Things I’ve Discovered Since Covid-19

Since  I’m off from doing childcare with COVID-19,  I’m finding that I’m learning a few things…here’s a little list of things I’ve learned:

1- I don’t mind patching and fixing things.  I actually find it rewarding when I have time.  Before the project would sit in my way for a couple weeks before I finally found some time to tackle it.  By the time I did I had berated myself a dozen times because I didn’t have it fixed.  Lately, I’ve been just fixing things right away and it makes things much less painless.  I don’t mind it and I’m not berating myself.

2-Two people don’t use that much toilet paper- especially when one it a guy and he is working.  When I first heard that the kids would be out of school and thought I’d have them all here and that there was a toilet paper shortage, I was worried.  The kids go through a lot of toilet paper.  Plus, I remember reading that Bonnie Hunter said that it averaged out to a person using one roll and half while staying at her Inn, I was initially wondering if I would have trouble getting toilet paper.  I didn’t go on a run to get some.  I normally have a dozen rolls upstairs and downstairs.  But, I did worry.   I’ve been off from childcare for a 6 weeks….I still have a healthy supply of toilet paper.

3-Speaking of consumption being much less…GROCERIES!!  Karl went out last weekend and did the shopping at the grocery store.  It was $29.  WHAT?!?!?  I’ve never only spent $29 in a grocery store.  With the childcare kids here I normally spent $650 a month in groceries.  I can’t believe how little we get by on now…that and I don’t feed all my adult children as they aren’t coming home.  Oh my, I had no idea.  One more thing…I discovered I don’t drink milk.  A half gallon could last Karl and I a month…

4-I am so blessed.  I knew this before but I didn’t know it in other ways….  People have asked if I needed anything.  I don’t.  I thought I would want to be on the computer shopping as I couldn’t go to town.  I’m not.  I’m content with what is here.  I really have an amazing stash of projects and things I can keep busy with and I love the projects that I have…what a blessing!

5-I love quiet time.  I always used to love quiet time ..but then I thought it was because I was on overload all day with childcare kids running and squealing day in and day out but it’s not.  I’ve found I just love quiet time….what I mean is, time with nothing on.  No TV.  No radio.  No audiobook.  I’m content to just think…or lose myself not thinking of anything at all.

6-I really do love having a dog.

Ever since Halloween I’ve been dealing with either a sick dog or a overactive puppy.  Both Ruby and Rosie were a lot of work.  As Ruby got worse and worse I started to wonder if I really wanted another dog.  Dogs bring joy but that comes with an awful lot of heartache too.  Having a puppy on top of having childcare kids was an awful lot.  Rosie got short suited.  Now that it’s just me and her during the day, she gets so much more attention and is much happier…me too.  I’m back to loving being a dog owner…most of the time.

7-I used to say I hated television.  I’ve found I actually like it.  I’ve been doing it more with Rosie on my lap and cross stitching at night.  I’ve found I love Acorn Television, a subscription channel.

Beaumont Library Now Has Acorn TV, New York Times Online and More ...It’s a great way to wind down.  I don’t think I used to do much winding down before.  I was so busy jumping from thing to thing to thing trying to squish so much into a day.  I’m learning it’s okay to not cram my day full of things.  No way do I want to watch television all day but one episode or even two if it’s a good show is great to wind down, cross stitch to, and snuggle Rosie up with too.

8-My house is not messy when no childcare kids are here.  I used to spend so much time cleaning house.  It was too much.  Cleaning and sorting toys happened all day long.  Toilets got cleaned every day.  Vacuuming happened every day and DISHES!!  Oh my.  It was a never ending cycle.  I easily ran the dishwasher twice a day and even then all of the dishes didn’t always get done.  Now…we run it every other day…and vacuum once a week…Oh my.  What a change.  So much time has been freed up.

