Those Black Friday Sales

UGH….Remember I went off my fabric diet?  Well the black friday sales took me further off.

Quilted Twins ran a sale on Kaffe fabrics.  I love them and at some point want to make a quilt or two with them.  Then I made my Wild Child quilt using a Kaffe fabric for the border….

and I knew I’d want to use it as a border sometime again.  So when Quilted Twins ran a sale…I got sucked it.

The sale was Kaffe fabrics for $8.99 a yard.  These rarely go on sale and are typically higher priced than normal fabric so I bought two pieces.  One was 3 yards…the other 2 yards.

The other part of the deal was that if I spent $30, they would send a yard of fabric.  I wasn’t so excited about that part of the deal…just the Kaffe fabric.

Here’s what I picked….Oh my…I love them both.  The one the left is similar to the border fabric I used in the quilt above.  It’s more blue and periwinkle colored though.  I really like it.  The one on the right I already have some of.  I used it on the baby quilt I am currently making.

This was my free fabric.  Although it is a fine fabric and fine print, I’m putting in the charity fabric box.  I’m sure some charity quilter will love finding it and putting into a quilt.

My sale shopping didn’t stop there.  I also bought a roll of Warm and Natural.  I buy one more every year on Black Friday.  I didn’t quite need to order one yet but it’s easier to just have it here rather than waiting and watching for the sale a different time of year.

It came.  I hate Christmas time UPS delivery.  I don’t get my regular hauler.  My regular hauler is awesome.  He bring the package and puts them inside my garage on my back step.  Whoever is delivering them now leaves them out of the porch…but the front door…by the garage door.  Seriously, it’s a hunt to find the packages.

My Warm and Natural roll was thrown on the front porch under the living room window so when I looked out the doors and windows, I couldn’t see it.  I had to go outside to and look to find it.  Oh well, it’s here.

But then I looked.  See the big tear in the box.  UGH.

It looks like the batting is okay but I’m frustrated with the condition packages have come to me in as of late.  I’m sure the company didn’t put it out for delivery like this.

So that was my Black Friday spending.  Did any of you get any hot deals?  Do tell.

13 thoughts on “Those Black Friday Sales”

  1. Hot on the heels of your low volume splurge, I scored a bunch of low volume fat quarters. As the kids say, sorry… not sorry.

  2. I also went off the fabric diet. Hancock’s had a lot of fabric for $2.99 a yard! I bought a total of 22 yards, mostly for backing in 6 yard pieces but a few neutrals too! But seriously I can’t find good quilting fabric for that price anywhere near me, so I had to buy it, right?

  3. No fabric this time though we did get some things for the RV. I was really tempted tho but I have no place to hide….er…store them. ;-)

  4. I didn’t do any shopping on Black Friday and I had meant to go out on small business Saturday to a few local quilt shops but didn’t make that either. However, I did go out and do some fabric shopping on Tuesday. I had meant to pick up just a few additional raspberry fabrics for the mystery quilt but I ended up with a whole lot more! Funny how that happens. :D

  5. I got a 30y roll of 124″ wide batting for $54, 2 packs of rotary blades 50% off, 6 tins for Christmas fudge gifting, and had $41 on a gift card so total cost was $72. Super happy.

  6. Patricia Boelens

    You know that free yard. Bonnie Hunter would say “if it’s still ugly, you didn’t cut it small enough!” LOL. I see that purple in a lot of your quilts. I think if you cut it small enough it would be great! But gift it away. (I’m teasing you now.) Someone else will enjoy it for a charity quilt. You got some great bargains and you do so much for others. You deserve all the bargains you can get on Black Friday.

  7. Sorry, but has anyone considered the volume of shipping this time of year and the fact they need to put temps on the trucks to get stuff to you so you don’t complain that it took too long? Give the drivers a break. Their trucks are stuffed full when they start.

  8. I never go shopping on Black Friday. It takes forever to find a parking space and too long waiting in line. But, just so you know, Hancock’s of Paducah has a lot of Kaffe Fasset fabrics for $5.99 a yard right now.

  9. Yes I did Black Friday shopping. Our local craft store has 40% off everything in the store from 7-8am and then again from 8-9pm. I went in the evening and bought some patriotic fabric to make Quilts of Valor, wool for some wool projects, 4 yds of batting and some miscellaneous pieces of fabric. I like to support our local businesses whenever possible.

  10. I bought some wonderful 108 inch backing fabric on sale on Black Friday. Its hard to pass it up when I know it will get used in the coming year. I also bought some neutral from Quilted Twins to replenish my textile collection. I have also bought the rotary blades from Quilted Twins and let me tell you those babies are sharp and last a long time for a great price. Ugh I hate when boxes are damaged and I also hate having to hunt for my packages but I guess I should be glad that they arrive this time of the year.

  11. No Black Friday shopping here this year! But I would like to rant about delivery people. We have found packages on the far side of our garage, in front of the garage door behind my car that I would have ran over if I hadn’t opened the door from the wall pad and saw it, under a bush in the rain (it was a book-no plastic wrapper, just cardboard), half way down the drive and if they did put it on the porch the vast majority didn’t even ring the bell! This has been going on for almost 2 years now. UPS, USPS, miscellaneous delivery persons…you name it. About the only thing that has been delivered well has been a washer and dryer and they made it in an ice storm on a Sunday morning.

  12. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Totally Sharon’s fault…I just hit Hancocks of Paducah and their awesome sale!!! The purple Kaffe fabric you used on Wild Child was there and I just had to get some…then I had to get enough fabric to avoid shipping costs!!! But I have some Christmas gifts for next year that will be made with that order!!! Honestly, I LOVE that free fabric you got!! I love purple and I have a granddaughter who is a purple fan as well!!

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