The Weekend

Before I tell you about the weekend, I want to let you know that we are expecting an ice storm overnight.  Predictions are from .10 to .30″ of ice.  If we do get it we expect to have trees and power lines down…if that happens no internet so you won’t hear from me.  Just trust that no news is good news.  I have a few extra blog post written ahead and I have the laptop fully charged.  We’ll be okay whatever comes.  We have contingency plans in place.

We had a busy weekend…a 60th birthday party and a 100th birthday party.  Our kids (minus Kayla, who is sick) were home to celebrate.  We had a good time at both events.

Early in the week our son Buck had told us that he thought he would try to bring Lora’s little guy Scottie with him when he came.  I was so excited.  Then he didn’t know if it would work….I was bummed.  Then Saturday he called me and said Scottie was coming and that he was leaving at 3pm.  Then at 3pm he called and told me that in Cedar Rapids there was enough snow that he needed to stay and plow snow.  Plowing snow is his side job.  I was bummed.  We went to the party and awhile later, in walked Buck and Scottie.

We’ve seen Scottie a couple time before but it was for short events or events with lots of people.  This was perfect.  We were fast friends for sure!!  I ended up hanging out with the kids most of the time at the party.  Our friend Dave was celebrating his birthday and he’s grandpa to some of my childcare kids.  Well the childcare kids were happy to see me and wanted me to play…so for the most part I did but it was perfect.  I ended up getting to get to know and play with Scottie.  What can I say, I love him already.  He’s a wonderful little guy!!

I had Karl take a picture of us together but somehow it got lost.  UGH.  I was so sad.  I can’t figure out where it went.

I was TERRIBLE taking pictures at my Aunt Agnes’ 100th birthday party.  I did manage to swipe a few here and there though…

This is my brother Jim with his wife Sandy.  They are with Agnes the birthday girl!

Here are my other two brothers….Jay on the right and Jule on the left.  My cousin Alvin in between….  I always and forever lament that I love my family but I sure wish I would I could have had a small body frame like my brothers…not to be.  Most families have small girls flanked by tall brothers.  Not ours.  We’re all about the same height.

The young cousins came too.  These would be Aunt Agnes’ GREAT GREAT nieces and nephews. It was good to see them!
Here’s Craig with more cousins.  Some of you might recognize my cousin Gladie in the center.
Scottie did really good at the party.  It was his first time meeting the family.  He was taken with Hubby.  Here they are….

After the party, much of the family gathered at the local restaurant in town.  Kelli and I opted to head towards home.  We needed to stop and get a few things in case the ice storm hits.  Looks like the Karl and Kalissa had fun with their cousin Carly.  She’s a hoot!!  Crazy just like my two.

As we headed towards the Iowa border, we saw the windmills.  They are about 10 miles south of my home town.  They are my symbol that tells me I’m “in country”….they are also my symbol that I’m heading back to Iowa.

I am happy to be an Iowa girl but Minnesota really calls from time to time.  Thankfully ALL of the places I’ve been have been farm country.  I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else.  I’m a farm girl at heart.

It was a wonderful weekend celebrating with special people.  I’m so happy Scottie was able to be a part of it all.  He’s a wonderful little guy….Hubby said so too!!

Now I’m off to dig up a couple of milk jugs to fill with water….I want to be have some water to flush with….just in case.  Fingers crossed for an uneventful ice storm.

14 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. I learned to fill the bathtub for flushing and the pitchers for drinking! I, too, live in the country with numerous power outages. Today it was bitterly cold and snow flakes mostly in the air but they say it’s coming tonight! Stay safe a keep blogging!!

  2. Good luck with the storm. I absolutely hate ice! We’re going to be unseasonably warm the next couple days: 70 degrees in February!

  3. I agree with the bathtub being filled for flushing, but be sure there are plenty of jugs for teeth brushing and face washing as well as drinking. I also fill a few about 3/4 full and put them in the freezer so that if the power does go out the ice in the jugs helps keep the freezer cooler at least for a couple of days. A full freezer stays cooler longer. Hope none of it is really necessary, but safe is best!

  4. We weathered the ice storm that is coming your way. I stayed inside and sewed!! My hubby ventured out and said you just had to be careful!! But now a couple of inches of snow are to come. They might not have school tomorrow. Today was a vacation day so that worked out well. Hope you don’t lose power! I had hand sewing ready just in case!!!

  5. That one brother of yours and Karl sure do look a lot alike.
    Scottie’s a real little cutie!

    We’re not supposed to get much ice here, but you never know. When the weather is predicted to get bad I always save water too. The minute the water is off I get thirsty….and it’s really nice to be able to flush.

  6. Fingers crossed that the storm misses you!
    I have a bathtub story for you….many, many years ago, a hurricane was predicted to come through Virginia. We had a portable generator; and, we filled up the tub so we would have water for flushing, in case we lost water. We also filled up jugs, for drinking water, brushing our teeth, washing our hands,etc. We went to bed totally confident that we were totally prepared…Well…we did lose power, and the generator was started up, but we had no water for flushing …. overnight, all the water in the bathtub had drained out!! We still talk about that, even after all these years!

  7. We get water line breaks all the time. I keep bottled water on hand to wash in. Had to wash my hair in my stock pot before going to work. Went outside to the pool and filled buckets to flush.

  8. What, no pictures of Carver? I love seeing that little fellow. He always brings a smile to my face. Fingers crossed for you weather wise.

  9. The Midwest ice storm is hitting here right now. Slush falling from the sky is just NOT RIGHT!

    So glad the big birthday missed the storm. Miz Anges looks like she is still going strong. Did she like her quilt?

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