9-I can choose what I want to do.  Before, I rarely chose.  I just did the next thing that had to be done.  When a baby had a diaper that needed changing there is no choice.  It just gets done.  When the kids are acting up, find something to keep them busy.  When the bus comes, make a snack.  It was all so routine, there was little choice in the matter.  I lived a life of reacting.  Then after childcare I had to hurry to get the house cleaned up…then supper then blog then squeeze in some sewing then bed.  There was little time to think and choose what I wanted to do.  What a change.  For quite awhile I was sewing masks and that was much the same but now that I’m not sewing masks, what a difference.  I have freedom of choice and the craziest thing of all…in the midst of all that before, I didn’t even realize I wasn’t getting to choose.  I was so busy just doing the next thing.  Having freedom to choose is a new thing for me.

10-I am content with myself.  I always wondered what on earth I would ever do with my time if I didn’t have childcare.  I was always frustrated with myself.  Frustrated that I didn’t take time to get out and take a walk and then if I did, frustrated that I spent so much time walking when I should have been  _____(fill in the blank).  Now I just walk or don’t walk depending on if I feel like it, if Kalissa and boys are free, Rosie wants to go or the weather…no beating myself up.  I’m kind of liking it….it’s growing on me.  I’m finding I won’t have a problem filling up time should I retire one day….I’m finding I really like a more laid back kind of life.

The saying above has really had me thinking.  I don’t like what Covid has brought to this world…but I’m trying really hard to find a silver lining and some of the discoveries I’ve made already, just might be it.

So how about you?  Has Covid-19 brought you to any realizations??

23 thoughts on “Things I’ve Discovered Since Covid-19”

  1. I wonder if its time for you to retire from child care and devote your time to more ways to earn money from quilting. You certainly have the followers And selling things here and there would add to the income. Just a thought.

  2. Since lockdown started 7.5 weeks ago, I have been walking 3+ miles every day, only missing 4 days because of weather. Before this, I suspected that I would benefit from chiropractic treatment, but could not justify the expense without knowing if regular exercise would fix my various aches and pains. Now, I know, and will be making the appointments when the world opens again. I am also looking forward to going to the gym, where it doesn’t rain :)

  3. My world is just the opposite of yours since Covid-19. I’ve gone from being retired and queen of my days to a full-time nanny since the daycare closed! My son and DIL are both doctors (trauma/critical care and ob/gyn) so they have continued as usual with their schedules, including being on call. That means I’m spending more time at their house taking care of a 4-year old and a 16-month old than I do at my own home. Plus I’ve been making masks in my spare time. I’m treasuring this special time with my grandsons and making memories, but I do miss my alone time! I look forward to having quiet time to putter around the house, play in the flower beds, and especially to play in my quilting room.

    P.S. Every time I see Rosie I think of how silky-soft her ears must be to pet!

  4. I retired in July after 39 years as a RN. i tell people I’ve been training for this ;-) I worked/ate/slept M-F 10-13h days and spent the weekend recovering so I could do it again for a very long time. What do I miss? My monthly quilt groups- Charity and Stashbusters. I miss occasional social outings w/GFs. I miss dinner out w/hubster-takeout just isn’t the same. That’s about it. My hubster is working-from-home, likely into mid-June so I have 1 restriction in that my quilting machine shares a room with my desk/computer workstation and that’s where he works. Other than that, I’m grateful he is home, safe and actually more relaxed w/work.

    I’m on a bender making charity quilt tops right now. I made 4 in 3 days. The to-be-quilted pile is growing. And I have a needs binding pile as well. The bindings are all made. I prefer to hand stitch so it will be a bit before these 5 are finished and ready for donating!

    Happy Tuesday Jo!

  5. You are happy and content with life and what you have. How wonderful for you.

    A few years ago, a “friend” (who has much more $ than I), was jealous of me. I am kind of like you (I hope that is okay to say), I am happy with my life and what I “have”. You just make up your mind to make the best of life and be happy (with what you do or do not have).
    I believe that “friend” will never be happy, so sad for her.

