Three Things That Don’t Go Together

Check out the photo.  There are three things shown that definately don’t go together in a vehicle by themselves.


 The items are Gracie our dog, my car keys and my purse with my extra set of car keys.

Yesterday I quickly ran into the bank with my deposit leaving Gracie, my purse, and my car keys in the ignition.  It was pouring rain outside….I went to jump back into the vehicle and you guessed it…  Gracie locked the doors! 
The wonderful librarian let me borrow her phone because my cell phone was in the car.   The local mechanics came down and opened the doors for me but not without a lot of fan fare.

While I was waiting for the mechanics, our mail man strolled by and asked what happened-as did the librarian-the owner of the bar and the gals at the bank.  When something like this happens in our SMALL town of 240 people , it’s the talk of the town..or should I say laugh of the town.

3 thoughts on “Three Things That Don’t Go Together”

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  2. Your dog is adorable! We just adopted a Corgi/Beagle mix from our local animal shelter, he is a real sweetie. I’m glad you were able to get him out of the car quickly.

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