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When I wrote the blog post earlier this week about that person who stole our photo and pattern, made copies and they tried to sell it on Ebay.  If you missed the post, it’s here.   We were alerted about what was happening by a blog reader and we so appreciate the notice.  I read the note just before my child care day started and I didn’t have time to contact Ebay.  I did intend on doing that once my child care day ended.  I really quickly wrote a blog post though wanting to alert all of you so that no one would think the pattern was now for sale and purchase one.

Imagine my surprise when I check my email and comments at nap time and saw all of the comments and support you all extended on our behalf.  I want to say thank you for that.  We really appreciate everyone who spoke up for us.  I know several of you contacted Ebay or sent notes to the thief.

Thank you…thank you.


I am bound and determined not to remember the ending of the story of this quilt to be about the thief.  Even if she is justly removed from Ebay selling, I still don’t want the quilt to carry a bad memory.

I want to remind you all of what happened with the finished quilt.  Kelli and I gave this quilt to a lady who was at nursing home where Kalissa worked.  The lady’s family had auctioned off the quilts that she had hand quilted throughout her life.  She really appreciated the quilt.  You can read that story here. Let’s all remember the quilt with a sense of giving and generosity not by the actions of a thief.

Again…thanks for being so supportive of Kelli and I.

5 thoughts on “Thief Update…”

  1. They auctioned off her quilts and she was still living???? Oh my gosh, that is just so depressing to think about.

    How wonderful of you to give such a lovely quilt to a lady who will obviously love and cherish it.

  2. Thanks for reminding us of the happy end of this quilt. Much nicer to remember the love and generosity than the greed of others.

  3. I am happy to hear that the person who stole your pattern and tried to sell it removed it. You really have a good attitude about the quilt story. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.

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