The Weekend

In an earlier post I told you about my crazy week last week.  It didn’t really end when I stopped telling you about it.  If you missed the recap of the week you can read it HERE.

When I left you, I had just come back from Waterloo, taking Craig to the endodentist. Craig felt good and ended up going out to work.  I came into my house to find these two making supper.

Boy that was about the very moment I knew we had done an excellent job raising these two boys.  They were doing the cooking…I didn’t message them in advance to tell them what to cook.  They just went to the freezer and grabbed some meat and starting cooking.  It was definitely what I needed.  For those of you new here.  It’s Buck on the left and Karl on the right.  Buck is three years older than Karl.

Scotty is a great guy and super huggy…so I got the perfect thing this grandma needed…a Scotty hug.

Lilly was super sweet to me too.  Lucy was also sweet but I didn’t get a picture.

Look what the boys made for supper!!  YUM.  It’s a recipe Kelli told us about and the boys wanted to try it out.  Happily I had all of the ingredients.

Craig got off work just in time to eat supper with us.  After that…it time to play Ticket to Ride.  Oh my we’re all addicted and play all of the time.  We actually played three games.  The kids were great and even though it was past their bedtime.

The next day we were all a little slow getting up.  That’s what a late night does to us.

Scotty was playing legos…

Buck was hanging with the girls.  Lilly didn’t sleep the best and needed a little TLC.  I am so impressed with how hands on he is with the kids.  He can be like his Dad and have a quick temper but oh my…he loves these guys so much.

After a slow early morning, we all decided to go to the Rendevous in the neighboring town.  We adults were a little disappointed.  There weren’t as many people as usual.  It was perfect for the kids.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, in the olden days, there was soldier fort in Fort Atkinson.  There were two Native American tribes in the area plus settlers who were trying to get along.  The soldiers at the fort were assigned to help make it happen.  Each year the soldiers, settlers and Native American’s would get together and trade their wares. (that is the short version)  Each year vendors and re-enactors come together and put on a show for all of us.  It’s a fun event and we often go.

Here I was telling kids about the tents and why they are there.

We snapped a picture of the kiddos-minus Gannon.  Cannon wasn’t in the picture taking mood.  Left to right it’s Carver, Lucy, Lilly and Scott.  Lilly doesn’t go anywhere without her white teddy bear.

We really enjoy going as many of the people encourage the education of the kids.  For example this buffalo hide was out on display and it was totally okay for kids to touch it.

There was a lady there who was doing beading and it was AMAZING.  She had a 3 x 4 beaded necklace purse.  She said it was made entirely of beads and she said each bead typically has five strands of string running through it.  WOW!!

They shot off cannons at one point and the kids thought that was pretty cool.

I bought a big bag of kettle corn and we all shared.  Scotty is crazy about any popcorn so I became his best friend.

Kalissa made the mistake of buy Gannon a rock candy and feeding it to him in the car.  Look at the sticky mess he became!!

We all had a great time.  It was the perfect size for the kids.  They were all to young to realize we could buy things there and looked at it all more like a museum.  It was perfect.

After we got home, Buck and kids hung around for a couple of more hours and then they left and headed back home.  It was a nice 24 hours with them.  I say this all the time and it’s totally true.  I need to work to see them more often.

11 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. FUN FUN FUN! Yup, you raised great men :-) And the fact that your home is open to all needs is something many don’t believe in. I love that too-we were always at home at my Mom/Dad’s home.

    Hugs to you and cheers to a great family!!!

  2. What a fun, busy weekend! Hubs and I were at the Rendezvous on Saturday afternoon- it didn’t seem very busy, but there was always a line at the fry bread tents; we opted for popcorn too, with a stop at the moo mobile. We hadn’t been there for years, perhaps since we moved from Cresco to Kasson 30 years ago. We ended up at the Pivo in Calmar. Their brews are named after towns in the area and the story of the business and building were interesting. And, the weather was perfect! I’m glad that after the crazy week that you had, that you had some fun family time.

  3. After all the real drama of the week you needed that happy weekend. What did the boys make i recognized the bacon what did they wrap it around. I wish someone would come up with smell a vision so we could smell the good fragrancesike supper cooking when you get home so tired you don’t want to think
    Gladys had the happy kids and grands day

  4. Your meal looks yummy! Great job Buck and Karl! How fun to go with kids to spot they can learn and run around without it being too crowded. The kids so cute!

  5. Looks like everyone had fun! I’ve got to ask- which version of ‘ Ticket to Ride’? I looked that game up on Amazon and there were several. TIA.

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