Three Years of Ruby

So this week marks our third year of life with Ruby.

Here’s the day we brought her home.

Our previous beagle was a shelter dog and I had intended on getting a shelter dog again.  We searched and searched as we wanted another beagle and I had found one but Kalissa threw a huge fit lamenting that she had never had a puppy experience and wanted one.

That lead us to search for beagle puppies from a shelter and I had Hubby convinced that I could drive to Illinois and get one but then the shelter said they didn’t do out of state adoptions.

We ended up getting Ruby from a local family.

She cried and cried all the way to our house.  She just hated the car ride and to this day still doesn’t like car rides.

She was so cute…but boy did she ever have me up at night!!

For a whole month I was up with her.

House training started out really good and then went bad.  She had a UTI.  Once that was all figured out she was back to being pretty good.

Right from the beginning she was good at snuggling in quilts.

It’s hard to believe she was so little.

She has put us through a lot of worry and expense….She had her spay and two surgeries besides that.  One was for when a  3″ section of her intestine was removed and then the intestine was stitched back together.  Another was for when they thought it had happened again.


We also had her to the vet for stitches….


Yep…she’s been good at making me worry…but she’s brought lots of joy too!


I sure am glad that she made her way to our home and into our hearts.  She’s been a real joy.  I sure am thankful for how good she is with the childcare kiddos.  I think she’s about as good as a dog can get.  I sure love her!

So here’s to life with Ruby….I hope we have many-many more years together with her.

8 thoughts on “Three Years of Ruby”

  1. Ruby looks so sweet especially when she adorns your quilts. Happy homecoming day, Ruby. Here’s to many more years to come.

  2. Doggy health insurance!!! It’s the only way to go! I recently invested in PetBest health insurance for Rocky and Cinder, after Rocky’s knee surgery the vet told me about it. It will cover most injuries and ailments after 2 weeks and after a year they will cover everything, including surgery on the other knee if he tears that ligament too. At $40/ month with only a $100 deductible and 90% reimbursement, it’s so worth it! I talked a friend into getting it for his dog and it’s already paid for itself in 5 months.

  3. We’ve had lots of dogs and all were/ are wonderful but my favorite was our Beagle Sebastian. He stole my heart. I took a June Jaegers Best Friends Class dururing the Sisters Quilters Affair and made a portrait of Sebastian. I actually finished him in time for him to be included in her Best Friends Book.. It took 2 years to get in that class. Everyone loves their pets:) I love reading your blog and seeing pics of Ruby

  4. I love to read about Ruby, there is just something about her eyes that just gets to my heart and she sure does make your beautiful quilts even more beautiful. Here’s to many more years of Ruby, your blog and beautiful quilts.

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