The Wedding Decor

If you’re sick of wedding posts, don’t fear.  This is the last one.

Kelli got lots and lots of compliments on the wedding decorations.  It looked really nice and the best thing, she did it so cheaply.

Kelli rented the table cloths.  Then she made all of the burlap and the green table squares from fabric.  The large candle decor we bought off a Facebook group for $50.  Kelli made a “K”, “H”, and and a “J” to go on the candles.


At the tables more table squares.  The large glass vases were free from Kelli’s aunt who got them from someone at work who didn’t want them anymore.  The little reserved signs were picture frames from the thrift store along with printing on burlap like I showed how to do here.


All of the little vases were thrift store goodies.  Many were left overs from Kayla’s wedding but we bought even more.  All were only 25 cents each.  Kelli spruced them all up by adding a little decor to them, ribbons, burlap, etc.  The ribbon was free for the Okoboji quilt retreat we went to last year.


They had a photo booth and it was a real hit!!

Kelli asked me to design a Busy Book for kids.  I did.  It has Kelli’s dog Puppycat with a maze, farmer dot to dot pages, word finds with wedding words, a color by number sewing machine page, a find the matching blocks page with Puppycat too.  All together there were 12 activity pages in the book.  We bought 12 Boxes of Crayons Zoo Animal Box 4 Per Box then we covered them with a white label to match the decor.  This was simple and easy but was a HUGE hit with the kids.


In all the hoopla Kelli forgot to order skirts for the head table.  Renee, Jason’s mom, ended up taking burlap and pinned it to the bottom of the table cloths at the head table.  It ended up looking nice.


The picnic basket I had and came up with as a card box.  The guest book was brand new for $1 from the thrift store.  The “H” Kelli made.


All of the pendent banners Kelli made from a burlap and lace.  She stenciled the letters on tied jute onto them and then tied them together.  Kelli had some lacy sheer fabric that was cheap at Wal-mart that I made the bows from.


This was an extra little table we just added decor to.  The front swag was just lace that I bought at the thrift store plus left over fabric from the table square tied to jute with shank knots.  Very easy.


Each table had a bit of different decor.  These black metal pieces were part of that Facebook purchase.  The votive candles were all bought with coupons from JoAnn’s and the floating candles were all thrift store finds.  I bought boxes of them for cheap…10 for $1 all up opened and new in the box.  Plus a big bag of ones that had been lit for $1.


Adding the little things like the burlap bows and the netting bows really added a lot.

Oh..remember those string balls she made??

They looked great hanging behind the head table.

All in all, it looked wonderful.  I took pictures on Friday as we were decorating.  It looked so much nicer once the lights were dimmed and the candles were glowing.  I never dreamed it could look so nice and cost so cheap.

9 thoughts on “The Wedding Decor”

  1. I’ll admit, I was skeptical about the burlap. But, WOW, everything looked so nice! Great idea for the activity book for kids. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall — such a lovely family celebration. Just proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a wonderful memory.

  2. Hi Jeanne
    I love looking at your girls wedding you/girls/family do such a good job the weddings were beautiful ]……….some things never change you always had loza talent and now passing to your family ……keep up the GREAT work I Love your website…………….rest a little :)

  3. Looks beautiful! I was really waiting for this blog post! Thank you for sharing Kelli’s wedding with us!

  4. I totally enjoyed all the wedding posts and appreciate the sharing. Please keep us up to date on the newlyweds.

  5. Y’all orchestrated a lovely wedding! DD’s best friend is getting married this summer and I’m sharing your ideas with them. So nice to see that you don’t have to break the bank in order to have a beautiful wedding. I know the memories are priceless!! Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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