The Weekend

Oh was a busy weekend again…busy in a good way though.  Saturday I had hoped to sew but after looking at the errand and grocery list, I knew I had to go to town.  I debated which direction to go but the chance at being able to stop at my favorite thrift store, took me northeast.  We live about 25ish minutes from anywhere that I can buy a lot of groceries at so any trip will take at least two hours even if it’s just a quick grocery run and Wal-Mart.

When I got home, this happened.

Karl made the two chocolate cakes.  I needed to frost them.  I made two apple crisps and a peach crisp.  One cake Karl made to deliver to the neighbor who has a return cancer.  The other cake he made because I said as long as you’re making one, make two.

Two crisps were for the church Soup and Salad Lunch for our church and one I am taking to Buck and Lora’s.  Change of plans…Buck said bring the cake…so I am with a piece or two missing and the apple crisp stayed here for Karl and I.

Buck and Lora moved on Friday to their new house.  Kelli and I had plans to go see the play Midsummer Night’s Dream that Kayla’s high school is doing.  Kayla’s house and Buck’s house are both south so we decided to go to Buck’s first and see the house and the kids and bring lunch.

So…a batch of chicken noodle soup got made too.

I have meat and buns for sandwiches to go with it.

Buck’s new house is outside of a town south of Cedar Rapids now so it’s over a 2 hour drive.  There is lots of road construction near his house and GPS doesn’t work right so he met us outside of town and drove us in.

Here’s his house….

They’ve been building since this spring.  Kramer was still living when they started it.  Yes.  Can you imagine house building and your dad dying of cancer all at the same time?

Buck and Lora have two kids…Scotty who is four and Lucy who is almost 2.  Lucy hasn’t thought much about anyone except Lora, Buck and Lora’s mom.  In fact, she used to cry if I tried to touch her so we’ve learned to keep a healthy distance.  I’m so glad I’m a childcare provider and know not to take that personally.  I know some grandma’s would be very hurt by it.  I’m not.  I know in her own time she’ll some to love me.

Today was so much better.

She let us take a picture…

A couple times she even came and pulled on my shirt inviting me to play.  I was so happy.  Their new house has stairs which is something new to Lucy and she thinks it ranks right up with a playground.  She knows she can only go up and down with an adult so she pulled on my coat asking me to go up and down the stairs with her.  Of course I went.

She got me up and dancing to Mickey Mouse a few times too!  I’m so glad I made the trip and hope to a little more often.

Scotty was his adorable self.  He doesn’t mind me at all.  He was busy with his toys that have been in storage.  Buck and Lora put lots of things away in a storage unit while the old house was on the market for sale.  Scotty, with more room in this house, was happy to have them back.

After lunch Kelli, Georgia and I headed to Cascade to Kayla’s school.  They were putting the production Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Georgia was great during the play.

After that we went out for supper and then on home.

It was a nice Sunday…and with that, I’m going to put my vote in for four day work weeks.  I wish I could get away and visit more often.

It’s a busy week here….Monday was no school for teacher in service and Thursday is no school too.  Our high school football team is 11-0 and in the playoffs.  They closed school so kids could go watch the game.  That leaves me with a house full of kiddos too little to go!!

9 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. Wow! all those desserts look delish and I’m so glad you had a fun filled week end with the Kids and there families.

  2. Great weekend full of family and fun! I have a two year old granddaughter living 1,200 miles away. Her mom and I video chat 1-2 times a month. I think that had helped her accept me much faster when I visit. Also, since her older brother was born, the parents show photos of me to the kids begining about 3 days before a visit and talk about “grandma coming” so my face is somewhat familiar when I arrive.

  3. I also live 25 mi. from any larger grocery store & it can be tough to choose which direction to go. They all are “Best Choice” brand stores, but at least since they’re bigger they carry more national brands. I find that so many Best Choice items aren’t the best quality, though a few I like better than the Shurfine we used to have. Since Shopko closed it really doesn’t matter which town I go to. For anything else it’s a 60 mi. trip to Walmart & HyVee. I guess it’s the price we pay for living in our small, rural towns.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I’m so glad you had a great weekend. And are enjoying the children. If I had my life to do over I think I would have gone into teaching in some form.
    No regrets about being in the nursing field just wish I had more time with the littles. About your momma bear mode, you’re right on target with it. As I was reading I thought about my addictions. I’m a diabetic.) Staying with a low a1c is harder to do than anything I know. My Dr. Told me to watch my portions and not feel guilty if I broke my diet just keep it under control. I stay on my diet much more easily knowing I won’t be made to feel awful by my Dr. If I do have a high A1C. So we’re in the same boat in more ways than one. Praying all goes well with you and your family.

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