The Wedding Dress Shopping….

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I was real nervous about going wedding dress shopping…Real Nervous.  I am just not a person who likes to shop at all.  I have horrible memories of shopping with my oldest two daughters and being on the edge of tears the entire time.  They were horrible to shop with.  Kayla was always a twig and could get all her clothes off the clearance rack for pennies.  Kelli is more like me and let’s just say, our size is never on the clearance rack because most of America is our size…just a little chubby.  Kayla would have ten pieces of clothing that all looked great and was $50 total.  Kelli couldn’t get anything off clearance and the bill would be closer to $300.  Managing  that with two girls that were only 12 months apart in age was a nightmare.  Kayla wanted more because the dollar amount wasn’t equal and Kelli wanted more because the amount of pieces weren’t equal…UGH!

Now days, they do their own shopping…and me, I hit the thrift stores for my clothing.  I just can’t bring myself to pay more than a couple dollars for clothes…plus we have awesome thrift stores in my area so I don’t need to.

The wedding dress shopping had me nervous…I wanted Kayla to get the dress of her dreams.  I didn’t want the girls to end up fighting…as much as would love to say they have out grown that, it’s not completely true.  I just hate waste and I hate hoopla and anything that requires expectations.  So can you see why I was nervous?!?!

My girls, Kayla, Kelli and Kalissa along with Spencer’s mom and I got to the store not knowing what to expect.  Kayla had a few suggestions…not strapless, off white, and she had to be able to go to the bathroom herself..all good features.

We each got a clip and clipped a dress we thought she should try.  Amazingly, all of us tried to clip the same dress.  Then she went to try them on…She started with the dress we all clipped.  I quick grabbed the camera and shot a few pictures so I could blog about the whole experience.  We loved the dress…

Then she tried on another…and another…and another…and another.  Each time she would say, “I like the first dress better”.  Then the shop gal suggested a dress…nope, she liked the first one better.  By that time, I was all confused and said, “Try the first one again so I remember.”   She did and that’s when we ALL knew…Yep, the first dress is THE DRESS!!

Of course, I didn’t take any pictures of the other dresses…and I can’t show you THE DRESS so I’ll show you this…

Kayla’s dress is not white…it’s not strapless…she can go to the restroom herself.

She looks beautiful and it’s the dress we all tried to pick for her to try on…In typical Kayla fashion, it was also off the clearance rack and needs little to no altering.  It has a very classic look to it and I love it.  It’s not a cute style of dress…it’s a beautiful style of dress (hubby still doesn’t understand the difference between cute and beautiful but I think all of you do).

The girls didn’t snarky comments…no tears..something beautiful and very affordable.  PERFECT!!!

Wedding dress is checked off the list…now onto bridesmaid dresses…this is where it might get a bit more tricky…and then someone did something completely awful.  They asked me what I was going to wear…this is making me nervous again. I am relatively sure I’m not going to find something Mother of the Bride-ish at the thrift store.  Oh well, I might as well get used to this…Kayla is after all only the first of the five kids to get married.

9 thoughts on “The Wedding Dress Shopping….”

  1. Thrift store- maybe a consignment store? Bought the dresses for the last 2 weddings I went to a consignment stores. Just a thought…..Besides it still doesn’t hurt to look. My daughter got her prom dress at Goodwill…..

  2. I think that was a great idea to have everyone pick out a dress for her to try on…who could have guessed it would be the same dress? Good luck with the rest of the dress shopping.

  3. You’re making me glad I only have one daughter! As for the mother of the bride dress — do you have some nice consignment stores in your area? Maybe they’d have something.

  4. Isn’t it typical to go back to the first one tried on, no matter how many others there are to choose from. I’m glad you all shared a fun experience! My son is getting married in October and I have no idea what I will wear. I’m going to try a consignment store near my house first to see what they have. My sister was able to rent a mother of the groom dress for her son’s wedding a couple of years ago, you might want to check that out. You can have a gorgeous dress for the event, not too expensive and you don’t have a dress you invest in and only wear once. Enjoy the process, you only get to do it four more times!

  5. So glad your shopping excursion went so smoothly. I would definitely check out consignment shops for a dress you’ll only wear once! I’m the same way. Pay half or less? Sure, why not?

  6. I’m so glad the experience was such a success! You’ll be a pro by the time #5 rolls around! Sending you ‘finding perfect mother of the bride dress’ prayers. No stressing. :)

  7. I have had luck with the clearance at Dillards and Von Maur for dressy dresses. They were as much as 50% and more off. I am not sure of your height but they had Women’s Petites that fit me beautifully. We’re talking a dozen years ago but it’s still worth a look. Somehow, I lucked into the perfect look for each daughter’s wedding – one very formal and the other outdoors.

  8. I too ended up with the first dress I tried on. Nothing ever seems to look better in comparison, and I just loved it :) Glad you all had a good time :)

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