Those Ears…and lady parts!

When Kelli and Georgia went to the doctor with me on Monday (Kalissa too), Georgia was not herself.  She cried in her carseat.  She fussed when normally she doesn’t at all.

Kelli said that overnight she was fussy too.  She had been the last couple nights.

All the way over to Lacrosse we all debated, “Did Georgia have ear infection again?”

Here’s the Georgia saga…it is a saga.  Just before Christmas she got a cough and runny nose.  It was about over and then she caught another bug.  By January 12 she was in the doctor and had a bad ear infection.  They gave her augmentin.

10 days later she was back in to see the doctor.  She had ear infection again.  (or still)  This time she was put on cefdinir.

She was on that for a week and was back to fussing again and not sleeping overnight.  Then they gave her rocephin injections.  That’s something that has gotten to be more common.  Kids get the injections three days in a row.  One shot is in each leg each of the days.  Shots are supposed to be timed so they are about 24 hours apart.

A week passed and she didn’t seem right so Kelli took her in again.  No ear infection.  We were all relieved thinking finally, she kicked in.  We spoke too soon as the next night the fussing increased and she didn’t sleep overnight.
That continued over the weekend and then yesterday while we took me to the doctor, she continued to let us know something wasn’t right.

So immediately after dropping Kelli off, she jumped in the car and took Georgia to the doctor.

Here they are waiting to see the doctor.
If you guessed that she had ear infection again, you’d be right!  She has a double ear infection again and it’s a “bad one”.  UGH.  Poor girl.

She being referred to the specialist.   It’s the same ear doctor Carver has.  The good news is that sometimes doctors make kids wait until they are one before they will put the tubes in, Georgia will be one on March 4th so her wait won’t be that long.

We did this with Kelli when she was little.  The first three years of her life were filled with doctor appointments for ear checks…and rechecks.

…that’s the ear part of the story…now onto the lady parts story…On Monday we dropped Rosie off at the vet to get her lady parts removed.  Rosie does much better in the car than Ruby ever did.  Here’s Kelli trying to entertain Rosie and Georgia.

She wasn’t nearly as spry on the way home.  She’s pretty sore and slow.

Rosie had her back dew claws still in tact.  Her vet, Sara, said that her’s were large and had a good chance of getting snagged on something so she recommended removing them.  I gave the go-ahead for that.

So my little girl is up to date on shots, has had her dew claws removed, and has had her lady parts removed.  No puppies at my house.

It’s so hard to take them into the vet knowing what the vet is going to do to her.  I know, it’s the right thing but still hard to sign them up for it.  She’s moving slow today but…improving all the time.  I’m carrying her up and down the stairs and spending a little more time on the couch with her.  She needs a nurse…right??  I want to snuggle her all I can while she is calm.

So we Kramer’s are keeping the doctor’s office and the vet office both in business.  I laughed at the vet office and told Sara that I sure hoped that Rosie wasn’t going to follow in Ruby’s tracks and constantly have me spending money at the vet office.  Then we started reminiscing on all of Ruby problems.  Sara agreed that she too hoped Rosie wasn’t quite as much of a regular customer and she also said that she doesn’t see most dogs as much as she saw Ruby.  So here’s to hoping…

…and that’s the Monday doctor and vet stories…you heard mine this morning and Georgia and Rosie’s tonight.  That’s enough doctor stories for a bit.

7 thoughts on “Those Ears…and lady parts!”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    Oh poor Georgia – that ear infection is miserable. Ruby went through the mill too. Glad you are getting the necessary cuddles. Hope Georgia feels better soon.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh those ear infections! I have a couple of nephews that had to have tubes in their ears. Such a hard to for littles when you can’t make the owwies go away. Praying for her and you. Like that triangles quilt you’re doing.

  3. I have to laugh at Sue’s comment. With us it was orthodontics appointments. I used to joke with our Orthodontist that we would end up in the same nursing home. 5 out of my 7 sons needed braces, a couple of them for 4 year stints!!! Jo, you and yours are in my prayers. God Bless!

  4. Glad it was Rosie and not Georgia that had lady part issues; from your heading I wasn’t sure! Hope they are both on the mend soon!

  5. Just a curious question…is she getting her 1 year molars? Sometimes the swelling from teething closes off the tube between the throat and ear and the babies get ear infections. My son pulled that on me at the same age and outgrew it by the time he was 2 years old! We managed to avoid the tubes and surgery by letting him grow a bit more. (maybe ask the doc for guaifenisen to keep the mucus thin so it can drain better and maybe cut down on the ear infections.)

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