Things I Adore about the Kitchen

Honestly, I don’t think I could love a kitchen more.  So far, besides that we don’t have the trim up, there isn’t one single thing I’d change except at some point I do need a new stove.  Mine is just grubby.  We’ve had it about 10 years.  It’s dinged and chipped…fine for now but it’s on the long term list.  Hubby says not until it completely dies but we’ll see.

But back to the things I love….(sorry for the “dots” in the photos-don’t know why they are there)

I love that I have drawers.  I love drawers.  I newer knew it but they are wonderful.  At the farm house, I hated them.  I didn’t have enough and they were always cluttered.  That top drawer, it’s my favorite.


I can open the drawer and being it isn’t deep, I can find EVERYTHING I want or need.  I can see it all.  At the farm house-all this was in one DEEP squarish drawer.  I could never find a thing and then bought another because I thought is was lost.  This I love.


I love the pull out garbage.  No worrying if the dog or kids will get in the garbage!!


More drawer love–I have never had the luxury of having a drawer only for pot holders.  Yes I know…making pot holders need to be bumped HIGH on the top of my list..they’re awful.  But the drawer is cool!!


Look at this….even more drawer love.  I have a drawer for pan lids.  I don’t have to get down on my hands and knees and grub around in the WAY-WAY back of the cupboard.  Ah…I am using lids more now than I ever did!!


One of my favorites is this….a small counter on EACH side of the stove.   On the left is the coffee maker.  It’s not in my way at all.  I love that.  To the right I plug in the crock pot, fryer and those types of items.  They are no longer in my immediate work area and the size of the counter is perfect for it.  I LOVE it.


I love our cupboard that Hubby bought.  Originally we were going to put the television in the cabinet over the refrigerator but decided it was more easy to see here.  I have my vintage tins with red on top too.  My favorite thing is the opening at the bottom though.  I was hoping to find a basket to put fruit in and then I remembered that extra white bowl I bought at the auction.  (see that story here if you missed it).  I love being able to have fruit setting out.  I think it’s increased my fruit consumption by double.

The bowl is the perfect size.

I could take an inch by inch picture of the kitchen showing each and every square inch of it.  I could tell you how much I really, really like it.

With everything new and fresh, it’s easy to love.  I am confident though that even as time passes, I will still love it.

11 thoughts on “Things I Adore about the Kitchen”

  1. Jo, the ‘dots’ in your photos are dust particles. I noticed quite a few of them in your photos of the interior of the house when you were working on it. Especially when you were sanding and installing the flooring. But people who enjoy ghosthunting would say they could be spirit orbs.

    The house looks great. All your hard work has paid off and I have enjoyed watching the process.

  2. My next kitchen will have a drawer for lids. I completely know what you mean about getting down on your hands and knees to dig in the back of the cabinets for lids. Yuck! So glad to see you are loving your house.

  3. I love that YOU love your kitchen so much. It is your dream come true and that is so wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful new home.

  4. I agree, I very happy that you got the kitchen that you wanted, needed and deserved !! Love, love, love that cupboard “hubby” bought !! Just wondered what you will use those “little” drawers for ?? and what they were supposed to be used for ?? It’s all great !!

  5. In our family we call these dots “orbs” and that they are loved ones who are looking over us. At my nephew’s wedding we have many photos with a large orb above the bride’s head (her late father) and a small one floating around my nephew’s heart (he had lost a baby in a prior marriage. The orbs only appeared when they were in the photos and never anywhere else even when the next photo included someone else. I know people will scoff at this but to us, it was something special.

  6. I’m very happy for you! It’s so important that you love your kitchen. I am getting a new kitchen very soon. We are moving and I’m going to have 10 (that is TEN) drawers in the kitchen instead of 1 and a half! Maybe I can talk hubby into installing a pull out trash can.

  7. I love your kitchen to and I just want you to know that each morning and evening, except this evening, I was late getting home and tired to, I pet my fabric for you and tell each one that it;s for you, so no worry, we are all petty fabric for you for right now anyway.

  8. I agree with Diannia about the spots, “orbs”. Some of what you are seeing is dust but the more pronounced orbs are spirits. Especially the ones by the big cabinet and by the dog. I know it sounds funny but we’ve had the same thing happen in pictures at family gatherings and it seemed like those recently passed were still there in the pictures as orbs next to the person they were closest to. Sounds crazy I know. We once stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO (where Stephen King got his inspiration for The Shining). It’s a beautiful massive, albeit haunted hotel. We had pictures with very pronounced orbs in them. One had two orbs on a bench and you could see small indentations in the bench where the orbs were. So cool! Check out the history of your house. Renovations seem to amp up spirits according to the “experts” :0)

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