The Weekend Work at the House

Hubby and I had a talk trying to decide what to work on this weekend.  There are so many places that need our attention as far as the house goes so we made a little plan.

Friday evening we met with the plumber and then came home and worked on the big white cupboard.  We made a little progress.

Then Saturday Hubby farmed and I continued to work on the white cupboard.  By Saturday night the doors were completely finished.  Hubby did all the finish sanding on the drawer and bins too.  All that is left is the white actual cupboard and I am almost done with that….about three hours and it will be ready to be stained.

We worked and got one bedroom finished up and ready to paint-then mapped out the bathrooms and where the fixtures will actually go.

Sunday we were back at the house.  Handling and cleaning up all the scrap and garbage was high on the list…and I am happy to say all that got cleaned up.  In between hauling garbage Hubby built two sets of shelves that I am very happy with.  These are just rough shelves but exactly what we need for the canning jars in the basement.

I love that he can quickly whip something up.   We had a hundred other things to do but it honestly felt so good to start and finish something in a setting.  Now once the basement steps from the garage get built I can start moving the empty canning jars in.


Craig was over and helped.  He was on the destruction mode.  This is the inside  upstairs.  There were pieces of the old roof still in place.  He got those all taken out and we got the garbage of that all hauled away.


On the floor board front.  I am joyously happy to say that all the boards that we are going to do at this time are done.  There are two small stacks of boards we saved that are painted gray.  We didn’t clean those and are hoping at this point that we don’t need them.  If we do, we’ll be putting them in the upstairs closet off the sewing room as they might not clean up like we need them too and the closet is a good place to hide them away.

My wrist took the brunt of this weekend’s work.  It’s stiff, sore and hurting.  I think too much scrapping on boards and on the cupboard was just a little too much for it.  Some Advil and a day off of scrapping work is what Hubby ordered.  I’ll take his advice…

I can’t thank my board scraping helpers enough.  It was a long tough job and I am so happy to have it finished!!

Beyond the actual physical work with the house, Hubby and I got a chance to talk several things out and make a few more decisions.  That was a good thing too.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and I am happy with the progress that we made.

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  1. How exciting!!! Thew house is moving along so very well!!! Love your shelves for your canning…and I like how high off the floor the first shelf is – perfect place for 6 gallon buckets of flour, rice, sugar…whatever, and they will be available to you whenever you need them!!

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