The Yellow Cupboard that is No More!

A post from Kelli–

A while back, you may have remembered mom showed you this yellow cupboard.

Yellow Cupboard 1 (225x400)
Well, once they got into their house and looked at the cupboards and things that they had, they decided that this one didn’t have a home.  They had mentioned that they might consider selling it, and I snapped it up right away.  I had just seen my new house and knew that I would be needing some downstairs storage.  At our previous house, I had a closet that was within a closet downstairs that I was able to use for storing my office supplies and sewing projects.  I thought this would fit perfectly in my dining room/downstairs sewing room, however the paint color was not a fit.

Luckily, I was blessed with a heated shop at the new house, so I convinced Jason to help me take it to the shop where I got it all chalk painted.

Painted Red 1 (243x400)
As you can see, Jason was working on my school car while I was painting.  Never thought we would have “family time” in the shop!  I even brought Puppycat out with me.  I was a bit worried that she might try getting into everything when we were in there, but I worked really hard to get her trained to stay on her little blue blanket.

Puppycat 1 (225x400)


And the best part–THE FINISHED PRODUCT!

Finished (251x400)
I need to get the vacuum cleaner put away obviously, but I’m really excited to have a place to store all of my current sewing projects, office things, and school supplies.  I’m also excited to decorate the top of the cupboard.  Jason has his old toy tractor that he is going to put on the top of the cupboard.  He has his great-grandpa’s poker set up there and a service manual to one of his great-grandpa’s trucks.  Sometimes I feel guilty when I decorate because I feel like I’m always using things that are mine or my family’s, so I’m super excited that Jason is getting in on the fun too!

And that’s how my cupboard went from a yucky yellow to a fabulous red.  Just because I know someone will ask this was painted with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint- Emperor’s Silk, the clear waxed and then dark waxed.  It matches the cupboard I previous did for our entertainment center.




8 thoughts on “The Yellow Cupboard that is No More!”

  1. Looks Good Kelli. I have never used Chalk Paint but furniture I have seen done using it , including your cupboard look very good.

  2. Dorothy Countryman

    Kelli – remembered y’all did some chalk paint with Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk. I have an old pine dry sink from 1976??, dark Jacobean stain. I was thinking of chalk paint red. Just curious, how has your pieces fared so far? Do you have any suggestions for a beginner??

    1. Hey Dorothy! All of my pieces have faired quite well, however I don’t use them all on a regular basis, so there really hasn’t been any wear and tear on them. I have noticed that in the summer when it’s humid, the drawers have stuck a few times on the pieces that I did not sand a final time, so I would recommend sanding with a very fine grit sandpaper after you have waxed them and they have dried sufficiently. If you haven’t chalk painted before, I would maybe suggest buying a smaller item such as a small shelf or picture frame to try chalk painting on first just to get some practice in. Make sure you send us some before and after pictures!

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