I don’t stitch on Aida but Kayla sometimes does and I like having some here in case I am trying to twist someone’s arm and teach them to cross-stitch.  These were considered fabric.  They weren’t marked so that means 50 cents each but they were half price so 75 cents bought this all.

I bought a bag of gray fabric.

I bought a kit for a baby quilt, muslin, the green and gray fat quarters, and the velvet-like fabric.  The velvet-like fabric I thought to use on the back of cross stitch pillows or pincushions.

I got a bag of Barbie doll clothes with cute shoes.

I bought some decorating stuff…

The box on the lower left is made to look like an old book, but it opens.

I just love the cover.  Someday a cross-stitch piece might be mounted on it.

I bought this for 50 cents…Yes, I was thinking cross stitch again.

I got hand towels that will be for baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  The shirt is for a pillow I made for Carver.  I got two pillows too but forgot to take pictures of them.

I also got some linens and other do-dads including the pincushions you see on the lower left.  They are “finger” pincushions.  They were made with a bottle cap with a hole drilled through it.  Elastic was put through the hole and a cover ball of fluff is glued in at the top.  It’s so cute.  I’ll try to show you more about them in another post.  They were cute.  The four pincushions were all in a bag for 75 cents.

They had a TON more fabric there but it was all upholstery fabric.

It was a good thrifting day.  I had fun.  I had Gannon with and he was PERFECT in the store.  Made a little too good as I had plenty of time to look and spend money.  Oh, but I love thrifting.  It’s my favorite.

32 thoughts on “Thrifting Adventures”

  1. i cant believe how much you are able to get at teh thrift stores I went today to 3 stores and was not able to get any craft supplies at all, that is not normal normally I get material or wool not today only a few books a jigsaw fro my daughter in law and a few little toys fro the grandkids who will be visiting in July. oh well better luck next time I suppose.

  2. I’m so jealous. I went thrifting yesterday and only got a junky big wheel toy. Your living room is the perfect place for your trunk. I’ve been looking at coffee tables for myself and they are $500-$600 so your $100 is a steal. Kids are so smart, all it takes is for grandma to explain expectations to them.

  3. Your trunk was well worth the $100, it’s functional and pretty too. Your granddaughter Georgie is a pistol, as we say here. Such a very pretty little girl. We went thrifting the other day too and at one store we were totally shocked at the prices. Almost everything in the store was priced $7.91, that’s outrageous to me! But then we went to the Goodwill bins where they weigh it and charge by the pound and I got several really good deals. I just love thrifting too.

  4. Diana in Des Moines

    When my son was small, I bought a cookie tin like your animal cracker tin. He’s now 35 and I still use it for animal cookies for my grands. Funny.

    You can find large magnets for your fishing game at any hardware store and just hot glue it in.

    Thanks for sharing your finds!

  5. When I went to stores with my little kids, we always had “the talk” in the parking lot. I’d tell them we can look at toys and get ideas but we can’t buy today. When grocery shopping they got to go to the cereal aisle and each pick out a box. It took a long time to decide but no begging was heard.

  6. Gayle in Tennessee

    Jo, I love, love, love the chest! What a beauty. And you always pick up such clever things for cross stitch finishes. You inspire me to do a little thrifting myself.

  7. Gayle in Tennessee

    Jo, I love, love, love your trunk! It’s beautiful and useful too. And you always find such neat stuff for cross stitch finishes. You inspire me!

  8. I have a old bedroom set with that mirror motif on it. Love it. The trunk is gorgeous. We hit some garbage sales this past weekend. Found a couple things. It was fun being out in the sunshine.

  9. Carmen Montmarquet

    You scored big time! I absolutely love your new coffee table!! Don’t have the great fabric you got around here, you did real good!!!

  10. Great finds, Jo. I found a fishing pole like that, minus the fish. We had other fish to use, but sadly it got left in the rain and got sort of warped. Still trying to decide if it’s kept or tossed. My recent good find was off fb marketplace. It’s a lovely vintage sewing stand. I already have an accordion style sewing box. All I need now is a Martha Washington cabinet. Which I would not have known about but for you lol! Blessings!

