Thrift Store Happiness

For some reason, this didn’t post correctly for a lot of people. I’m trying it again today. Sorry if you already read this and it’s a repeat.

I did GREAT at the thrift store two weeks ago. I had to go to town to meet Hank (my foster dog’s) new family. I had some errands to do too. One of the errands is to pick up meds and have them on hand in hopes of counteracting some of the side effects of the oral chemo. That was kind of a downer.

I made the best of it and stopped at the thrift store for what I hoped would be some retail therapy. I couldn’t miss out on the thrift store. I’m so glad I stopped!! I had the best luck.

My daughter Kayla got a new job at her school. She will be working in administration and will need some dressier clothes now and then for when she has to do a presentation. She asked me to watch out for things so I checked out the dressy clothes that would be office-appropriate. I ended up finding two Calvin Klein sweater dresses for her. Clothes, unless specially priced, are $2 each at the thrift store.

While I was in the dresses section I checked to see if there was anything that might fit me. I found a sweater dress for me. I’ve always wanted one and never bought one. This is a photo from Poshmark of the exact dress. So cute. They had it listed at $32. I think I’d wear black leggings and black boots with it and a long necklace.

I also found these jeans that were in brand-new condition. I recently bought a pair that are somewhat similar and really like them. Dark wash is my favorite and these are. I looked them up HERE. They were $65.88! Call me HAPPY!! They are the style and wash color I love too!!

I also got THIS pair of Gap Jeans…also brand new condition. They were $59.99! I am set with jeans for a little while. YAHOO!! Two expensive pairs of jeans that would have cost over $120 for $4.

I also got my favorite shirt in red. HA!! Let me tell you a little story.

This is actually a branded shirt for Thrivent, an investment company popular in the Midwest that I believe originally started as a Lutheran-based company. They give these shirts out all of the time. They are printed on Bella Canvas T-shirts which I love. My daughter Kelli and I buy these for home shirts to wear around the house. They are comfy and only $2 at the thrift store. We can wear them in comfort, stain them, and throw them away with no guilt. I previously wore an XL but have now moved to a large so I’ve been hunting for new ones. I found one in red which is unusual….so I had to get it!! (I also love the sentiment of the shirt) I’m going to have to brag to Kelli that I have a red one now!! It’s a running joke between the two of us.

I bought a pair of 100% wool pants and plan to cut them up for wool projects. I bought a men’s 100% cotton shirt that I plan to cut and use for fabric. Again $2 each.

I bought this cup…50 cents I think. I’m not sure where it will go but I like the prim rustic look so it will fit in somewhere.

I bought a game…I’ve seen this and thought it looked interesting. Two people were in front of me at the game section and cleared out a bunch of games. I would have bought some of the ones they purchased. It’s all just luck at thrift stores!! Games are $1.

I bought two patterns to make snowmen. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to them…but I might. HA! They are only 10 cents each. I’ll get that much enjoyment just from reading through the patterns even if I don’t make them. The one on the right is a Country Stitches pattern. That was designed by Brenda Gervais…(of With Thy Needle and Thread cross stitch fame.)

I found some picture frames too. This will likely be cut down at some point and used for cross stitch. They were $1 each.

The wooden box in the picture below was my expensive item. It’s real wood and super sturdy. I paid $20 for it but I was SUPER hopeful that the plan I had for it would work.

Remember I’ve been working on trying to get my house to the point where all the toys are hidden? Well, I thought this might help me hide Legos.

My hope was that it would fit under this dresser in the toy room. IT DID!! I dumped the Legos and just like that…no visible Legos!!

If I change up my furniture at some point, this will likely go outside and become a planter…or I might go under my coffee table. We’ll see.

I had a great time thrifing and found some wonderful things for me and for Kayla. I’m sure hoping the two sweater dresses I found for her fit. They are not fancy…one in black and one in gray so she can jazz them up a bit with some nice jewelry.

To top my day off…on the way home I stopped at Starbucks and got a chia latte with a gift card from a blog reader. THANKS!! I so appreciate it. So that turned my not-so-fun day into a very fun day!!

