The Wedding Quilt

I finally have the wedding quilt done and delivered.

She’s a big girl at 95″ x 95″!

I was going for a vintage farmhouse kind of look.  I wanted it simple but nice.  I think this fits the bill.

I don’t know if this is me or… everyone who gives a quilt.  Do you wonder if it’s going to match their colors?  Do you wonder if they’d prefer a comforter from the store?  Some people are like that…I know I don’t just imagine that.

So I tried to mimic it to be more in line with something you might buy in a store.  I did straight line quilting.  I used neutral colors.  It’s scrappy but not too scrappy.

This was fun to make and not hard.  Lots of strip piecing happened.

I’ll be making the quilt again…only in Halloween fabric.  Then it will be sent off to American Patchwork and Quilting for fall publication.

Here is the back of the quilt…you can see the shadow of the front shining through.

As you all know, I’m really trying to stay home and not go out much.  That left me struggling to come up with backing fabric.  Of course, I know I could order some but I’m also trying to use what I can from the stash.  So this what I came up with.

Being it’s a gift I wanted it to look planned and symmetrical.  I had a leftover block, I added fabric to all sides of it to make it big enough to work with the cream fabric.

The cream fabric at the top was a thrift store find…I’m not sure about the bottom piece.  I think that might have been too.

Overall, I’m pleased with it.  The binding ended up being the same muslin I used in the quilt.  I debated about using peinand ended up liking the muslin best.

I’m so happy to have this one finished!!

Kelli ended up delivering the quilt…I hope they like it!!

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  1. I think they will like it. The colors are neutral enough to go with anything, anywhere. It is simple with a modern flair. And I especially like the pieced back. It gives the recipient the opportunity to fold it with a different pattern, depending on their preference or mood. Great job! I will be looking for the magazine, too.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Gracious is the only word I can think of to describe ythis quilt. Warm comforting and will go well with any decor.

  3. I love the quilt! It is so elegant and at the same time simple! I can see it working with many colors of accessories. They should love it and treasure it for many years.
    I don’t make large bed size quilts as gifts just because with the expense and not really sure if the recipient will have any appreciation of it. I have been giving Christmas themed lap quilts, it seems everyone wants to be cozy at Christmas.

  4. Beautiful job! I worry sometimes that people I’m gifting to aren’t “quilty” people. Especially those that say “thanks for the blanket” LOL. But I know that I’ve given a gift from my heart, and after it is out of my hands, it is their’s to do as they wish. My sister uses a quilt I gave her for her cat–but I know how much she loves that cat.

    1. I love your cat comment! Our daughter is the same way except with her two dogs. They are all one family and she told me any quilt or blanket they have is for all of them!! She even asked me to make the dogs pillows, which I did…quilted ones. The dogs really use them!

    2. Oh, Valerie – your sister using the quilt for her cat – lol, yes, take it as a compliment – only the best for her cat! :) That’s sweet .

  5. Congratulations! I like it and can’t wait to see it in the Halloween fabrics! (I was one of the people who sent you a small box of 2 1/2” strips!)

  6. Oh my, this is perfect! I want to make one just like it, and I know I have more than enough stash grays, etc to do so. It’s stunning!

  7. Joy Van den top

    Very striking! Can’t wait for the pattern to come out! You are amazing to make that in such a short time! I love the extra block in the back! That’s perfect and you can use it as a label! No Rosy?

    1. Sorry no Rosie. Remember I was rushing to get the quilt to them? Well Kelli offered to drop it off and I didn’t have time to take a Rosie picture. SORRY.

  8. Absolutely love this quilt and it is now on my list to make. Thank you!! I am remodeling my parent’s house and I am trying to bring back a country farmhouse feel. This will look great on my bed! Please let us know as soon as it is released.

  9. Only a crazy person would not like this quilt. Being that the recipient is friend, I know she’ll treasure it forever. So beautiful Jo.

      1. I was thinking the exact same thing! I love everything about it! The straight stitching just set it off perfectly! Oh my word, so great!

  10. The quilt is beautiful- I am usually a “color” person, but for some reason I’m really attracted to this quilt. Hope they love it!

