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There’s a local thrift store that I go to every Tuesday after work. The owners are great and so sweet. Some time ago I told them that I do charity stuff and love anything handmade. I told her if they every get things in, I’d love it if they set things aside for me…and she has.

I got a big box of linens that I passed on to Kayla a month ago…and she set aside all those embroidery quilt kits for Jazz. It’s been a great relationship for both of us I think. She can quickly move things out…and I get the goodies.

Here is the latest batch of goodies she saved for me.

I sorted through it thinking of Jazz and myself as I went. There were three embroidery kits to make baby quilts. I set them aside for Jazz.

There was this giant thread card and the box of floss. I set that aside for Jazz too.

Next were three embroidery kids. They aren’t my style so are going to the thrift store. One might be crewel work. I don’t remember.

Here is another big kit that was started. I think everything is here but not sure. I sent this one to the thrift store too.

This piece is almost finished. I was tempted to keep it and still might. It needs the metallic stitched around the flowers. I don’t like working with the thread. Hmm.

Then there was this big pack of floss all on these cards.

There were a lot of filled cards.

I went and got my DMC master card and checked some of the numbers to see if they matched. YES. YES the did!! YAHOO. Perfect. I was way happy. I have a big set of floss now that’s easy to compare colors with. SCORE!

There were other threads in there too. I tried and tried to find some type of brand on them. I love them as they seem to be the right weight for embroidery floss but would only need one strand. I am not sure what I’ll do with them but for now, I’m keeping them.

Then I found one Ginnie Thompson Flower thread pack. Many people on Floss Tube have been talking about these. I can finally feel one and see what it is like. So far, I can see why people might like them.

Well…I think that was an AMAZING $7 find. I so appreciate the gals at the thrift store setting this aside for me. It was a fun little treasure hunt. And Jazz…if you’re reading, I’ll be sending a package your way soon.

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  1. I’m reading! And I thank you, Jo, for your generosity. I’m still working on all the kits you sent in March. And I’m looking forward to starting the kits you sent about 10 days ago.
    Today I received four gorgeously completed kits from Rebecca B, of Holmen, WI, that I’m making into quilts, too.
    Y’all are keeping me busy; I and Ben Taub Hospital in Houston thank you.

  2. I have that All Things Wise and Wonderful piece. I stitched it in the early 80s when my kids were little! You find some of the most interesting things in your thrifting adventures. I guess I don’t look long and hard enough.

    1. I recognized that piece, too! It’s always been one of my favorite pieces. Sadly, it got misplaced, but I’m still hoping to come across it one of these days.

  3. Oh how fun! You got quite the haul for your $7! It has to be fun to see what other people might have started but didn’t finish for any number of reasons. I think Jazz is going to be a busy lady!!

  4. Wonderful finds while thrifting, Jazz always makes such amazing things with items you send her way.

  5. Thrift store bargains are the best! Finding, rescuing, renewing — it feels so environmentally conscious. My best find so far was a Singer serger, claimed to work but without a power cord, for $3. I bought a power cord the next day at a different thrift store for $2 and was able to adapt it to fit. As it turns out, they were right, and I have a perfectly functional (spare) serger for which I invested $5!

  6. Oh, my! That Creative Circle kit brought back memories. They were sold at parties like Tupperware parties. I might even still have a few kits sitting around.

  7. Jo, your thread may be Wonderfil thread. It’s good quality thread available in Canada. They also have specialty threads, ie Invisafil 80 or 100 weight thread for English paper piecing. Great find

  8. Looks like the mystery threads on the spools may be for machine embroidery. Tried to post this comment yesterday but was thought to be a robot – did the ‘puzzle’ to prove I’m not but was directed to another page about ads or cookies.

    Teresa F.

  9. Deborah DeBerry

    Where did you get the DMC mastercard? I like that it has actual thread on there to compare with other threads.

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