The Work Continued

You might remember that earlier this week I told you that the boys helped with a few jobs around the house.  I told you they trimmed the trees and helped with the garden.  What I didn’t tell you is that they moved into the house and helped there too.

As many of you know I’ve been working on fixing up the living room.  Kramer and I initially moved into the house before we had a chance to make things the way we really wanted them.  It was part money, part time and part just plum being sick of fixing.  If you missed the saga on how we took a foreclosure house and made it into a nice house, you can read about that in the archives.  The main remodel took place during the late summer and fall of 2014.  We moved in January of 2015.

Room by room we worked to get the rooms to what we want them to be.  To date, the kitchen, back entry, laundry room and spare bedroom are done.  That’s it.  Now Kramer has passed and I’m on my own to tackle the rest….well me and a little help from the kids.

When Kramer’s cancer hit, we decided the living room would be next.  We knew there would need to be more down in our lives and having the living room the way we wanted it would make things a little more relaxing.  That and having the couch frame snap put things into motion.

First, while Kramer was still living, we bought new living room furniture.  It didn’t arrive until after he passed.  I love the furniture.  Then I found a buffet for the television…and there was a coffee table in the garage that Kramer had been working on before he passed.  Craig and I painted the living room and fixed the trim.  There is a lot more to do as it’s a “one step at a time project” but most recently, I bought blinds for the living room.

Buck was the one that ended up helping the blinds get hung.

The kids had fun playing with the bubble wrap.

Lucy was getting tired when I snapped this photo….see? She’s got my chubby cheeks and flat feet….poor girl.

I like the blinds.  My preference was to not cover up much woodwork and have them fit inside the window but my windows weren’t deep enough so…they were mounted on the outside.  It isn’t my favorite but I like them enough that I don’t mind.  It makes it nice and dark for naptime for the childcare kiddos.  I’m VERY happy with them.  No curtains for me!!

A couple people sent Home Depot cards to us when we started fixing.  Thank you so much.  I used them towards the binds.
Now I want a blind for the window at the bottom of the stairs….you know how one thing leads to another.

I’m not done with the living room plans yet…but each thing that gets done, gets me just a little bit closer and I love that.

While Buck was putting up blinds, Karl was a smoke detector duty.  This is one of those things that I can do, but it I do it, I need a ladder.  If he does it, he can use a chair…so much easier.

Before Kramer passed away, he wanted this done…Now, it’s done.  Since we moved in, we hadn’t replaced batteries in every detector.  Although they had tested okay, he wanted them all replaced.  It was the fireman in him.

Oh my…I was a happy momma two days in a row!!  How awesome to get more things checked off the list.  It seems to be a cycle around here.   Jobs get done and I find more that need to be done.  It’s the dangers of house ownership I guess….I’m so blessed to have help…again, I can’t say how much I appreciate it!

10 thoughts on “The Work Continued”

  1. My granddaughter and her boyfriend swapped out curtains in our bedroom this week. They also swapped the mattress and box springs between two of our bedrooms. It’s absolutely wonderful to have kids to help you out and even better when it’s grands.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Woo hoo the work is going well and getting things done makes every thing look better. Personally I like curtains but blinds do a better job of darkening a room and cut down on dust if you have allergies. Oh Happy Days.

  3. Your home is looking more beautiful all the time. What a blessing to have so much family willing to help.
    Bubble wrap…now who doesn’t like to play with that? :-)
    Love and prayers

  4. We had a home inspector tell us that we need to replace our smoke detectors every 2-3 years. He said buy inexpensive ones and just replace them, it’s worth it. Right now we have a rule in our home that we replace the batteries when we change the clocks twice a year. That was his suggestion too.

  5. I had meant to tell you how much I appreciated your post on the deer, but was interrupted. Your writing was excellent and heartfelt, and I really got drawn into it. Many of your posts are enjoyable, some have been heartbreaking, or encouraging. But that deer one… that was something special. I wanted you to know.

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