  6. Bonnie said A person used 1 1/2 roll a day. How??????????? I personally don’t understand. Along with families who have not asked their teenage kids to help out a bit by cutting back on what they eat. Teach them the hand outs have to last through the week. They don’t have eat everything on the first day.

  7. I have found I still do not like coming up with ideas for meals but don’t mind cooking so hubby is being very good with ideas. I have a very deep pantry and have needed very little the past six weeks. Have made a few grocery store runs but they normally run less than $30 for dairy, veggies, bread or fruit. I really miss my guild and socializing with the members. Miss just standing near a friend to talk instead of 6′ away.

  8. Being in an RV as a home, it has driven my dh crazy not being able to travel. Me, on the other hand, I have found I’m happy being stationary. We were blessed that self distancing and the quarantine started just as we were getting to my daughter’s. I was blessed to be able to be with them so much.
    I do like to get out and grocery shop or Hobby Lobby which I can’t do – I’m one of the susceptible ones – so I’ll be wearing a mask for a bit yet.
    I’ve learned contentment with what I have. I’ve learned worry does nothing to help a situation. I’ve learned joy in simple things like my 2 year old grand daughter saying hi every morning with a big hug or my grandson giving me a big hug (he’s 11 so hugging is getting to be not cool).
    It’s the little things I never noticed before.

  9. I always intended to work until at least full retirement age, but once I was laid off in mid March, I realized that I really don’t HAVE to work till then. I have very full days, building fences, weeding, put up a shed, tidying up, and fitting in some quilting and making doll clothes (for my granddaughter). Even though we often stop at 2 or so, I am exhausted, so some days I fit in a nap. Still sleep a full 9 hours and wake up at 5 or 5:30 to enjoy my alone time on the computer. Then its time to get ready for another full day. We are getting a lot done (just bought this house last June & lots need to be done as the house is as old as I am!), but the projects are getting done, and both my husband & I are enjoying seeing the results. Turns out its a blessing in a way that I lost my job — and I don’t feel like I’m a hamster in a wheel anymore, trying to catch up…I’m enjoying retirement!

  10. Lilac Joan Guthridge

    So many things on your list I agree with. I retired 20 years ago, but since the staying home I now have really retired. Before I was consumed with filling my days.

    A few days ago you recommended the TV series “Line of Duty”. I had tried watching a while back but decided to try again. Thank you so much. I have watched all five series, it was great.

  11. Hi Jo! I know you enjoy childcare, but wonder if you might need to scale back when things get back to “normal”. Maybe not have so many kids. Anyway, my husband was forced to retire early last fall when his company shut down and we have been enjoying it. Life since Covid19 hasn’t changed much for us. We are both home-bodies and have all sorts of projects to keep us busy. We do watch our 2 granddaughters one day a week for our daughter-in-law who is a teacher and still has online classes. We enjoy having the littles here for the day and it gets them out of the house to get spoiled by Papa and Gramma.

  12. Being that we are retired I have found that I like just staying home. I don’t know that I will go back and volunteer at all the things I was involved in before. I also belong to two quilt guilds and they may go also. I can work on things that I want to work on and I enjoy that so much and have lots of projects in my stash. I do miss my water aerobic class and have taken to walking 2-3 miles per day but I really don’t enjoy it much. We did not eat out much but I did buy things from the deli, like a rotisserie chicken and that has been difficult to give up (we shop once every 3 weeks). I never did enjoy cooking and that has not changed, lol We have had groceries delivered and that I do like and may continue when this is all over. I do enjoy seeing Rosie and I’m so glad she is becoming a good puppy

  13. I do not work outside the home and I am a homebody so not that much has changed for me. My husband already worked from home but he isn’t travelling. I enjoy having him home full time. I think the biggest things I have learned are that we need to bring a lot of production back home to the USA; especially medicines and PPE. We cannot keep relying on other countries for these things. I for one would be willing to pay more for something produced here at home. We along with the rest of the world should never be caught unprepared again.

