The Weekend Part #2

I told you about our Thanksgiving day but didn’t tell you about Friday. You might all remember that our goal was to get family pictures taken. I knew months ago when I booked it all not to get my hopes up. With ten grandkids I was certain one of the kids would be sick.

I woke Friday morning at 6 am to a text message. It was from the photographer and HE was sick. He’d try to make it if we really wanted him to but he wanted to be upfront and didn’t want to spread anything. I contacted Kalissa as Anders had been sick earlier and you guessed it…now Carver was puking. UGH.

Everybody had clothes with for pictures so we tried to take some ourselves. It was terrible. This is my daughter Kelli and her family.

Our daughter Kayla and her family.

My son Buck, his girlfriend Fergie, and his family…including Spot his dog.

I grabbed one of Buck and Fergie by themselves too.

Then my boys, Buck and Karl started horsing around so I snapped pictures. Karl is the goofy one…Buck is the more serious one.

They always want their picture taken with the rock in front of our house…I jokingly tell them that Kramer is a heavy name to carry. HA! They always want the picture of them to be “trying to lift the rock”. There is no lifting that thing!! It’s huge. It took a skid loader to put it in place. It was a rock my husband found when picking rocks on the farm. We had it engraved.

Fergie is such a natural with the kiddos. She had the bunch of them mixing up a batch of snack mix.

We ended up celebrating Lucy’s birthday a few days early being we were all together. I love the picture on the right where her cheeks are all puffed out and ready to blow.

That evening we had another birthday to celebrate. Our daughter Kalissa’s husband was having a belated 30th birthday party. They had it up at the bar in town. They let us bring in food and people buy their own drinks. There is plenty of room and it works out great.

The added fun was that Kalissa and Craig hired karaoke. Here are four of my kids singing Paradise by the Dashboard Lights by Meatloaf. It was one of their Dad’s favorite songs.

Kalissa and Craig sang too. A lot of people actually sang. It was fun.

Here is a picture we took as the night was winding down. I’m kind of in the middle of the second row. I wish we had taken a picture when more people were there.

I was up at 6 am that morning with the text from the photographer…I didn’t go to bed until 1 am. Oof-da. That was a long day… and night. HA!

The family cleared out Saturday afternoon. I had some house cleaning to do and hadn’t touched the blog for almost four days. I was way behind…but I did have a great weekend. I feel like I’m still trying to catch up on some sleep. Georgia slept in my bed one of the nights and she is a squirmy girl so I didn’t sleep the best that night either. It’s all good though…I wouldn’t have changed much about the weekend except that Kalissa’s kids weren’t sick. One thing I know…we Kramers are good at finding good even in situations where things didn’t turn out as we hoped…

Many thanks to all who came and made Craig’s party a fun night…and thanks to the family for coming to visit. Nothing beats seeing you all together! It makes this momma’s heart happy.

6 thoughts on “The Weekend Part #2”

  1. Awesomeness! Sorry the picture guy was sick and Kalissa’s family. The bugs are going around here also. It’s the season…family get togethers and the bugs pass around.

  2. I think you got some really good pictures. The family is growing. Hopefully there will be another time before too long when you all can get together for a family photo The party looks like fun for all. I always love seeing pictures of your family and the grands.

  3. thanks for sharing the photos. Quiet Jasper managed to do a cute pose. It was a cool photo of them as well as all the individual families. Perhaps composite or collages are what has to occur when the numbers expand. thanks again.

  4. You Kramers know how to make lemonade! :) It’s so fun watching your littles grow. The pictures are delightful. Holidays bringing families together just seems to create illness. My husband and I have been sick since all the kids left Saturday, and this morning we both tested positive for Covid for the first time. We know we’ll get better. Take care.

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