The Year of the Blackbird – Part #2

I told you in an earlier post that I wanted to pull some of my Blackbird Designs charts and stitch them in 2024. I was in fact calling 2024 the Year of the Blackbird. Mainly because I want to stitch lots of Blackbird Designs’ projects. I have a collection of charts…it’s time to start stitching them.

I told you all about this book…You can read that post HERE.

It’s filled with lots of small fun projects that I’d love to stitch…

but readers…there is more. I have lots of their charts and want to stitch more things. I’m actually thinking of starting two New Year starts. The first I’m thinking of starting, I’ve mentioned before. Crowns and Shields. I talked with you a bit about it in THIS blog post.

My idea was to stitch it throughout the year and dedicate it to my grandkids. As each of their birthdays come along, I would stitch the motif with their initial.

The problem was that the chart is shown stitched in red, and in all different colors like you see in the photo below. I was unsure about how I wanted to stitch it. MANY of you encouraged me to stitch it colorful like in the photo below.

I am going rogue. I am stitching it in the colorway you see below. This is a small chart that is in the same book. This one is done in only a few colors…three if I remember right. I like the boldness of the colors in this so I’m going with it. I’m going to try to add more of the cognac (orangish) color around the letter for the girls and less for the boys. We’ll see. I might change my mind but that’s what I’m thinking at this point.

For me stitching on 40 count linen it will finish around 20 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. That won’t be taxing over the course of a year…Plus I think it would be fun and a great way to remember the birth of each one of them. I’ll start with Jasper in January and end with Lucy in December. I love the idea…

I don’t know if I what my “Year of the Blackbird” to stop there though.

Do you remember in 2021 when I stitched Anniversaries of the Heart? I loved that. I really loved that. It was a Blackbird Designs project. I stitched one block every month…occasionally two as there are bonus blocks if you stitch it all together as one big piece. I enjoyed having an “assignment” each month.

The blocks in that series were pretty intense and had lots of stitching and personalization in each block. This is the 4th block that commemorates my grandparents on my mom’s side.

Well, Blackbird Designs has two other series. They have Garden Club and For the Birds…and I’m REALLY tempted to stitch one of them in 2024.

First up let me tell you about For the Birds…

It’s a series of nine charts. A lot of people stitch them all together in one set. (picture came from Geary’s Blackbird Designs page) You can read more about it HERE. If you are a Blackbird Designs fan, you will LOVE this site. It’s top ten!!

Don’t they look awesome all stitched together? These squares are a little bigger than the Anniversary of the Heart blocks…but there is only nine of them. These can be personalized as well. I love this piece so much. Liz at the Stitchery Nook has these in stock. You can find them HERE.

I thought about stitching this for grandkids as well…then part of me thought to wait as I might have more grandkids. I don’t know. None in sight that I know about but who knows?

The other series is Garden Club. I love this one too!!

This one can be stitched together in so many different ways. I’ve seen it rectangle horizontally. I’ve seen it rectangle vertically. All of the blocks are somewhat interchangeable. Some are half-blocks too so that makes it fun. Here is one done by Lisa Kindred Stitcher. She is a flosstube and Instagramer. I think she left a couple of blocks from the series out.

I’ve seen it where there is a girl in the bottom left corner.

This version is from the Geary’s site again. Learn more about it HERE.

There are 12 blocks to this series but they are smaller and not quite so intensely stitched. Hmm. I love gardening and would love to have this one on my wall as well. Liz at the Stitchery Nook has these charts all in one spot and all in stock. When I got mine I had to hunt and looks at several different sites to find them all. You can find them HERE.

Decisions, decisions.

I am currently leaning towards starting the Garden Club….But there are so many decisions about how I want to put it all together. I just don’t know.

Any comments or suggestions friends? Does anyone want to stitch either series with me?

Well I’m off…I’m going to go do some Instagramming and Googling to see how others stitched theirs. Feel free to chime in and tell me what you think…just don’t tell me I’m doing too much. I really want to make it the “Year of the Blackbird”.

11 thoughts on “The Year of the Blackbird – Part #2”

  1. Oh, Jo! I just pinned this yesterday (, to reference in case I ever found all the patterns. I absolutely love the blocks and this arrangement. Please let me know if you decide to start it. And if your shop could get the charts. Hmmm, not sure the link will work here. It looks like Lisa’s but with all the designs:-)

  2. I have the Bird series patterns. They are so pretty! I have Anniversaries of the Heart as well, but I hesitate to even start them. I barely have time to stitch what few things I have started. With me, if I have a ufo not getting any attention, those ufos tend to be stress inducing. I can’t be the only one who has that reaction? Blessings

  3. I vote Garden Club. I think I’d look at each block and see what month it reminds me of and assign them all…then sew a block each month.

  4. I vote for For the Birds. I have wanted to stitch them altogether since I first saw them that way. I have several of the charts but not all yet. I just love the houses and the birds plus I tend to gravitate to those blues and greens. After looking at Connie’s link for Garden Club I would do it too, but I don’t have any of those charts. I will start looking for those.

  5. Both are very beautiful; but, I seem to be drawn more to For the Birds. As for the grandkids, do the stitching in batches? Stitch a title something like “Grandchildren 20xx – 20xx” (year first on on the sampler was born and the year the sampler was finished). You can always stitch a second sampler should new ones come along with the same title, different years. Otherwise, you could be forever waiting to see if more show up!

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