The Weekend

I told you we had a busy weekend.  All of the kids were home.  Karl was home for a short trip.  Buck hadn’t been home to see Georgia yet either.  His kids had been sick and we didn’t want to risk people getting sick.

Here’s Lucy meeting her newest cousin Georgia.  She did pretty good with her.

Lucy is pretty bashful.  She doesn’t see us lots and lots so if mom or dad is around, we aren’t her favorite.  That’s all okay.  This is the age she’s at and that will all change as she gets older.  Scotty has given us a stamp of approval and I’m sure she’ll do the same in her own time.

I’m sure others of you with a bigger family can relate.  When all the kids come home it’s hard to get time with the little ones.  Happily they were all here long enough so I could do one of my favorite things ever…read books.
Scotty and Carver both like books so I have a captive audience.

We did a lot of cooking.  Previously we typically went out to eat at least one of the meals or ordered in pizza.  We did MUCH better and cooked almost everything at home this go around.  We did go to the Fireman’s Breakfast at the neighboring town.

One of my goals of the weekend was to get a picture with all of the grandkids….Lucy didn’t really want to be sitting on my lap.  It was the best we could do and I’m okay with that.  It marks the moment and where we all were at.  Here’s the picture….

Here is all of our kids and all of our grandkids….Five of each.
Then we added Kramer and I to the mix.  So those of you keeping track…
Left to right…
Buck holding Lucy.  Kayla sitting on the back of the couch.  Kramer has Scotty on his left and is holding Gannon.  I’m holding Georgia with Kelli to my right.  Kalissa is on the back of the couch holding Carver and Karl is to the far right.

It was only a casual pictures but I love them.

Karl had to get his uncle pictures…here he is with Georgia.

..and here with Gannon.

Carver helped me make biscuits one of the days when Scotty wasn’t here.
He loves being with me.  I’ve gotten to be his favorite….

a little too much.  I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself this day.  He laid on the floor and cried outside the door.

Kelli stayed from Thursday to Sunday….One night I kept Georgia and sent her to bed.  Her intention was to sleep for two hours or so.  She ended up sleeping her first 5 1/2 stretch since Georgia was born.  I wish I could be more helpful.  It’s been such a struggle for me to be the mom and grandma I want to be right now.  I’ve told her that she’s going to have to come here more often and then I’ll help out a little more.  I need to be here for Kramer.  The struggle to balance it all is real.

We had a nice weekend and very needed- filled with family.

As you read this, Karl is traveling home.  This time he is flying and rented a car.  We would have loved to pick him up but we had problems sorting that out with all that’s happening with Kramer, and the two girls just having the babies.  I do feel so much better that he flew…so now I’m back to marking days until he’s home again.  He has 55 more days of teaching….can you believe summer break is that close?  I am so happy I got to see him but I’m anxious for a good long visit.

17 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. No I am so happy to see your post with all your grandbabies. I didn’t realize I hadn’t been keeping up with you for way to long. Congratulation. Hope your hubby will be better soon.

  2. Great photos of all the family members. Sounds like you had a very busy but very fun weekend. I’m sure it did you and Kramer a world of good to have everyone together under one roof.

  3. Great pictures Jo! Thanks for the belly laugh this morning! That picture of Carver crying in front of the door is priceless!!!! Oh to be so loved!

  4. Great pictures! You have a very loving and close family. You are all there for one another. It doesn’t get better than that! Karl needs to find a teaching position close to home! (as if you all don’t know this). May Angel’s watch over Kramer and makehim healthy and cancer free! Bless you all!

  5. I think this is my favorite post of the year, seeing all those family posts and knowing that having everyone together is real balancing act. Hope Karl and everyone else gets home safely.

  6. I love the family time and pictures to record the memories. You are so blessed to have such a loving group of kids.

  7. The family pictures are fabulous. How lucky for you to get everyone together. And you have a wonderful keepsake with those precious pictures. Take care of yourself. You think you have to be the rock for everyone but you need to available for the marathon, not just the sprint.

  8. Absolutely love the family pictures and stories… bits of God’s grace sprinkled over all you are going through at this time in your life.

  9. Awe — so happy for you spending all that time with your family. Beautiful pictures of your family.
    Prayers continued. Hugs

  10. Mary Ann Mettler

    Great post Jo – grandbabies are the best and the parents being there is super special. Glad you have had that refreshing break!!

  11. Great family pictures Jo! It’s hard to get that many little ones to sit still long enough for a picture. I have 3 kids ranging in age from 6 to 16 and we still have a hard time getting the littlest to sit still:)
    I had to laugh at the picture of Carver outside the bathroom door. I know that all too well- now that mine are older it’s not as much of a problem although they inevitably start arguing as soon as I go in the bathroom and start yelling for me. Now that my youngest is in kindergarten full days at least I only have my 2 big dogs following me everywhere I go. They do try to follow me into the bathroom but it’s too small for all three of us! (Ones a German shepherd, the other is a vizsla mix) Lol.

  12. Jo, this was a great post! Enjoyed seeing all the grand kids!
    I finally got around to watching the video that you, Kelli and Kayla did…I LOVED IT!! I hope you will do more in the future!

  13. Having a new baby brother makes it a great time to be Carver’s favorite! I don’t know who the photographer was (maybe Lucy and Scotty’s Mom?), but these are all terrific photographs of your family. Especially love the one of you and Carver making biscuits and the last one of the whole family. ❤️

  14. My oldest would do that at the back door when his dad would go to work. I am his favorite now, I think, but there for a while, I was definitely chopped liver. :)
    So glad you had family time and I can’t believe summer break is right around the corner. . .particularly not walking through HUGE snow drifts to get in the building.

  15. So happy to read your blog after seeing your first flosstube. Yay! Your family pics and stories made me smile.

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