The White Cupboard

It’s funny…sometimes things around here get a name and the name sticks.  I think forever and for always, this cupboard will be know as the white cupboard.  It started out looking like this….

Then we stripped it and had our cabinet builders stain and varnish it…so we had this and that’s where I last left you.

We were waiting on knobs and hinges as we couldn’t find them locally.  We ended up finding decent hinges.  We couldn’t find the twist door openers we wanted or more drawer pulls.

We needed to use it though so we went with what we had….


We love the cabinet but we don’t love the the drawer pulls and don’t love that we don’t have the original twist latches but for now it’s working and functioning and we’re okay with that.  Now we have something to hunt for when we go antiquing.

I really love the functionality of the cabinet too.  It really is my pantry.  I have so much room to store extra food.

It fits perfectly into the spot it’s in too.  It’s just what I wanted it to be…and Hubby is so happy.  It’s another thing checked off his list.

It is kind of funny…even though the cupboard isn’t white anymore we are still calling it the white cupboard…and everyone know which cupboard I’m talking about.

9 thoughts on “The White Cupboard”

  1. That is so beautiful. Your husband should be quite proud of it – it fits so right with the rest of the house. When you have some time (ha!) could you snap some pics of your sewing studio?

  2. I do the same thing! Once a thing has a name that what it is, regardless if it still fits or not! It is beautiful and looks perfectin that spot. You should be very proud!

  3. It’s beautiful!! And not to worry, you will stumble over your perfect knobs when you aren’t looking!! Your house is coming together and you are making it yours own!! Ahhh… HOME!!

  4. I love that cabinet. We have a similar situation in my family as far as name goes. Many years ago when I was a kid, Mom refinished an antique dining table and it turned out sticky so we called it “the sticky table”. After their house fire the table was professionally refinished and is no longer sticky but in my mind it will always be the sticky table.

  5. What a useful cupboard. So roomy and it fits into its corner space perfectly. Looks great. When my children were small I had a blue canvas bag which went on every holiday and day trip with me. It held everything! Face cloths, passports, sun cream, insect repellent, purse, everyone’s bits and bobs. The children always called it The Blue Bag. Don’t know what happened to it but there were lots of memories in there.

  6. Mary Etherington`

    So sad – I’ve been looking for a white cupboard like that for several years – and it has to be white! Too bad I didn’t find it first – it wouldn’t have needed refinishing or anything!

  7. Looks really beautiful and fits so well into your room. Things are coming together and I know you will find the what you are looking for to finish off.. Blessings Sandra

  8. i love your “white “cabinet , it looks wonderful all stripped down and stained , really great job . I have two old hutches that I love .

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