Thrift Store Happiness

I’ve been on such a roll making quilts.  I’ve had so much fun.  One would think I would have made a dent in fabric but to be honest, I don’t know that I have.

I did take a dive off of my fabric diet…I was at an actual quilt shop and bought fabric but I’ll save that story for next week.  This story is an even better story as this fabric all came from the thrift store…and you all know my thrift stores…the prices are great.

I got all of this and little more.  The “little more” is some great vintage fabric pieces that I’ll be putting on the next auction here on the blog.  If you’re new here every so often I have an auction on the blog and sell things I find at thrift stores to all of you.  The proceeds go into my postage fund for charity quilts.  It works out great!

Anyway…onto the stuff that won’t be on the auction…stuff I’m keeping for the most part.  I bought all of this.  Most things were priced from $5 down to 25 cents.

I bought two prepackaged 4″ square bundles for $2 each.  Last time I bought two packets that were 3 1/2″ square and there were enough square to make a baby quilt top.  I plan on using these as a leader and ender until I can’t stand being that patient anymore and just sew them up.

These were 2 1/2″ squares…they were 75 cents.
This big gallon bag of blue and purple batiks was only 75 cents.  These are the bags of stuff I LOVE!!
This pack of black and grays wasn’t marked so that means it was 50 cents.

..and this six yard bundle, enough for a backing was $5.  Totally worth it don’t you think???
The cream piece in the back was 50 cents…the other “cowboy prints” are a mix of 1/8 to fat quarters.  That bundle was $1.

I picked up these and will be passing them on to the Cresco ladies who do charity quilts.

This bundle was the prize of the day…  $2.50.  It was one of those 2 gallon sized bags.  I grabbed it because I could see the batiks.

I opened the bag up and it was sorted into bags.  There were 3 fat quarters and a chunk of fabric that I’ll pass on to the Cresco quilters.

The batiks were AMAZING.  There was a gallon sized bag of them along with the smaller bag of triangles that are mostly batiks.  Oh be still my heart.  This was the find of the day!!
This bag for $1.50 was the dud of the day.  I got my money’s worth from the bag but these was a lot of fabric in this 2 gallon bag that I passed on.

I picked and sorted but overall it was mostly quilt leftovers and not enough of the same kind to easily sort.

All in all, I did great.  Can you believe I left a lot of it there??  I had been a couple weeks ago and there were lots of the precut squares.  Most of them had been bought and a new stash of them for sale were added along with more bags of goodies.  Seriously, if I could sew with anything, these goofy scrap bags are what I like best.

I also bought five bundles of flannel fabric that I will be sending onto my friend Lana that make layettes for Lutheran World Relief.  I bagged that up for her already and forgot to take a picture.

I spent about $25 on everything I got.  The backing fabric alone would have cost more than that.

I was doing the happy dance all the way home.  I’d really like to go back and dig again.  Kalissa was with and so was Gannon.  I was trying to hurry….Oh my.  I can’t wait to dig in.  All this has me wondering if maybe I should do the mystery quilt in batiks.  Hmmm.

10 thoughts on “Thrift Store Happiness”

  1. I’ve never seen any fabric in a thrift store around here. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places. Or, maybe the other quilters are getting there first.

  2. Great finds! So glad you rescued that fabric! My thrifts have been bone dry lately. That’s ok, though, because I have already plenty to work with thanks to them. I love seeing what you find!

  3. What fun!! I wish I had such luck in thrifting!

    I really like the purple rose piece peeking out from underneath the baggies shown in the 10th picture! That might be something I would bid on, if that’s your plan!

  4. You made some great finds, for sure!! The thrift stores here don’t have any fabric at all…. Of course, I have to admit that that is probably a good thing; I have been quilting since the late 1970’s, so I have quite a stash…I don’t need the temptation of having another source to add to the stash!! But, I sure do enjoy seeing what you find on your thrift store shopping!!

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