The Wedding Quilt is FINISHED!!

I did it…or rather we did it.  This quilt took more extra help than usual.  Hubby even cleaned the kitchen after supper a couple night just so I could make the deadline.  Without Kelli cutting it out and helping me pin the top together I wouldn’t have gotten it done in time.


The quilt is folded in quarters in the upper photo.

Below it’s on the diagonal.


Originally when Kalissa and Craig said they wanted this quilt and in grays, teal and yellow I wasn’t a fan.  In fact, up until about a week ago I wasn’t a fan at all…now, I like it and like the colors together.

The original pattern can be found in this book- From the Cover: 15 Memorable Projects for Quilt Lovers.  Here’s some good news…Amazon has used books that are selling for 64 cents plus the shipping.

Their quilt is featured on the back of the book.

We enlarged it a lot.  The original is only 81 x 81.  Ours is closer to 96 x 96.  That’s why we had so much trouble with having not enough and then too many blocks.

Kalissa really liked the colors as they looked “melted” together.  To keep that look we opted to make the machine quilting VERY simple.  It’s just a plain old stipple.  It’s pretty small though.

All in all they are happy…I’m elated.  I am ready to be sewing something else..hmmmm  I wonder what I was even working on before I dropped everything to make this.

Today we’re sharing our accomplishment at  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.


23 thoughts on “The Wedding Quilt is FINISHED!!”

  1. hearty congratulations on finishing that quilt. It’s a beauty!
    now you get to enjoy the wedding and have lots of fun.

  2. I so happy for you that you finished. It looks spectacular – I love the pieced border. Now you can concentrate on the wedding and healing – how is the foot coming along?
    BTW – where’s Ruby?

  3. It’s dazzling! I love the almost sparking effect of the colors and the pattern. Congrats to you all for getting it done and to your family on the wedding.

  4. The finished quilt is beautiful and I’m glad you finished it in time; what a relief for you :) I hope their special day goes to plan and the weather stays good on the day.

  5. Well done! Its gorgeous and I’m impressed how you manage to sew as much as you do with all you have going on! I know y’all don’t watch much tv – neither do we – but do you sleep at all? -Grin-
    Congratulations to Kalissa and Craig!

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