This morning at the Kramer’s

It was beautiful this morning so I was out gardening and Hubby was working farm land across the road.  I’ll show you some garden pictures later this week.  Anyway, our daughter Kalissa, the youngest who sings, was scheduled to be on the Cedar Rapids, 96.5 KISS, for a radio interview.  Here is a link to her youtube channel if you haven’t heard her sing.

While driving through Independence to get to Cedar Rapids, her car quit working in the intersection.  She started it again and drove into someone’s driveway hoping to get off the road and see what was wrong.  The house owner was backing out of the driveway at the same time and CRASH!!  It wasn’t a big deal as they were going at such slow speeds and it was more of a side swipe.

Her car ended up needing to be towed to the Ford dealer.

She called me in a panic.  I was completely dirty from gardening with dirt encrusted fingernails…plus, I was an hour away.  I called our teacher daughter, Kayla, who is off for the summer and was free.  She too was out gardening but had just gotten to the garden.  She washed up and drove to rescue Kalissa.  She lives closer than I do so it worked out good.

The radio station was really understanding so Kalissa will just be on a little later today when she finally gets to Cedar Rapids.

The car dealer is looking at her car.  Hopefully it is no big deal and will be fixed by the time she is back through Independence the mean time, our son who lives in Cedar Rapids called me to find out what was going on because he was listening to the radio at work hoping to hear her interview when the DJ announced that she was in a fender bender.

I just hate when the kids call with a problem and there is really not much I can do to help.  Thankfully she is safe.  In the end, that’s all that matters…

2 thoughts on “This morning at the Kramer’s”

  1. Well, they are “grown-up” now and ready to take on their own problems. Sometimes we have to listen to their concerns and worries and say, “Well, now, what are your options?” and then listen. Because we parents can’t solve every little thing. We have to pull back at some point or their little wings won’t grow strong. How else would our children grow up if they don’t have to think for themselves?
    We do pray for their safety, as always.

  2. WOW! I just listened to Kalissa’s cover of Taylor Swift’s, Trouble. I loved it, she has a wonderful voice what a gift. You can tell her, I liked her version better than Taylor’s. I wish her much luck in a tuff business but, with her talent I think she’ll go far.

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