They Flew the Coop

A week or so ago I told you that we had decided to sell our chicken building and chickens as the house we bought is in town and as of now, they don’t allow chickens.  Besides, with all the work we’ll be doing on the house, we won’t have time to give them proper care.  I listed them on a local for sale group via Facebook and within two hours, they were sold.

A local family with kids bought them so that made me happy.  Kids learn so much from chickens.

The big job was moving the chicken building.  Luckily, Hubby’s boss let him use the skid loader and luckily, Hubby is good at using it.  The process started with taking the fence down.


From there, they took the tin off from around the bottom.  Buck and Kalissa’s boyfriend, Craig, were helping too.


From there Hubby took the skid loader, put in under the building and was able to lift the entire building.


Moving slowly, he maneuvered the entire building to the drive so it could be loaded.  Originally he thought he might need both skid loaders but he did it with just the one.


The person who bought it arrived with the trailer.


Hubby set the building on the rack.  They strapped it down in place and just like that, my chickens flew the coop…building and all.


So, we no longer operate a chicken “ranch”.


It was great having the chickens and part of me misses it but part of me is really ready for the next chapter in our lives.

5 thoughts on “They Flew the Coop”

  1. Wow, nobody in New England has equipment like that, nor the skills to use it, either. Very impressive and so is your knack of taking the right pictures so that the sequence tells the story. I bet you two didn’t even break an egg! Kudos!

  2. I am glad the kids got to stay with you before the big chicken house move…Dawn got her “chicken catalog” over the weekend. Big thanks for that! (Sarcasm inserted)!

    Haven’t checked the chicken ordinance for Marion…David insists it is against the law to have chickens in Marion!

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