The Year of the Blackbird- Part #1

So many cross stitchers are talking about the New Year and a New Start. Typically that means you start a project on January 1st and stitch on it throughout the year with the goal of finishing it over the course of the next year.

I’ve done that several times and have really had a fun time doing it and I’ve loved having the goal pushing me along. I have recently been thinking about what I want to do in the new year. I’ve floated a lot of ideas around and one thing I am almost positive about is that I want to make it “The Year of the Blackbird”.

For me, I’ve collected a lot of Blackbird Designs charts and I want to make it a goal to really be stitching them over the course of 2024. I love their designs and would like more of them in my house. They have great big pieces and they have great small pieces too.

I don’t have all of my stitching plans in place but I have decided this much. I am making this book, In Friendship’s Way by Blackbird Designs my focus book for the year 2024. I will likely have a New Year New Start too, but this is my focus book and plan to stitch many projects from the book. I enjoy stitching small pieces and many of the pieces in this book are small and should be finishable. Plus over the years I’ve collected a few boxes along with picture frames and plan to use them on these finishes.

I did talk to Liz at The Stitchery Nook and told her my plans so if any of you want to join me, you sure can. You can find the book HERE. The book is $24-ish but I think totally worth it being I want to stitch so many of the projects.

This rose piece is what originally attracted me to the book…I just loved it. SO PRETTY…the colors are amazing!!

I also want to stitch this. Originally it was a piece the designers made to announce the birth of a new baby in the family but it can really be stitched for any reason. I like this piece as well.

This is finished on a paper mache box from Hobby Lobby. They come in a set of three. HERE is the link.

Originally these berries didn’t catch my eye because I was afraid of having to finish them. This year I finished my Wisdom Berries and have come to find that doing the finishing work on berries isn’t hard at all.

There are five berries in the book. Each has a simple small motif and then there is a spot for initials and a date. I want to stitch one for my mom, one for me, and one for each of my girls. That means I’d be stitching all five of the berries. These are small so I really think they would only take a night or two to stitch each one.

If you look at the picture above, they are displayed in a nice wooden/glass box. I love the look. It turns out the book says that the display box came from Joann’s and they gave the item number. I ended up looking it up and found similar boxes. I think the item number has changed since the publishing of the book. I am so committed to stitching these that I ordered the box. You can find them HERE. I ended up ordering the larger box as down the road I might stitch more berries for other family members. The boxes are reasonably priced at $5.75-$6.75.

Anyway…I only added a picture of one of the strawberries. There are five in total in the book.

I think that would make such a great display box and memory pieces with all of our initials.

Oh…they do have directions in the book about how the box was painted so I hope to replicate that.

Also in the book that I would like to stitch is this…Button Box. I have a box in the basement that I think would be perfect for this piece. I love the brick house…I love the birds and the flowers… and the buttons are so cute. I’d love to stitch this.

For those of you who don’t have a box in the basement that could work with this. Look how cute this is…The piece is finished on a box from Hobby Lobby. You can find it HERE. The original box has a glass top but it’s covered with fabric and how perfect to have compartments to sort buttons. Again they tell you how to paint the box to get this look. A person would have to stitch this on 32 count fabric to get the sizing correct for the box. WAY CUTE!!

For those of you who like to stitch but want to avoid expensive prices for framing your pieces, this book is filled with fun finishes that you can do yourself and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

The rose piece was also finished on Hobby Lobby pieces but sadly, I couldn’t find the box for it.

There are two other projects in the book that for now, I don’t plan to stitch. They are okay and who knows, I might but for now, my focus will be the projects I mentioned in this post.

I don’t have a specific plan on when I’m going to stitch each item-just in the year 2024. I think I will just work pieces in as the year goes along. If Colorado Cross Stitcher has a stitch along and the request is to stitch something with initials, of a bird, or a house, I’ll try to fit these into the challenge. Otherwise, I will just randomly pick one and stitch it.

I’m so excited to have some Blackbird Designs on my to-do list. As I said, I’ve been collecting many of their books and would just love to have some of the projects finished and out on display. I’m going to start checking out threads and fabrics. The other good news for me is, many of these projects will use up the linen scraps I have here so I won’t have to purchase a lot of linen either. YAHOO…and the smalls, I plan to try to substitute in some colors if I don’t have them.

Does anyone want to join me? You sure can. It’s not really a formal stitch along…You can stitch them in whatever order you’d like…make it your own. I don’t care. Stitch one or stitch them all. It’s just fun to have someone to stitch along with. Again, Liz has the book in stock HERE. I won’t start until the first of the new year….I can’t wait!!

5 thoughts on “The Year of the Blackbird- Part #1”

  1. What fun! Love the boxes. I need to make 2024 the year I finish UFOs. Too many things partially stitched or requiring finishing or framing. I am afraid things won’t turn out so I just don’t do. Thank you for sharing so many helpful hints in your posts.

  2. I love Blackbird Designs, too. The Button Box chart was my birthday start last year on 12/26/22. Here it is, almost a year later and I haven’t touched it since!

  3. The projects you showed in that book will be so cute. I really like the strawberries. I look forward to seeing your finished pieces, but I need to complete some projects I have going otherwise would be fun to join you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Each time you show us a Blackbird design, I’m really drawn to it. It’s so hard to choose a favourite so I’m glad you’ve chosen to work from the book next year! They’re all so lovely.

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