The Weekend at the House

It was a busy weekend at the house.  Both days were all day work days for me and Hubby.  We had a little help from Craig, Kelli and Kalissa too…not both days and not all time but the help sure was appreciated!

Sunday morning on the blog I showed a picture of all the paint cans that had been used up in the last week.  One blog reader left a comment saying, “Now you can relax”.  I read the comment to Hubby and we both burst out laughing.  Relaxing hasn’t happened here nor will it for some time. We are full speed ahead trying to get into the house.

We are on to sanding floors and that is much harder than painting ever was!!

Kelli was here and helped finish up the last of the painting.  I feel so bad because she doesn’t have all of her own painting done yet.  How guilty does one feel when she’s painting my bedroom and hasn’t painted her own yet??


Kelli hadn’t been home for THREE weeks (that’s a record) and I missed goofing off with her.  She vowed it wouldn’t be that long ever again!  I have to say, having her to paint with made the whole process tolerable.

I am so tired of painting but we’re done…except for one closet and as of now, I’m not worried about it.

We have been sanding the floors in the house daily for MANY-MANY hours ever since we picked up the floor sander on Thursday morning.

Floor sanding is a dusty dirty affair.  A mask is needed and I HATE masks…they  make me feel claustrophobic. My glasses fog up.  YUCK…but I’ve been sanding floors LOTS.  Hubby has been working and I go into the house all day myself and work.  Let’s just say, I’m getting pretty good at operating it.  As you read this I am likely still sanding and have been all day.

If you haven’t ran a floor sander it’s a cross between running a garden tiller and a carpet shampoo-er.

We rented the sander for a week and we have to return it Wednesday night.  We really need to be done with everything by then.

The floor boards are really cleaning up nicely.  The worst boards to clean aren’t the up-cycled ones we put in…it’s the old ones that are already in the house.  Just like any sanding project we have to go through the boards with three different sand paper grits.  It’s a long process but I am excited about it…even if it is boring work.   Boring for me as I can’t listen to an audio book while I do it.  UGH….I just feel like I am wasting time not being about to listen.  I am that addicted to audio books.

While we’ve been working the big sander Craig has  been man handling the edge sander.  He’s really good at it.  The work is hard and back braking.  I did two rooms worth of it and happily gave the job over to Craig.  I do know that I’ll be back on duty with the thing again though.

The dust is AWFUL.

On a happy note, the kitchen cupboards are being delivered today!!  The carpenters will be back and installing them tomorrow.  You can bet there will be more pictures of that.  I am super excited to see my kitchen come together.

Stay tuned…little by little we’re getting closer.

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  1. Inch by inch, you are getting closer and closer to moving in – so exciting!!! I’m surprised you aren’t planning a new quilt while man-handling that sander over the floors!!! Something using strips of fabric perhaps?

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