  14. I agree with you on the 1 1/2 half rolls of tp -Bonnie said it was per person per stay. I, too, have learned that if there is a task that needs to be done, just get busy and finish it so I DON’T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT ANYMORE. Seriously. I hate to be reminded over and over again that I have left something undone. Unless there is a bigger reason for it of course, like I don’t have the right paint or it’s raining so I can’t trim the hedge.
    I made three shaped masks today. 3. They take a lot longer than a pleated mask, on the other hand they fit my face better and don’t ride up and obscure my vision.
    Thank you for posting about your life!

  15. I went back and checked Bonnie’s blog post! She said:

    “As the brand new owner of a retreat house, I can tell you that I went through 30 rolls of toilet paper over the last 2 retreats. Both of these groups stayed longer than 3 nights, it averages out to about 1 1/2 rolls per person per stay. I consider that average per person.”

    She didn’t say exactly how long they stayed – at least 4 nights, though.

    I have learned from COVID-19 that, even though I’m an introvert, I need to see people. I’m living alone with my kitty, and haven’t been away from my home for 7 weeks. Texts, emails, phone calls, and even a Zoom session with old friends have helped, but it’s getting hard. My daughter brings me things occasionally, but she leaves them by the door and doesn’t get close. Her husband is a doctor, and could bring the virus home.

  16. Judith Fairchild

    Really enjoyed your packages. The calicos I noticed blues, grays reds and yellows. I could see a Irish chain quilt so clearly.
    For me covid changed nothing except online church instead of being able to go to church. Thank God that’s changing.

  17. I have a little issue with claustrophobia. I haven’t worked for 2 years but staying home was my choice and this not being able to go has bothered me more than I thought it would. It’s not so much running out for groceries and that sort of thing but not being able to visit with friends that live several hours away. We would meet and do lunch and a quilt or antique shop. I can’t go back a get my hair cut where we used to live and visit my friends there. My sister said she is so crazy with staying home that she got in her car and drove around for an hour to “check the crops”. She hasn’t lived on a farm in 30 years. I got an email today that a quilt shop in Cameron, MO is opening up soon. I seriously thought about going but I live across the state in Illinois. I do need some thread as I’ve sewn up so much with mask making. Hmm, road trip ….

  18. Unfortunately, I’m learning that without a schedule of activities, I’m a lazy pig. With lots of time on my hands to get lots of things done, I seem to get nothing done. So far, I’ve been hand stitching the binding on a quilt for over a week, and am a little more than half finished. Putzing at yard work for an hour or so on nice days, not just getting it done. I walk 3.5 miles a day, but really should be doing 6 at least a couple of days a week, and getting on the bike once in awhile too. Maybe tomorrow…

  19. Jo, you’re getting a taste of what retirement is like, except it’ll be better when you can get together with family and friends whenever you want. I’m so glad you’re finding happiness in this crazy, weird Groundhog Day we’re living in!

  20. We are both already retired and have our share of foot and back issues, which had already transitioned us into staying home more. Bob can’t drive with his right foot in a cast, so we go a lot more places together.

    So Covid-19 itself hasn’t changed that many things for us overall. With our physical issues, we watch way too much TV and don’t get things done around the house that we should. It’s too bad that we can’t have the family come and help while school and work aren’t taking as much of their time. But they are still around a lot of people and we can’t take the risk of getting Covid-19.

    I miss getting together with sewing friends and the family. Our grocery bill has gone up because we don’t eat out or grab food because we aren’t out and about, but that’s okay. We eat more healthy that way.

  21. Check out Brokenwood Mysteries on Avorn. There are 6 seasons (4 episodes each). It is set in a small town in New Zealand and we just loved it. We were so sorry when we finished the series. It was so well done with great characters who play off each other very well.

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