The Weekend

Karl is getting close to closing on his house.  The owner didn’t mind if he started moving in, so Buck and Kalissa came on Saturday to do that.  Buck brought Scotty with so there were enough kids that I got out of helping with the actual move and had Grandma time instead.

Karl and I had moved a load the night before so, I was some help…just not a lot.  I was happy to have Grandma time.

Scotty is and forever will be obsessed with balloons.  If you want him to smile, give him a balloon.  I don’t think he ever comes here and we don’t have balloons.

Being Scotty was here and Kalissa was helping, Carver and Gannon came so they could have some cousin time with Scotty.  It’s nice, Gannon is getting big enough to play with the bigger boys.  He’s a little like a 3rd wheel but he doesn’t seem to mind.

The weather was GREAT so the boys were outside.  Here they are on my old swing set…Scotty, Buck and Lora’s boy on the left, Carver on the right.

They were hooting and hollering.  I had to tell them time and time again to quiet down a bit.  I didn’t want the neighbors to think someone was hurt.

Kalissa posted this picture on Facebook with a caption on how nice it is to move a minimalist…Yep, Karl isn’t into a ton of possessions, unless you count strange dice.  He had a big dice collection with 20 sided diced and other strange dice.

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Buck and Scotty were only here for an overnight.  They left Saturday afternoon.  Karl was moved for the most part.  He has a few things here.  He didn’t have water so stayed at my house overnight at my house.

Saturday night Karl and I both were sick.  We had gotten our flu shots on Friday.  I had my second Moderna.  He had the one-shot Johnson and Johnson.

I had the chills so bad my teeth were chatting for real…I ended up on the couch cross stitching which I could do but was glad it was the weekend and the evening so I didn’t have to try to power through it.  I had a dull headache for two days too.  Then in the night, I was so hot I didn’t have any quilts on the bed.  It’s still cold here in Iowa so we normally need quilts.

Sunday we both were feeling a little slow but didn’t know it that was due to daylight savings time or the Covid shot.

We went to Walmart in the afternoon and bought a bunch of supplies for Karl’s house.  I treated him and got the basic supplies needed for setting up a house…you know, paper towels, a mop, cleaning supplies, a few kitchen things.  It was fun.  I made a deal with him that I’d cover the Walmart bill if he bought me ice cream!!  It worked perfectly.  I had a great time.

I got home in time to bind the tulip quilt and get it in the mail on Monday so all was good. Even though I wasn’t feeling the best on Saturday night, I still would call this a great weekend.

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  1. I got my second Moderna shot last Tuesday – Wednesday I was pretty tired and achy but that was it, Thursday I felt fine. My husband felt fine after both doses. But oh, what a good feeling to have it done! I’m glad you got yours too!

  2. Your grand babies sure are growing up quick! Glad you made it thru the shot. I can’t take it and just pray all of you who do- get well quickly. I’m an Essential worker so each day is a pray that we get past this stuff and back to a normal life. Take care of yourself and happy the move went smoothly.

  3. We’re going to get our first Moderna Vaccine on Thursday. I’m very interested in how long people are feeling bad after the second vaccine. I’m thinking it has to better than COVID though! I did have COVID and was sick for three weeks!

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Jo, your grandchildren so cute.. I think you got the best deal with Grandma time and ice cream too.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I learnex the hard way about setting up a household. When I 1st got married I had to start from scratch. Pots, pans spices
    Dinner ware, bedding and living room stuff. SeverL months of pay checks just to get started. Carl did well. Grandma time is so precious.

  6. One of my sons works at a pig farm so they were offered that one shot vaccine. I was glad he had no reactions at all. I’m so sorry you felt side effects. My case of covid was so mild I still don’t know about doing the vaccine….I have all the tried and true vaccines, but I never have gotten any kind of flu shot. Such a touchy topic too with some people. I’m going to have a real talk with my doctor soon. Also, that’s some hat Karl had in the back lol

  7. How nice that Karl is getting closer to being a homeowner, woohoo and how wonderful for you to treat to some needed items. It is amazing how many little things one does end up needing. Glad you had nice weather for the kids to play outside and enjoy a break in the winter weather.
    Hope you are feeling better from your shot and I look forward to getting mine.

  8. I felt rough for about a day after my 2nd Pfizer shot. Twelve hours after I got it, like you, I had terrible chills.. shaking.. I was a bit nauseated.. woozy. It doesn’t last long though! And it’s a sign your body is producing an immune response.. so it’s GOOD. Feels yucky though. I’m a health care worker & we were advised to take 5000 units of Vitamin D the day before, of, after the shots. Especially the 2nd. Even the physicians working on our floor were following this regimen! Please pass this advice on, everyone. And no Tylenol or Advil BEFORE your shot.

  9. I had my first Moderna shot – only an aching arm (but we’ve been taking extra vitamins and echinacea anyway) and felt very tired so I took a nap.
    Happy to hear things are coming along for Karl’s move. Glad he’ll be close by.
    Love and prayers

  10. So glad Karl is closer to being a home homer. I am sure he is happy about that. The grand babies sure are getting big!! Jo, I am sorry you had a rough go with the shot. I am still trying to find somewhere to get the shot as I am in the high risk group as I have COPD and Sarcoidosis. My PCP does not offer it at his office so I have been calling all the pharmacies and they keep running out and their waiting lists are ridiculously long and are not adding anyone else, so I just keep calling around.
    Hope everyone is enjoying this start of the Spring weather. Here in SC it is really nice. Some slight rain and temps ranging from 50’s to high 70’s.

  11. Love Carver’s bare toes. Reminds me of a child who would NOT wear shoes and socks outside ever. Took them off right outside the door. Thanks for the memory!

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