I just love thrifting…

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  1. Great finds. I love to play Rush Hour. It’s a great game for elementary aged children to play. We used it for an indoor recess game.

  2. Wow, wish we had thrift stores like this where I live. You did great! My grandson (5) loves to play Rush Hour. Came in handy when he had a broken femur this summer and had to stay in a wheelchair (along with legos of course).

  3. Wonderful thrifting!! Your thrift store sells items much cheaper than the thrift stores around here even though they have good prices compared to new prices. I have a few of the T-shirts but never got a red one. The LWR (Lutheran World Relief) group I was part of received grants from Thrivent to help our quilting efforts and were given shirts. My daughter in Virginia also has some of those shirts!

  4. I love thrift stores. I went to Goodwill and bought a brand new doll for a grandchild for $1.75. Can’t beat that! I walk slowly through the store and check everything out. Some times I find something that I can’t live without, but lately I’ve been very careful to not buy just because I like it. They have colors of the day/week and I’ve been aware of the 75% off. And I rarely find anything I like at that price, darn. I love when you show your bargains because we don’t get anything like that here. Keep it up Girl.

    1. You did great! I love thrift shopping but haven’t been in a few years. Budgets are tight after retirement now and we still have our house in Llano up for sale.So we have two mortgages- electric etc bills. Last time I went thought I found some authentic skeleton keys- I love “old” things… You look really great in your photo the other day with your pups and I’m sure the new little outfits will brighten your day. Thinking of you and keeping you in prayer.

  5. I love reading about your thrift store visits, you always seem to find amazing bargains! I like trying to think what you’ll do with the “I’ve got an idea for using this” pieces haha You’ve got a good eye for things.

  6. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Love your thrifting. I agree about just reading a pattern or quilt book or magazine. Our library has a sale room (people donate to it) and I often buy a bunch of magazines for ten cents each and take them on long car trips!

  7. That was a super fun trip to the thrift store. I don’t dare go myself… I could start a thrift or antique store out of my own home, LOL. But I sure enjoy it when you take us shopping with you. Hope your treatment side effects are minimal. You’re in my prayers!

  8. Your thrift store posts are so fun. I’ve had to cut myself off because our house is too full of finds but your posts allow me to go along with you which is just as good.

  9. No, I have several 100% wool slacks and a red wool dress. They are clothes that belonged to my 101 year old Aunt, who is now in skilled nursing care. I would love to give them to you is you want them. Most of the slacks are plaid. Let me know –

  10. Love how you always are able to turn a “not-so-fun” trip (to the pharmacy) into a super fun adventure. Your go girl…and stay well. You’re a wonderful role model for all.

  11. One of my sons broke his leg ( ugly, ugly fractures ) and played Rush Hour for months while recuperating. He was 11 years old. After awhile he had all the solutions memorized. We found that you can buy extra game packs. Yay!
    You always do so well at the thrift store. I love reading about your thrift ing adventures. Our thrift stores are more expensive, your thrift store is more conducive to my budget!
    I know you do very well at trying to treat your meds’ side effect. But that doesn’t make it that much easier. Day to day planning is always up in the air, I would think. Feeling ill is a real hardship.
    You know we are rooting for you, praying for you, thinking of you. Good Vibes are being sent to you.

  12. And along with those keys I found a glass jar ( unfortunately no lid) that looked like an old fashioned root beer barrel.Its stands about 17 inches tall and stout in the middle-maybe a pickle jar? The best part it was filled half way with fabric scraps.Crumb size which is great cause I do some small projects like the IFAQH program. I still have that jar and Love to rummage thru my scrap pieces.

  13. Thank You for posting this post again. Mine was all messed up. I enjoy reading everything you post. I watch your videos on U tube also, enjoy them. My first time to comment but have been reading your blog a long time. I have been praying for your health also. God bless you.

  14. Just wanted to let you know: went to read Thankful Thursday yesterday and it didn’t load so tried again this morning. Now I am getting alerts on the entire site containing malicious malware and not allowing me to access anything. Hopefully you have not been hacked or infested as you have enough to deal with in life. Hang in there, prayers are with you.

    FYI. It only appears to be Thursday as I gained access from another day without proble .

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