Auction News and a Surprise too!

First off:  If you were a winner at the auction please note, a Paypal invoice was sent to you unless you arranged to pick up items in person or by check. If you want to pay by check instead please contact me and let me know.  Use this email address for that  Here’s my address to send the check to.  BUT PLEASE EMAIL ME TO SAY YOU ARE SENDING A CHECK!  If you pay by check, I typically hold the item until the check clears.
Jo Kramer
111 2nd Ave NE
Waucoma, IA 52171

Thanks so much!!  I appreciate everyone who bid and made the auction fun!!  I want to congratulate the people who bid for the first time and won items.  I am so glad I did the post on the blog that explained how to bid.  I really had no idea that people didn’t know how to bid.  Please let me know any time you have questions or don’t understand.  I want to help if I can.

There will be another auction coming up likely in a few weeks.  Remember I am trying to get the garage cleaned out and get everything in a manageable space…as I said earlier, it’s easier to store the money from the auctions in the band waiting to be used than it is to store the items waiting for the auction.

**One more thing.  We are expecting an ice storm here so that might affect the post office and me in getting your package to you super quickly.  Please be patient.**

Now to another topic…I got a nice note from a blog reader who sent a check to help with postage.  I actually have gotten several checks from readers who “didn’t need any more stuff in their house” but wanted to support the auction so they sent money.  I can’t thank you all enough!!

One check came from Karen.  She also sent a note that included a need I’m hoping we might be able to fill.  She has a friend working with “Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation”.  She asked that I mention that they are looking for fabric and other sewing supplies.

This is her address:
Alice Phelps
First Families Now
2900 BIA 27
Porcupine, SD 57772

Karen noted that they are also looking for any fur or items that could be used for Native American outfits.

Her note also said they started a quilting class and it’s been so popular they started another.  I have written about Pine Ridge before but the reservation is large and this is a newer group.  Anything you can send would be very appreciated.  Thanks, Karen for bringing that to my attention.  I will add their information to the donation page so you can access that easily.

If you are inclined, I went to the website, and HERE are some other things they are looking for.

Now for some quilty news…I’m letting you in on a little secret.  You might remember that I was working on a quilt last fall and it was supposed to be American Patchwork and Quilting.  They ended up holding it for the next issue.

You can see the quilt in the background of the picture below.  The amazing quilting was done by my friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  It’s the quilt that will be featured in the magazine.

So…the issue will be coming out soon.

Kalissa had templates made so that making the quilt would be easier.

It’s a two-piece template set.  They are made from plexiglass and are etched with the “grain of fabric” arrows.

Kalissa and I are a little nervous.  She had these custom-made and put in an order for a bunch of them but we’re just not sure if we ordered enough or too many.  It’s hard to know being she’s never done this before.

These are the templates I used to make the quilt.  They made cutting so much easier and more efficient.

I plan on doing a little Youtube tutorial in conjunction with the release of the magazine to show how to use the templates.  It’s not hard…just not your typical straight line.

Kalissa has these templates in her Etsy shop right now.  She listed them early as the magazine wanted to see the pictures and have the link to her shop.  I’m sharing the link with you early so that you can grab a set while they are in stock and before the magazine comes out and orders start flooding in.  HERE is the link to her Etsy shop.

This block is called an “orange peel” block.  I just modified it to add string piecing to it.

Kalissa and I are both super excited about this.  It’s been hard to stay quiet about it.

That’s all I have for you…I have my fingers crossed that I can get to the vet today without too many weather woes.  Two of my fosters need to go.  One of the fosters, Freckles, I haven’t told you much about.  Watch for that blog post tonight because he’s a real sweetie.

16 thoughts on “Auction News and a Surprise too!”

  1. I have fabric that I’d like to send to Alice/Karen at First Families Now. I typed the address that you provided into the USPS “click and ship” website. They say that this is not a “deliverable address” and that I need a street address. Is there some other shipping address that we can use to send items to First Families Now?

    1. It is deliverable – just push it forward or talk to the person at the post office. Sometimes some of the delivery services like UPS, Fed Ex or the post office say “not deliverable” but it is. The drivers know the area and where things go. Just so you know I donate to Alice (First Families Now) and go through Chris who runs Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation a group on the internet. Chris just coordinates things – nothing goes to her – everything goes directly to the groups who need “stuff”

      1. You can get shipping reasonably at if you are sending a big package. Go to the website and scroll to First Families Now label. Put a note in the box to say it’s for Alice.

  2. Hey Jo, I just ordered the templates. Any chance you and Kalissa will be offering templates to go with your double wedding ring quilt pattern?

  3. So pleased your Auction did well – so much effort beforehand, during and after it’s closed. Lovely that people sent donation cheques for your postage fund. Very kind and thoughtful.

  4. Jo,
    It does not say the size in the Etsy description. Please measure the petal piece top to bottom. Please measure the concave piece diagonal to diagonal. This will give me a better idea if it is the one I want to purchase. Thank you.

  5. Thanks Jo and Kalissa! I ordered a set and looking forward to your video! Good luck with the weather and vet trip, love y’all

  6. I ordered the templates and so excited for you both on this new pattern and link to the Etsy shop. Hope you are not getting all the snow.

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