  11. I always worry on the colors and style, but yours is perfect. Neutrals can be so elegant but also has a modern feel. Love it

  12. Beautiful! And my favorite part is the extra block on the back. Like a secret treat at the end. I usually piece my backs, but have never gone to so much effort – love it!

  13. I am sure they will LOVE it!! It is beautiful and they will appreciate you for giving them something that will live on for a long time. I can hardly wait to see it in Halloween fabrics!

  14. It is beautiful. The pictures look great with the snow. I love the way you finished the borders. Have fun making the Halloween quilt.

  15. I like it a lot! I will be watching for the magazine issue. On another note, can you give tips for straight line quilting on a long arm? Do you strive for consistency? etc.

  16. Oh such a beautiful quilt. It will work with so many decorating styles. It looks modern with a vintage feel.
    I’m sure the new couple will be thrilled with your quilt.
    Such a wonderful gift.

  17. Awesome! Love the back; I usually have an extra block or two.
    Which muslin do you use? One kit I bought used muslin that was soft with a good weight and I haven’t found one like it.

  18. I love your quilt!!! I’m sure that they are just thrilled with their quilt. I can’t wait to see it done in Halloween fabric and will have to get the magazine for sure! Take care and have a great weekend!

  19. Awesome! Love the back; I usually have an extra block or two.
    Which muslin do you use? One kit I bought used muslin that was soft with a good weight and I haven’t found one like it.

  20. It’s beautiful! Who would not love a hand made quilt? I would be amazed and my heart so touched, if I was ever gifted one!

    1. The pattern is my own design. I submitted it to American Patchwork and Quilting and will be making the quilt again in Halloween fabrics. The pattern will be in one of their fall issues.

  21. Absolutely gorgeous. I am constantly amazed at how quickly you can put a quilt top together and get it completed finished. You are truly an inspiration to us to just get it done!

  22. Love this quilt design. I too am making a wedding quilt, king size. It’s still on the long arm, should be ready for binding today. They will love the quilt, it’s from your heart.

  23. this is a beautiful quilt, i so look forward to seeing it in halloween fabric. I’m sure the couple will love it

  24. A beautiful quilt made with love, a perfect gift. I enjoy looking at the quilt background too, real snow! From me in 100deg heat today in southern Australia. Sam the Aussie

  25. Connie R. in Wis.

    The quilt is absolutely beautiful and, so is is back side. I love both sides equally. What a lucky couple to receive such a heart felt gift.

  26. I think this is one of the most beautiful quilts you have made–I absolutely love it!!! I love the colors, the pattern, and the simple lines of quilting. Did I say that I LOVE IT!!!

  27. I LOVE the colors of this quilt! And wherever did you get that “ruler” under your sewing machine foot (next-to-last picture) with the lines on it? That would be such a help!

  28. After seeing the wonderful front, and knowing how much work goes into, and that you put into, making the quilt, I was shocked at seeing the back. It looks like an afterthought, like you ran out of material and so slapped together the top part and threw it on – ah, now the back is covered. Would it have been that much more work to have cut the large piece in half and put the cream and block in the middle so it would be symmetrical, so it would have looked planned? I’m sure the recipient will love the quilt! I know that if I were given this quilt, I would love it, and I would also not ever display the back. Now, I’m not an experienced quilter. You could call me a novice and wet behind the ears, so maybe there’s something I’m missing here?

  29. I am amazed at how fast you accomplished this quilt! It’s beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing it in the Halloween fabrics and hoping my fabric might make it into the quilt ! I can also see it with embroidery in the big squares, redwork, could be in Christmas colors. :)

  30. This is a stunning quilt!
    Big enough to cover my whole house, doncha know… I would snuggle right under it this cold and snowy day. I look forward to the pattern.

  31. I absolutely, positively love everything about this quilt. Including how perfect it would look in my house. Hahaha!!

    1. This will be published in an upcoming issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. I submitted the quilt to them and they requested that I make it in a Halloween version. So I am guessing the quilt will come out in a fall issue.

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