    1. Judith Fairchild

      I got to dust and polish a Martha Washington sewing table/chest. It was so handily laid out. The you lifts up a d there’s a tray for the tools. There are spaces for fabrics. And threads. I wanted so badly to buy it but nope it was going to their daughter.

  11. You got some real finds!! Love that bag of grays and that bundle of Aida cloth was a great deal!! I haven’t been thrifting for a long time and now I’m getting the urge. However, I need to clean out some things first to make room… :)

  12. The trunk is absolutely wonderful! I need to make a trip to Iowa to go thrifting. You get the best deals. There is nothing like that near me. Garage sales are starting, so maybe I can find some things for the great grans.

  13. Jo – I bought the third hand binding tool and am very disappointed and frustrated with it. I find it very difficult to use. Do you have any tips on how to get the fabric started in it? Me, my mom and my husband have all tried and only managed to get it through those slots once. It also doesn’t hook tight to my ironing board but I could possible work with that if I could just get the fabric to feed through it.

    1. Oh no Laurie. Cut the strip on an angle. If it sticks, then use a seam ripper in the slit on the top and help the fabric feed through. I seriously have had zero problems with mine. Also, it doesn’t need to be super tight on your ironing board. Let me know if you have more troubles. I seriously love mine.

  14. Thanks Jo. I will try cutting it on an angle. I have used a seam ripper in the slot on top and it helped the one time I was able to get it to feed somewhat.

  15. Your new coffee table/trunk was a fabulous find. I can’t even imagine what that would cost in a furniture store. Those little bottle cap pincushions are called “knuckle pinnies ”

  16. Oh Jo!
    Such great finds,,,, the mirror is beautiful and it really reflected all the wonderful work on your floors you have done.
    I absolutely love the trunk…. All your treasures are so cool. I wish I was as good at thrifting as you are.

  17. I can’t believe the things you find in thrift stores….. and I have NEVER seen fabric in any i”ve been in—so I guess, there you have it–I don’t go to rummage sales or thrift stores. The trunk turned coffee table is beautiful!! Looks great and useful too!!
    I have an old Black traveling trunk as a coffee table –that belonged to my parents in front of the love seat in my living room. So old– imagine the smell inside —:-( So It gets covered with “Stuff” –& a plant or 2 and dust!!!!
    Georgie is a pill huh, or was to start!?? Meanie Grandma Joey— hope she remembers the next thrifting trip -for you!! Knowing they listen — is pure joy though!!

  18. Judith Fairchild

    I got to dust and polish a Martha Washington sewing table/chest. It was so handily laid out. The you lifts up a d there’s a tray for the tools. There are spaces for fabrics. And threads. I wanted so badly to buy it but nope it was going to their daughter.

  19. Judith Fairchild

    Boy would I love to go thrifting with you. So many great finds. Well done. Tending to Georgie and getting her to behave was so well done. Even beloved grands have to.mind grandma.

  20. I noticed the glass “frogs” for flowers in the picture with the pin cushions. I have one of those that belonged to my grandmother and use it as a pen holder.

  21. What a fun time. I love thrifting. You never know what treasures you will find. You picked up so many things that I would love. I especially liked the grey fabric. Thank you for sharing your stitching, quilting, recipes, and family adventures. I enjoy following along so much.

  22. I like Beryl BC have several glass “frogs” I use as pen holders. Nifty. I also wanted to compliment your hard work on your floors- they are great. Job well done.

  23. That framed mirror you got was such a good buy and I love it! I would have bought that for sure. Also, that trunk is awesome. I love trunks and have a few myself. I look forward to your posts about thrifting. I wish there were thrift shops like yours near me.

  24. I cannot believe all you find. We don’t have good thrift stores here anymore. It is like either someone gets the good stuff first before anything is put out or nothing good is donated. And it didn’t used to be like that. And I have never ever found material I am so jealous lol

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