The Weekend….

We had a laid back weekend.  We had plans to go to the Firemen’s Winter get together on Saturday night.  Other than that, no plans.

The party went good.  Public can be hard with a fresh cancer diagnosis- even if the people are all friends.  Everyone means well and wants to know about what’s happening but after a bit it can get to be a lot.  Hubby did good….me I was a little more guarded.  I got burnt bad by someone I thought was a friend of mine when I went through my cancer bout in 2016.  It makes it hard to trust again.  I’m trying though for Hubby’s sake.  The party ended up nice and I’m thankful for that.

In the middle of the night after the party I ended up getting a phone call from Kalissa.  It was 1am.  She was crying and crying.  I finally got her to tell me what was wrong.  They were are the party too.  As they were leaving, Carver slipped on the ice and almost fell so Kalissa picked him up and carried him to the car and ended up falling herself.  She was pretty sore.  She got home and laid down, then realized she hadn’t felt the baby move.  Then she got worried….She waited an hour and then ended up calling me and saying she wanted to go in to the hospital and get checked out.  AH.  They dropped Carver off and headed to the hospital.  Thankfully everything checked out and were back to my house at 4:30am and picked up Carver.  What a night!

I ended up sleeping in on Sunday.  I’ve had a bad cough plus not a lot of sleep…I needed it.

Kalissa, Craig and Carver came over for brunch.  Just as we were finishing up the doorbell rang.  It was the most pleasant surprise…..our friend Judy with PIE!!

She knows just how to make a heart happy.  Kalissa and Craig were still here when she came and stayed long enough to have a piece.  Judy makes THE BEST PIE!!  This was banana cream.  On my life goal list is to make pie like this!!  Judy is one of the sweetest ladies I know.  THANKS!!

After everyone left Hubby and I tackled our to do lists.  Top on mine was cleaning but I got distracted with my kitchen rug.  This is the one that goes under our kitchen table.  It’s OLD.  I got in from Free Cycle years ago.  It was beat up and stank.  I drug it home and through it over out LP tank and let it get rained on a couple times…then dried.  Then I started fixing it.

We had this at the farm house for many years too.  I had decided I’d get a new one.  I let the holes between the braids go with the intention that I’d start looking and get one.  I looked a few times and didn’t find anything I liked better so fixing it became my new mission.  That happened on Sunday.  It took an hour to get her back in shape but in the end, I’m happy I repaired it vs getting a new rug.  I saved the money and nothing compares to a homemade braided rug.

Hubby’s job list included this….Last winter Hubby redid the woodwork in the entry.  We had the carpenters come and put in a new front door.  We had problems though…the door sizes were different.

We could have gotten one that did fit but it would have been a custom door and added $500 to the price of the door.  We decided we’d make do instead.

See that top board of the trim.  It isn’t supposed to be that wide.

It supposed to be more like this…as you see above the window.  
We had debated and debated on how to solve the problem of having that wider space.  Our options were to make the board bigger like we did OR to have to mud and fix the plaster.  Hubby was leaning towards the plaster fixing….I was leaning towards the larger board.

I thought the wider board would be hardly noticeable if the stain could match.  It’s a front door and a larger board might make it “grander” looking.

Hubby came through and did a great job.  I’m happy with how it ended up looking.

That was our weekend….All in all, pretty good.  We’re ready for new week!  Hopefully it will come with some answers from the doctor.

8 thoughts on “The Weekend….”

  1. In a crisis you find out who really is a friend or not. So sorry your “friend” turned out not to be one. I think the door looks great. The rug also!

  2. It’s sad when people say cruel things when you’ve been handed a scary diagnosis. When my husband had cancer a couple of years ago, we only told a handful of people at our church. We had witnessed others with cancer being asked over and over every week what was going on. My husband is a very private person and he knew it would be wearing on him. I did have a friend who acted like what he was going through was nothing. She was real flip and said he’d get over it, like it was a cold or something. She never asked me again how he was doing and we are no longer friends.

  3. I am thankful everything was okay with the baby. When our daughter had cancer at 4 years we lost so many close friends. To this day, 32 years later I don’t know why. We have her and that is all that matters. Take care

  4. Glad Kalissa is okay. The pies look delicious! Your door trim looks great too. Some people do not know what to say when bad things happen and they end up saying the wrong thing!

  5. So glad to read Kalissa and the baby are ok. Such a scare.
    Love your rug – I’ve always wanted to make one – I certainly have the strips to do so!
    A very nice way to en your evening with family and a good and thoughtful friend.

  6. I think you all need a couple boring uneventful days so that you can all be rested for the next phase. So that will be my prayer for you, nice “boring”days.

  7. Very glad that Kalissa is okay and so is the baby, what a scary thing to happen. What tasty looking pies! and how nice of her to bring them over, good neighbors are hard to come by.

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