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You might remember that last week on Monday I went to Lacrosse to have a needle biopsy done.  Kelli was doing childcare for me while I went to have that done so I wanted to get back as soon as possible.  On the way home Kelli called and said, “Mom, I’m fine here.  If you don’t stop at the thrift store, I’m going to be mad at you.”

Well I decided I’d stop but try hard to make it a quick stop.  I hit up the toy section and the craft section but just did a quick once over on anything else and completely skipped clothing.  I’m so glad I stopped….I found fabric!

Here’s my haul.

These two pieces were 50 cents each.  The white with letters was two yards worth.  The green was left overs from the backing of quilt I think.  There is a yards worth of that but not in a traditional cut.
There was this kit of purple fabric that someone designed and put together.  I says that two more yards of purple are needed.  I’m going to have to read through it carefully and see exactly how I’m going to use it.

For $2.50 it was a deal.  I think it will be fun to figure it out and make it into something…or I might throw the fabric in my scrap bucket and jazz up my scraps with some purple.  It’s a color I don’t typically have a lot of.

These three pieces were rubber banded.  They were “specially marked”.  Two were $1 each.  One was $1.50.
The $1.50 one was two yards…on of the $1 ones was one yard.  The one on the lower left was left overs from a quilt backing.  I think it is about a yards worth but again, not in a traditional cut.

People often wonder if the stuff I get at the thrift store is quality fabric….See for yourself….
I was most excited about the scrap bag…(of course I would be!!)
It was $1.50 for the bag.

I sorted it out…and came up with this…
Left to right…
white for the solids cupboard, gray I’m collecting for a Bonnie Hunter quilt, strings for the cream based fabric, brights for the white based scrap tote, selvages I’m saving for Jean and a black and white piece for my a quilt I’m collecting for.
At the thrift store I also got the embroidery pattern for 10 cents and the vintage Hardanger Embroideries book for 25 cents.

I was so happy with my finds.  I’m so thankful that I love scrappy.  It really makes things like this a great find.  If I didn’t like things scrappy, quilting would be so much more expensive for me.  I can takes these snips and pieces and turn them into a scrappy sensation…If I was making non scrappy quilts I would need to buy 3 yards of a couple different fabrics to make quilts.  I’m glad many of you can do that and don’t like scrappy as that means, scrap gets donated to the thrift stores or passed on to me!

It was a good thrift store day!

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  1. Oh My!! Great Thrift Store Day!!! I would have been doing the Happy Dance right there in the store!!! I am so happy for you!! I just can not get over the price you paid for each of the items. They are so cheap!! I have no doubt that you will be making some FANTASTIC quilts out of your special thrift store finds!!! I need to start going back to Good Will and checking their section out again. They keep the material in with the sheets and curtains hanging up on hangers and it is so hard to go through all that stuff. I really wish they would separate it out into a craft section such as yours. That may be something I suggest!

  2. I think for the prices you pay, you get extreme enjoyment just opening the package. One of my church friends is an avid garage sale freak. She called yesterday and says she has a car full of fabrics given to her at a sale yesterday. I’m supposed to stop by after church and retrieve it. I am going through a time where I just want to get rid of fabric, not collect it. So, I will take it to the church where we will pour through it. I will take it to guild and let them pour through it. Don’t be surprised if you might get some as well. I have spent this year trying not to add to the stash and use it up.

  3. Tell everyone you love scraps. A friend told a friend and I got three huge Xerox boxes of cotton novelty scraps for my children’s donation quilts. I have been cutting (Accuquilt) for days. They were unusual sized pieces but I have gotten 5 inch squares, brick pieces, qtr sq. triangle pieces and 2 X 3.5 inch pieces. Filled a garbage bag with the tiny scraps I could not use. Loving it and she told me she will have more and more since her business is doing well.

    You never know what will turn up unexpectedly. Love your thrift store finds.

  4. Use the scrap scraps to stuff doggie pillows for the dog pound. I love thrift store finds….I got a bunch of Halloween fabric,yarn and notions recently…

  5. Nice haul i love going to them myself the ones i go to have alot lol lol lol i want it all i love fabric yes i do all of it beautiful enjoy them

  6. Another suggestion for your reading pleasure. It goes fast, is lighthearted, and I think you would like it. THROUGH STREET BROAD AND NARROW by Gemma Jackson (who has an interesting life story as well).

  7. Wow! I keep looking for scraps with tiny prints, but I don’t think the thrift stores carry fabrics. Where is your thrift shop? Have a nice day.

  8. I have to admit I am so very jealous of your thrift store finds – not that I have room but that you actually have a thrift shop that has them! A great shopping day for you!
    Love and prayers

  9. I love thrift store shopping! Great fabric finds! A while back, I went to a local Goodwill outlet and found a garbage bag full of scraps. I think I paid maybe $5 for it. They just wanted to get rid of it since most people go there for the clothes. I didn’t even go through it until I got home; I was just happy to have the scraps. I was thrilled to find there were tons of Thimbleberries scraps. So, yes, I look for fabric at any thrift store I go to. Great post!

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