The Wicker Couch

If you read the blog earlier you know that I was trying to re-upholster the cushions on our wicker couch and couldn’t find our staple gun….then Hubby bought one and it was no good so I ended up ordering one from Amazon.

It came!!!!!!!!!

I immediately got to work on the cushions and in no time had them all staples and in place.  It only took about 15 minutes.


I am happy with it.

So after five months of living here at this house Hubby and I finally sat out on the front porch on Thursday night.  What a treat!

Can you believe that??  I couldn’t.   It was wonderful.  There was a breeze and being the porch faces to the east, no evening sun to make us hot.   Trust me, we’ll be doing it more often.  It was so nice after a long day at work.

I bought the couch for $25 back in August of 2012…back when we still had our beagle Gracie.  It was blue then…..

I repainted it brown and redid the cushions.

Our farm dog Pepper totally ruined those cushions.  Hubby tried to throw the whole thing out several times but I vetoed that idea…I sure am glad we kept it!!

I think I’ll keep my eyes open for a chair but for now I am happy with this.  I did say something to Hubby about possibly making a pillow to go on the couch.  His response, “What in the #%** do you want to do that for?”  What is it about men and pillows??

Anyway…that’s the wicker story.  I sure am glad I have the cushions done!!  It was worth the work of re-upholstering them.

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  1. Love all the variations of your wicker couch. Interesting to see all the changes. Glad you got the cushions stapled and that you have been able to enjoy sitting outside. My husband hates cushions too – ‘pillows’ as you call them. In the UK pillows are for beds.

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